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Mars Pluto- Heavy Metal

Mars’ hot and fiery nature is suitably cooled and tempered in the sign of the mountain goat, just enough to channel your vision, energy and passion for something long lasting and toward something you deeply desire.


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Venus in Sagittarius

Venus will enter the archers sign early Tuesday evening Australian time. After a sojourn through the murky depths of Scorpio, Venus the planet of love enters Sagittarius. Moving from a fixed to a mutable sign, you can expect relationships too, to take on a more flexible or adaptable mood.


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Full Moon in Aries

The complexity of the ‘me vs. we’ in relationships will be highlighted as the Moon in Aries wants sovereignty and the Sun in Libra seeks togetherness. Mercury and Jupiter also in the sign of the scales suggests that sometimes the biggest awakenings come in the form a change in perspective.


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Cosmic Catalogue

In preparation for this weekends electric Full Moon in Aries, here is a quick update of this weeks' astro weather to help you navigate your week!


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