Wellbeing Astrology Guide 2017

Wellbeing Astrology Guide 2017 is jam packed full of useful articles that will entertain and educate everyone from the novice to the seasoned professional.

Inside, you’ll find a beginners astrology article, written by me. Also included in the 2017 issue are the usual comprehensive year ahead forecasts for each sign, a moon calendar as well as feature articles from…

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Happy Equinox and Astro New Year!

Sun brings the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the beginning of the astrological New Year with the ingress of the Sun in Pisces. After a month long sojourn in the murky depths of the ocean, the Sun will rise, jubilant in the fire and glory in its sign of exaltation. Signalling the beginning of the tropical zodiac, the Sun in Aries offers a fresh start if the promises or resolutions of the New Year flagged or failed.


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Sun Square Saturn – The Nail and the Hammer

I admit it, I’m not great friends with Saturn. To me he is like one of those people you might describe as, ‘you’ve got to know him to appreciate him.’ We all know someone like that. Be it their unique brand of humour, dry wit or that person who has no filter between brain and tongue. Perhaps they are that person who you can’t stand on first meeting, but over time, they grow on you.


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A Tale of the Moon Through The 6th House

I kind of knew it before I even woke up… it was going to be one of those days. My son tossed and turned through the night, wanting to swap sides or ‘take turns’ as he’d call out in his sleep and demanded I change sides with him as he stole my pillow. Us Mums will do whatever gets us back to sleep ASAP, even if our eyes aren’t fully open and we end up crammed to the edge of the bed- just don’t wake us up!


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Silver Circle- Full Moon in Virgo

I’ve spending a lot of time thinking (ummm hello Virgo) about tonight’s Full Moon. Although this lunation falls in the sign of fair maiden, where the North Node is located, technically it’s not an eclipse as the Sun and Moon are more than 18 degrees from the Nodes.


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