Natal Chart

The premise of Astrology is that a person or event that is born in a moment in time will inherit the qualities of that moment according to the ethos 'as above, so below.' The birth chart is a symbolic diagram of the planetary configuration at your time, date and place of birth. Using this symbol...

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Annual Update

An annual update consultation is ideal for an 'astro check in.' This reading is of benefit once you've had a Natal Chart Consultation and down the track, would like to know where things are at for you. This type of reading is especially powerful as you enter a new cycle on your Solar Return (birthda...

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Horary Question

Have you got a question? Horary can help you! No birth chart is required for this branch of astrology that was popular in the middle ages. It's a quick snapshot of the sky at the time of your question. Just as the arrangement of planets can signify the outcome of a persons life, horary can signify t...

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Election Charts

Getting married? Starting a business? Need the most auspicious time for a particular event or undertaking? For centuries an astrologer was the right hand man of kings and rulers of empires. No major decisions were made without his consultation. This branch is known as electional astrology where a c...

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Which session do I choose and how do I book in?

If you've never had an astrology reading with me before then, this is the one for you link to natal chart. For follow up consults it's this one link to annual updates

Make your selection and payment is required to secure your booking.

All payments are processed via PayPal and you can include your birth data (time, date and place) in the instructions section on the PayPal payment page.

Be sure to add on your safe list and an you will receive an email from me within 48 hours of receipt of payment to arrange your booking time.

Appointments can be scheduled anytime from 1 – 3 weeks depending on finding a mutually suitable time and factoring in time zones. Sessions can be booked early morning, throughout the day or into the evening Sunday- Friday. Cassandra will do her best to find a mutually convenient time, no matter where you are in the world.

Further information regarding bookings can be found in Terms & Conditions

Why have an astrology reading?

Although astrology is often piled into the same category as other new age or esoteric forms of delineation, it's actually quite different. Your astrology chart is calculated based on your moment of birth and the planetary configuration of that moment- it's super individual, unique and rare, it's like your celestial fingerprint!

Following formulas and systems that have been around for thousands upon thousands of years that take a lifetime of study and dedication, is how I gain information about you and answer your questions.

Throughout history, astrology has been used to help make sense of life, make decisions and assist you in knowing thyself.

What people say about Cassandra

I had never had an astrology reading before but I was at such a crossroads in my life and didn't know which way to go.

Cassandra had a way of explaining everything that was going on perfectly. Although she did tell me a few things I didn't want to hear but I knew deep down she was on the money.
Within 6 months I left my job, my partner and moved to a new city back in 2009.

I've never been happier!

After all these years she still gets it right for me every single time, and as she's grown and developed as an astrologer her readings get better and more accurate!



Thank you for my reading. You were on the mark, kind and gentle. I have so much more confidence in moving forward now.



This reading was the best 90 minutes of my life! You helped me sooooooo much by showing me that this difficult time I've been having will soon pass. You gave me deep insights into myself through the planets (Saturn in particular) and an understanding of the nature of time. My anxiety was making life so difficult for me but I now understand that the heavy feelings I've been experiencing are a part of a much bigger picture. I'm looking forward to the future for the first time in a long time!



Thanks for my session last week Cassandra. You have turned my doubts into sources of light for the future.



I was keen to fall pregnant shortly after I got married and sought Cassandra's advice as to when she thought it was possible. She said it would happen the month of the eclipse and she was right!



I had misplaced some important work related documents. I couldn't find them anywhere! I remembered Cassandra mentioned something about using astrology to ask questions. Long story short- she told told me where they were and I got to the important meeting on time!



Cassandra has been a great inspiration to me over the years with her knowledge and passion for Astrology. I first met her as a student and she delivered a very definitive and fascinating series of lectures, which enabled me to better understand my own birth chart, which was so helpful. She has strong intuition, which also enhances her ability to be so clear with her insights into the reading