A breakthrough or exciting new beginnings are possible under the New Moon Eclipse on August 22. Living your life with more happiness and joy, or aligning your inner priorities with your outer world are possible. Love and romance, children or a creative pursuit can also be energised as your ruler Mars, makes an impact. Due to Saturn’s influence, you can expect long lasting results from this eclipse.

A lunar eclipse will trigger your friendships and socialising zones on August 8. As the Moon aligns with the karmic South Node, an old friend or associate may attempt to come back into the fold. While you might be triggered to continue the good times, it’s suggested that closure is actually the way forward for you. Whichever way you choose to go, fortunate Jupiter supports this eclipse, helping you come to a decision that is authentic and honest.

Priorities will be further highlighted under Mercury’s retrograde passage. Time management and streamlining systems will allow the time and space for the more of life’s joyful pleasures. A spring-clean and a throughout de-clutter can help from August 13.

The 19th sees your ruler Mars link with Jupiter under a supportive sextile aspect. This influence will continue through until the 22nd. With the help of generous Jupiter, the promise of progress and growth in regards to a significant relationship, either professional or personal, or even a new romance is possible.

Sweet Venus tours your home sector until the 26th. Under her touch, spending more time at home and with family will nurture your soul. This is an ideal time to make any little improvements around your house that will make it feel more like a home. Things may get a little intense on the 15th as powerful Pluto may reveal some inner family workings or power dynamics. Avoiding drama or stressful situations will be your best bet then.


Bold and confident decisions can be made at home when Mars pairs up with the exciting New Moon Eclipse on August 22. Completing renovation projects or upgrading to a living environment that suits your style is possible. If you have no plans on moving, adding a little luxury will help you feel like a Queen/King in your castle. The dynamics of your family relationships may undergo changes due to the dramatic nature of the eclipse. Taking on a more central role with children, grandchildren or extended family members may take up more of your time.

Before the dramatic solar eclipse takes place on the 22nd, a lunar eclipse will trigger your career and life direction sector on the 8th. This eclipse is aligned with the South Node, illuminating elements from the past that you may be faced with. When it comes to your life purpose and direction, you may need to let go of the way you’ve always gone about things in order to embrace a courageous new outlook. The struggle may be about fitting in versus blazing your own authentic path. With Jupiter making a supportive influence, honestly and integrity matter.

Your patron planet Venus spends up until the 26th in your third sector. Learning, writing and teaching may be a focus for you, especially if that supports any brave new decisions you’re making career wise. The third house also speaks to rituals, as it’s traditionally known as the house of the goddess. With Venus’ tour through this sector of your solar horoscope, attending to the daily practices that support and nurture you through changes will be vital. This may entail a daily morning yoga practice, or a glass of vino at the end of the day- or both! It’s totally up to you. Venus may also inspire you to catch up on reading, podcasts, blogs or magazines that have been on your to-do pile for some time. Keep a journal or writing down your thoughts can also assist you through this months’ astrology.


A retrograde phase from your patron planet may prompt you to ponder your options at home. Whether you’re considering renovating, moving or would like to make some changes regarding your family dynamics, August is a month to research the possibilities and formulate a perfect plan. Execution can happen next month once Mercury is back to normal and action planet Mars can help you make progress.

A sweet money cycle can help you create more income or manage your spending habits as Venus tours your financial zone. Taking control of your income and overheads is highlighted when Venus faces off with powerful Pluto on August 15/16. A objective overview of what you own, owe, spend and save will assist you in seeing your bottom line clearly. Be honest about where things are at, if needed, enlist the support of someone savvy with their finances to help you make the most of this cycle. You may realise you’re overstretching yourself financially on entertainment, children or your creative outlets or hobbies. Devising a sound financial strategy to manage your budget can help you plan for the rest of the year.

All things to do with learning, writing and teaching are triggered under spectacular eclipses this month. The first lunar eclipse on August 8 will activate one of the quietest zones in your solar horoscope this year, known as the 9th house. The eclipse may illuminate a desire for an overseas trip, or pursuing an interest in spiritual of philosophical pursuits. A breakthrough regarding an opportunity to write, teach, publish or travel is possible under this wildcard event.

With the dramatic eclipse of the year on August 22, activating your 3rd house, alongside feisty Mars, your energy and focus will be firmly centred on your local area, as well as any short-term writing or study projects.


Sweetness in the form of little indulgences, luxury’s or support can make you feel great thanks to Venus in your sign until August 26. Pamper yourself. Add a few extra pieces to your wardrobe or treat yourself to something you’ve been holding off from or telling yourself you can’t afford. Venus’ tour through your own sign can also invite you to update your habits or attitudes. If you’d like to manifest more goodness into your life, Venus’ annual visit can help sweeten things up.

Your finances may undergo a breakthrough as energetic Mars fires up your cash zone for the first time in 2 years. A bold confident attitude to money can help you make progress toward your cash goals. A lunar eclipse on the 8th will activate the part of your solar horoscope to do with loans, debts and taxes. This will be an ideal time to finally throw some extra cash at any lingering credit card debt, or pay some extra into your mortgage. This eclipse is tied to the South Node, suggesting that the way you’ve always done things in regards to debt needs to be discarded. A supportive link from Jupiter will highlight support in a new honest and authentic approach.

The big eclipse of 2017 occurs on the 22nd and will activate your cash flow zone. The possibility of improving your income, landing a new job or negotiating a better salary package are all potential outcomes of this wildcard celestial event. The extra cash you produce can help you formulate a better savings plan you realised you need under the previous lunar eclipse. Overall, this month can bring breakthroughs financially. Whether you goal is to save for the long term or invest or spend extra cash, you can get clear about what’s holding you back from abundance.

Mercury’s reverse passage through your study and learning sectors will prompt you to revisit your mental to-do list. Your long-term projects such as writing, study or even visiting aspects of your local neighbourhood or city are triggered.


Planetary triggers this month can highlight a turning point or breakthrough regarding living a more authentic life. A Full Moon eclipse on August 8 can encourage you to make peace with your past or let go of some limiting habits or ideals, especially when it comes to your relationships. Coming to the conclusion that despite how you feel about a certain someone, it may be in your best interest to, at least on some level, go your separate ways. Jupiter lends his support to this lunation, highlighting the need for honesty and authenticity in the situation.

Getting in touch with your essential needs and desires can open up a future path of authenticity and happiness, especially as the bold and dramatic eclipse of 2017 triggers the part of your solar horoscope all about you! While this eclipse can really shake things up in your life, what it will reveal is the core elements that make you happy. As the Sun and Moon align with the karmic North Node, you’ll feel propelled to take a path of happiness and authenticity. As this proverbial yellow brick road beckons, you just have to be brave enough to click your heels.

With so much action happening for you now, there is potential for some rest and rejuvenation while Venus tours your private 12th house zone. Allowing yourself to be pampered by family or even taking charge of your own self-care needs will be vital. A weekend retreat or lying low at home when you feel the need will also help you prioritise the myriad of opportunity in your life right now.

Trickster Mercury takes an extended tour of your money zone, thanks to a retrograde period. August 13 – September 5 is when you can expect delayed payments or money negotiations to take place. While this may be frustrating in the short term, longer term solutions can prevail if you look at things analytically.


Pulling back from obligations and responsibilities can help you carve out the time you need to rest and rejuvenation. Mars’ tour through your 12th house will encourage you to pursue your private or spiritual desires rather than kicking goals in your outer world. Rest and relaxation are highlighted so if possible, take some leave or get off the grid until early September.

A New Moon eclipse on August 22 will be a timely reminder of your need to step back from non-essential tasks. Creating a home and work balance is vital for you now and with the combination of active Mars and a New Moon, you can make it happen.

Prior to the dramatic eclipse, a lunar eclipse will trigger your work and service sector on the 8th. As this lunation aligns with the karmic South Node, you may need to consider where you’ve been a slave to something. In some way, shape or form we are often a slave to something. A slave to the wage, our mortgages, our partner or children. This eclipse will prompt you into realising you’ve outgrown these obligations and need to strive forward in putting your own needs and desires first.

The lunar eclipse may also trigger health concerns. If you’re currently burning the candle at both ends and neglecting your health, let this eclipse be a reminder that you need to do what is right for your body, mind and spirit. Your patron planet Mercury dips into your sign from August 1, where he’ll begin a retrograde phase from the 13th. This can produce a compounded effect that you need to pause, and reflect on doing things a bit differently. Until early September, you’re primed to research and plan new ways to improve your health, body and overall wellbeing. Taking a short course or reading some self-improvement books can help you begin a brand-new cycle of energy that waits for you in September.


Impressions are everything, especially at work while Venus tours your career sector until the 26th. Consider updating your professional profile including your resume and social media accounts. Venus is social by nature. By making a little extra effort in engaging others, your likable disposition can heighten your popularity. Accept invitations to work events, conferences or fundraisers you may normally opt out of. Your charming nature and impeccable manners can take you far this month.

Taking charge in your friendships is highlighted as action orientated Mars inspires you to initiate catch ups and get togethers. Expanding your social circle and networks is possible as a New Moon Eclipse can catapult you towards being at the right place and the right time, and rubbing shoulders with the right crowd.

As these eclipses fall in your sectors of social activity, creativity and good fortune, you’ll be poised to re-evaluate some of your extra-curricular activities. August 8 brings a South Node lunar eclipse in your 5th house. Rediscovering a forgotten hobby or interest may prompt you to reminisce on the past. Children may occupy much of your time, energy and money also. If you don’t have children, the energy of this eclipse may see you offering support or assistance to younger people, either in your professional or personal life.

While taking a walk down memory lane can trigger fond memories, life isn’t geared to move backwards, and neither is the sky. The total solar eclipse on August 22 alongside Mars will open new portals of opportunity and fortune. It may feel as though you’re always at the right place at the right time over the next several weeks in particular. This can feel like a really lucky phase for you. This could be due to a boost in your confidence to really go after the things in life you’ve always wanted.


Mars, your patron planet can inspire you to tackle work related challenges until early September. A can-do attitude combined with courageous leadership can help you get noticed. A dramatic New Moon Eclipse on the 22nd will bring a brilliant portal of opportunity for career progress. Striking out in a new direction, especially if your current position is past its expiry date. Authenticity is key when it comes to your career and life direction and this eclipse will encourage you to not settle for anything less.

Saturn ends his retrograde phase on August 24. Limiting issues surrounding money will begin to shift. You may also become increasingly aware of your responsibilities regarding cash flow. As Saturn begins to wind down his long 3-year cycle over the coming months, you may begin to see light at the end of the tunnel financially. Perhaps new potential career growth and progress will be the catalyst that helps boost your financial dry spell.
As Saturn comes to a standstill, he’ll make a supportive link to generous Jupiter. This holds the promise of new opportunities offered this month having long-lasting effects.

Prior to these astrological shifts that promote your advancement, you’re invited to look back. A lunar eclipse in your home and family zone can prompt fond memories of the past. Seeing things with a new clarity or awareness is also possible under the potent glow of the Full Moon. Balancing the way you hoped things would be with how things really are may prove to be frustrating. As this lunation is tied with the karmic South Node, letting go of the past is a big step toward a bright future.

Mercury in Virgo turns retrograde from August 13. In the luckiest house of your solar horoscope, you’ll be called to re-evaluate your goals, hopes and wishes as well as your friendships. It may feel like the goal posts in your life are shifting, the key this month is to learn to kick the ball in new directions.


Your thirst for travel and adventure may be triggered under the exciting New Moon Eclipse on August 22. Knowledge, wisdom and a craving for learning can also be activated under this influence. Exciting opportunities for travel and adventure may beckon, where broadening your horizons will be necessary. Consider a course of study or a trip to somewhere you’ve never been. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, exotic or foreign as long as it widens your perspectives.

Saturn turns direct on August 24, shifting any limits or boundaries that have been placed on your restless spirit. Like a horse behind the gate, you’re ready to bolt into endless adventures. As Saturn stations, he makes a link with your ruling planet Jupiter. You may come to the realisation that all the apparent setbacks, limits or restrictions you’ve been feeling lately have actually been supporting you. You’ve learned a lot about personal responsibility and slowing down your preferred fast pace over the last three years. With an enhanced sense of wisdom, you’re now gifted with confidence and opportunity to bounce back as your jovial and optimistic self, embracing new and exciting experiences and offers.

A career or life direction re-think is possible under a Mercury retrograde influence from the 13th. Insights into future possibilities are promised, but delays are likely. This is not the ideal time to jump in feet first. Think, plan and strategise your career moves. Any new directions or important choices can be made during September and October. This month is about researching or organising your logistics, schedules or your office and work space. As Mercury heads to a standstill prior to heading backwards from Earth’s perspective, he’ll oppose Neptune. Making decisions is not advised under this potentially hostile face off which peaks on the 12th. Rather, let your analytical mind take a break and let your dreams and imagination bubble up to the surface. Inspired ideas may arise that can be actioned over the next couple of months.


Two eclipses will activate your money zones in August. A Full Moon eclipse on the 8th may trigger your dreams for a brighter income stream. This may prompt you to seek a higher paying role or even a change in your employment. Extra cash can also be found through a sideline project or a part time business. As this lunar eclipse is tied to the South Node of the Moon, you’re encouraged to let go of old attitudes or habits involving money, especially spending.

The 22nd highlights the big eclipse of 2017, where you can let go of past money limitations and access opportunities for a vibrant financial future. With this being a total solar eclipse, aligned with Mars as well as the North Node, you’re receiving a massive cosmic push to take charge of your financial future. A big investment, a savings plan or paying off debt may become your financial priority now.

Saturn, your patron planet stations direct on the 24th. Opportunities at work may leave you feeling a bit overstretched, but the hard work will combine new growth with stability. Real progress can be made on many fronts this month. While Saturn begins to wind down his long 3-year cycle through your soul zone, you may be feeling the need to rest and rejuvenate too. Push through this if you can as September offers better astrology for rest.

Sweet Venus tours your relationships sector this month. This annual influence can heighten romance and togetherness in both existing relationships as well as new. August promises a less hostile influence in professional and personal relationships and you’ll likely notice the tone shift in a more pleasant direction.

Mercury retrograde from the 13th may prompt you to research a new avenue of study, travel or adventure. An overseas trip may beckon or the desire to seek further knowledge in an area of


Personal and professional relationships have the potential to move quickly this August. Thanks to a New Moon Eclipse on the 22nd, a bright and bold new future can develop with the key people in your life. As this eclipse aligns with the powerful North Node, alongside action planet Mars, leave relationship dramas behind and move forward into unknown possibilities. With Mars in play, a confident attitude can help you take on more of a leadership role with other people. A proactive approach can assist with releasing past relationship experiences.

This bold new approach may be due to lightening your emotional load triggered by a South Node lunar eclipse. This will initiate a 12-month period of deeply diving into the inner workings of your soul. You’re getting to know yourself better by revisiting and gaining insights from your past. Like a walk down memory lane, it’s nice to reminisce, but it’s not wise to get stuck there. If you’re wanting to move forward or looking for change, use this experience as a tool for learning and growth rather than a crutch. This powerful period of release can help you emotionally lighten your load so you can create a positive future.

Finances aren’t infallible to celestial influences this month as Mercury retrograde in Virgo activates your 8th sector. Getting crystal clear about your debts, loans and savings is highlighted. Under the discriminating eye of Virgo, you’ll benefit from researching your options regarding your overheads. Look up different companies, including banks, telcos and other utilities and see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. August is primarily a ‘set-up’ kind of a month, September and October are primed for you to take charge of your financial future.

Saturn, your patron planet, completes his final retrograde phase on the 24th. As he begins to wind up his 3-year tour, you’ve learned a lot about the value of friendships, fortune and luck. If you’ve fallen on hard times during this period, you’ll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Time out to tap into your deepest spiritual perspectives will be triggered under the lunar eclipse on August 8. Rest and relaxation will be nourishing, especially if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends. As one of the more intuitive places of your solar horoscope, this lunation may help you tap into your own inner knowing, and gaining a sense of what is important for your soul.

Old or sabotaging habits may also come into play now. As this eclipse is attached to the karmic South Node, releasing old wounds, attitudes or habits will be a big key in moving forward into the future. Not all memories are positive, sometimes we hold onto the ones we should have let go of a long time ago. Purging, purifying and releasing are key themes for you. As with a physical detox, emotional ones can be particularly draining, if you need to rest, then be sure to take it.

Rest will become vitally important as the astrology of August begins to fire up by the 22nd, when a dramatic total solar eclipse triggers your work and health sector. Mars in the mix will set a punishing pace, so rest when needed. This nose to the grindstone energy may feel relentless and tiring, but the hard work you put in now will pay dividends down the track.

Venus makes her annual visit to your joyful and creative zone throughout August. Under her sweet touch, you’ll gain happiness from life’s simple pleasures. Home cooked meals, time with children or spending time in a creative outlet will refuel your tank. This transit of Venus can also bring sweetness and romance into a new or existing relationship. Mercury will tour your relationship zone this month. Some crossed wires or miscommunications are inevitable as he retrogrades from the 13th. His extended stay in your 7th house suggests that taking a break or slowing things down will be better than trying to re-invent the wheel.