With your ruler moving into cuddly Cancer from the 5th, you’re ready to demonstrate your soft side. Home and family become a priority and you’re prepared to offer love and support to those who need it. The New Moon in Cancer on the 24th will see 4 planets in Cancer, showing that your home zone is ready for renewal and refreshment. Embarking on a renovation project or even renewing lost family connections are possible. Be mindful to not over-commit or make promises you can’t keep as Mars squares off with generous Jupiter.

A boost to the coffers is welcomed once sweet Venus enters your 2nd house of money from the 6th. A dose of good fortune can come your way via extra shifts at work, or extra profits from a sideline project. You’re quite fond of spending a little bit of cash on some of life’s little indulgences. Until early July, you can enjoy splashing a little cash and treat yourself on what you’d normally go without.

Changing attitudes may trigger events within your social circles, friendships or work colleagues this month. As the karmic South Node tours your friendship sector, it will activate the long-term presence of authenticity seeking Uranus, in your own sign. Finally, you’ll feel ready to spend less time with people who aren’t sharing your perspectives on life. Breaking free from old traditions and embracing your own, will be a key factor to your happiness.

The Full Moon will spotlight your travel, adventure and discovery sector on the 11th. Making decisions regarding travel or study will be important now. Full Moon ruler, Jupiter, links with the Moon from your relationships zone. Keep your significant other in the loop with changes will be important to ensure harmony is maintained.


You’ve had a rough trot so far this year and it’s time for a little TLC. Your ruling planet Venus is in your sign from the 6th, highlighting the need for comfort and security. Enjoying life’s little indulgences as well as some pampering is also encouraged. Beauty routines and self-care rituals will be important, especially under the New Moon on the 24th. If possible, plan a weekend away for some rest and recreation. With a planetary pile up in cuddly Cancer, spending time with those you love most will be soul soothing. Links from Pluto will support you as you discover new truths about yourself and your family.

Finances are under the cosmic spotlight once Mercury moves into your money sector from the 7th. Extra cash can be earned and spent super quickly when Mercury tours this part of your chart. The Full Moon on the 9th can help shine a light on where you are at ‘on paper’ so to speak. As this Full Moon aligns closely with stable Saturn, using any extra cash that comes your way for savings or paying off debt will be ideal.

Jupiter, the ruler of this lunation will be in recovery mode from a recent retrograde phase. Renewed perspectives can help you with your time management strategies. As the Solar System’s largest planet, Jupiter tends to expand what it touches. In your 6th house of daily routines and work, be prepared to be super busy up until October.

The New Moon on the 24th will signal new beginnings in your learning and study zone. In conjunction with thinking planet Mercury, looking for new avenues of expression through reading, writing or teaching are possible. In the nutritive sign of Cancer, your mental direction may be around themes of healing or helping others.


Now fully recovered from a recent retrograde, your ruler, Mercury is now back up to his normal swift pace. You too may feel your mojo has returned and your adaptable nature is back to having several projects on the go at once.
Attention turns to money from the 4th once energy planet Mars enters into your 2nd house of finances. Until late July, you can reap the rewards from a bold and confident attitude towards improving your income. Investing extra energy into a sideline money-making project or doing longer hours at work will give you a cash flow boost.

With a New Moon on the 24th combined with your patron planet Mercury, you can initiate new action to improve your finances. With 4 planets in your money zone, you can expect plenty of action financially. As it so happens when extra cash comes your way, your expenses may also increase. Be mindful of your long-term goals when it comes to cash. Mars and Jupiter clash under the New Moon, making it easy to over-extend yourself with money.

Jolly Jupiter ends his annual retrograde phase on the 9th. With renewed perspectives about how you like to spend your leisure time or enjoy your pleasure pursuits, you can say yes to more social events. Dinner dates, romance or coffee catch ups with friends are all possible now. This part of your solar horoscope also rules children. Spending more time around kids, (yours or someone else’s) is an ideal way to experience joy. An overall to a sense of fun, socialising and enjoying life can be re-ignited now that Jupiter is back on track.

The Full Moon on the 9th will spotlight your relationships. Alongside serious Saturn, this lunation may bring about a turning point or a decision within your most significant partnership. Since November 2015, you’ve been exploring your boundaries and solidifying structures with others. Under the influence of the Full Moon, you’ll be encouraged to make an important choice that will steer the direction of your most important relationships.


The Full Moon on the 9th triggers your most private zones of your solar horoscope. Taking time out from family responsivities and giving yourself a ‘mental health day’ will help refuel your soul. A day at the spa, a rejuvenating massage or spending the day with your head in a book are all ways you can honour this month’s Full Moon.
Just prior to the Full Moon, feisty Mars enters your sign where he’ll stay until late July. This is like a cosmic calling to put your own needs first and embrace some healthy selfishness. Extra focus on your own needs, wants and personal projects will not only refill your own cup, but also boost your self-confidence. Your new assertive attitude will help you accomplish more than you’d expect.
Under Mars’ energetic influence, embarking on a fitness regime or being more physically active is highlighted. If you’ve been wanting to improve your physical strength and vitality, this is your once in every 2- year period to do it!

Lucky charm Venus, tours the most fortunate sector of your solar horoscope from June 6 through until early July. You may be surprised by the amount of support that is around you during this phase. Friends, associates and allies will be there to lend you a hand when you need it. Don’t be shy about asking or accepting the help that is on offer to you now. On the flipside, someone you truly value may need your assistance. If you have the spare resources to offer, your generosity will be well received. You could also be the recipient of some good fortune or a stroke of luck. This may not necessarily be about winning the lotto, but more about an abundance of long lasting opportunities, especially while Venus is in an enduring earth sign. The 24th is a highlighted day for this exchange as Venus makes an aspect with powerful Pluto. Someone significant in your life either personally or in business may help you make leaps forward now.


Mars dips into your private 12th house on the 4th. This once every 2- year cycle highlights that sometimes the most productive thing you can do is nothing. While it may not be practical to do nothing, until late July, you can reduce your schedule and stick to the bare essentials. Mars is a planet that prefers to be busy, so you might get more work done alone during this phase. Working behind the scenes or even from home may be a viable option now. Consider the next 6 weeks as the calm before the storm and rest up wherever possible.

June 9 sees a return to faith and optimism as Jupiter faces forward again. This is the last leg of his cycle through your 3rd house. If you’re feeling disconnected or ungrounded, rituals can help. This may be starting the day reading your favourite horoscope, or ending it by listening to a podcast that interests you or by reading a book in bed. Reading, writing and learning will be a focus. Journaling your thoughts, feelings and happenings of the day can help get a flurry of thoughts on paper and acts as a wonderful self-healing ritual.

Venus will tour your 10th sector of career, reputation and life purpose from June 6. Impressions count now and under Venus’ touch you may be inspired to spruce up your professional profile. This can include working on your CV, redecorating the office or improving your social media campaigns. While in this area of your solar horoscope, Venus is in own her own sign, offering more strength and power to you. A little effort can go a long way now in improving your professional reputation and public profile.

By months end, there will be a pile up of planets joining Mars in your 12th house. A New Moon on the 24th can help you reconnect with your spiritual and private side. A weekend retreat, yoga or mediation will feel like a calling for you. TLC and self-care will be important and in the sign of Cancer, you may also have a preference to just stay home. Nurture your spirit with home cooked meals made from old family recipes.


The New Moon on the 24th falls in the luckiest area of your solar horoscope. This is your peak period for manifesting your dreams, hopes and wishes. Mercury and Mars also cuddle up in Cancer under this lunation putting extra energy toward the things you want. Write down your wishes and take the necessary steps required to help the universe conspire with you and you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make.

While the 11th house of your solar horoscope is being triggered, you’ll be amazed by the amount of support you have at your fingertips. Friends, work colleagues or those you’re connected with through a club will be an amazing source of both strength and abundance for you. You’ll be surprised by how the things you say yes to can multiply now.
Generous Jupiter makes a tricky aspect with Mars on the 25th. There is potential to over-extend yourself or spread yourself too thin now. Your discerning attitude will help you in say yes to what you’re truly committed to.
Mercury whips through your career zone up until the 21st. This super short visit can help you connect with the right people professionally. By expanding your professional networks you’ll have greater access to ideas and information about how to progress forward at work.

Venus makes a visit to your house of learning, teaching and foreign travel this month. From June 6, you may connect with someone inspirational like a mentor, coach or trainer who can help you bring an interest to a new level. There is a global connection to this area of your birth chart which includes the internet. Online or distance learning is possible. You may have to spend more cash than you budgeted for, however, influences later in the year will demonstrate it will be well spent.


Some real progress can be made from the 6th once your ruler, Venus finally enjoys some home territory after a long retrograde cycle. You can turn your attention toward some of your long-term financial goals, especially those concerning joint finance, loans, taxes or debt. A check in with your accountant or financial planner will ensure you’re building the stability for the future that you crave. Under the Venus/Pluto link on the 24th, new revelations about family money may be discovered.

New career directions are promised as planets pile up in your career zone, culminating with a New Moon on the 24th. New Moons are about planting new seeds, the efforts you put in at work now show promise to blossom.
Energy planet Mars tours this part of your chart from the 5th. Under his assertive influence you can really make waves in your career. Be less concerned about pleasing others and go after what you truly want. When it comes to Mars, a little effort can go a long way to making the progress you desire. Mars also sets a punishing pace. With Mars in one of your chart angles, June promises to be a nose to the grindstone vibe, especially at work.
Jupiter, who has been in your sign since October 2016, heads in a forward direction once again on the 9th. You’re sense of meaning and purpose behind all that you’re trying to accomplish will be renewed. This is the last leg of Jupiter’s tour, not returning for another 12 years. Embrace any opportunities to grow and promote your self-interest until October this year.

The 25th sees and aspect between Jupiter and Mars. You can make positive progress however, you could stretch yourself too thin. Over-promising and under-delivering isn’t a good look, especially at work. As a Libran, you strive for balance. Achieving some kind of equilibrium may prove to be a challenge for you this month.


The 4th sees your patron planet Mars enter your adventure and discovery zone, for his once every 2-year visit. Until late July, your attention will shift toward ‘anywhere but here.’ That may take shape in the form of overseas travel, study or discovering new perspectives through wisdom and philosophy. Mercury will enter this sector of your solar horoscope from the 21st where all things communication, learning and logistics are highlighted. Motivation for teaching, writing and learning can open up a global vista of possibility for you.

The Full Moon on the 9th triggers your financial zones. Balancing what comes in with what goes out is highlighted. While your focus this month will be on the big picture of your income stream, it will be vital you still pay attention to the details regarding what goes out. Spending small amounts here or there add up, leaving your cash flow not looking as prosperous as it seems. A decision will need to be made under the Full Moon’s influence.

Planet of love, Venus, tours your relationship zone from the 6th. Venus has been in miserable condition for most of this year, so this is welcome relief whether you’re single or partnered. Under Venus’ touch you can enjoy the simple pleasures of love. Good food, fine wine and connecting with nature can bring a sense of practicality combined with sensuality to your relationship. A supportive link from Pluto on the 24th can bring a sense of depth, honesty and longevity to your current romance.

The 24th also brings a New Moon into your 9th sector of foreign travels, learning and teaching. This is an ideal time to instigate your plans regarding a course of study or planning for a special trip or pilgrimage. With your ruler connected to this lunation, you can make some positive and powerful manifestations.

Jupiter, the planet associated with meaning and purpose is again moving in a forward direction. Until October, you can continue to enjoy a hibernation phase as you ponder the deeper side of life. Topics like spirituality and your sense of purpose may keep you out of the public eye.


Your ruler, jolly Jupiter stations direct on the 9thth after a long 5- month retrograde in the luckiest house of your solar horoscope. Projects and plans that have been on the back burner since February may come back into focus. You can also expect a return to your exuberant and enthusiastic self.

You may also see some of your hopes, wishes and deepest desires begin to manifest. In your 11th house of friends, associates and allies, it may be the people who you choose to surround yourself with that play the most influential role in your success. Until October, this ‘double luck’ planetary play will show a little effort can yield big results.

The 9th sees the Full Moon in your own sign, just prior to Jupiter returning to his jovial and generous self. Combined, this will feel like a cosmic recharge, re-inspiring you toward optimism and your personal sense of truth. Relationships are also a part of your Full Moon picture as the Sun and Mercury light up your house of other people. Whether personal or professional, relationships will be a key factor. In the curious and social sign of Gemini, conversations and the exchange of ideas will be important. Lunation ruler Jupiter currently highlights peace and harmony, especially in relationships. Striking a balance between the details and your big picture ideals will be pivotal.

Venus tours your health and wellness sector from the 6th. Under Venus’ touch, taking care of your body will become a primary focus. In the nurturing sign of Taurus, wholesome foods, massage or spa treatments will be important. Triggers to your 6th house can also indicate a busy period. It’s during these times the body/health and well-being can be neglected. Be sure to carve some time out in your busy schedule to include the right foods and exercise.


Relationships are under the cosmic spotlight as planets begin to pile up in your 7th sector. By months end, there will be a total of 4 planets in Cancer, your relationship zone.
The 4th sees Mars enter your partnership sector, where he’s not been in 2 years. Until late July, you’ll reap the rewards of investing more of your emotional self into your most important relationships. TLC will be required for you as well as your partner. In the home-loving sign of Cancer, spending quality time at home is preferred over spending money or going to fancy places.
A New Moon in Cancer on the 24th brings a new opportunity to develop nurturing and care within your most significant personal connections. Where possible, delegate non-essential tasks at work to allow yourself for more time with those you love.
This area of your solar horoscope also speaks of professional relationships. You may find yourself having to manage the needs or emotions of others at work. A softer approach to getting the job done will yield more results now.

Venus enters your social 5th house from the 6th. Under her magnetic touch, you’ll be able to enjoy some of life’s most simple pleasures. Catching up with friends, indulging in your favourite past-time or hobby and spending more time with children is possible. As one of the more fortunate areas of the birth chart, Venus’ visit will remind you to stop and smell the roses and to take pleasure in what you work so hard to achieve.

Jupiter, astrology’s main planet of opportunity starts to make progress once again in your career sector from the 9th. You too gain move forward with a renewed vigour and fresh perspectives at work. A Full Moon at this time will also highlight career developments. A decision between the details and your big picture plans may need to be made.


A Full Moon on the 9th will activate your fun, luck and good-times sectors of your solar horoscope. You can be the proverbial social butterfly now and engage your penchant for knowledge. Connecting with a variety of people will expose you to fresh ideas and perspectives.
An increased need for integrity in your friendships will also be illuminated under the Full Moon. This lunation will trigger Saturn’s longer-term transit through your friend’s zone. If you feel your social circles have been shifting, or your personal perspectives have grown and evolved, this Full Moon may help you make peace with your past and move into a new and authentic friendship circle. Jolly Jupiter influences via a helpful sextile aspect. Being fair and just in any decisions you make now can propel you toward broader horizons.

Venus enters your 4th domestic zone from June 6. Under Venus’ influence, you may be inspired to decorate or beautify your living space. In the sign of Taurus, a few additional plants or attending to the garden will be therapeutic. Venus is also a social planet. If you’re not much of a green thumb, offer an invitation to your friends or family to come over for dinner or a weekend brunch.

Some low key social time at home may also provide a counter-balance to what will become a very busy period for you, especially in the last part of the month. Firstly, Mars will enter your 6th house of daily routines, where he’s known to set a punishing pace. Health issues or niggling injuries you’ve been avoiding may raise their head now. If required, schedule medical or allied health appointments to ensure you stay healthy.
As planets pile up in this area of your chart, including a New Moon on the 24th, you may come to realise you’ve been stretching yourself too far and may in fact, need some rest and TLC.


Your career is bathed in the celestial glow of the Full Moon on the 9th. This lunation will trigger Saturn’s longer-term transit through your solar 10th house. You’ll be supported in making firm decisions that may be tough, but ideal for your big picture plans. Generous Jupiter supports this Full Moon, indicating that anything you release now, will make room for more. Embrace letting go!

Your ruler Jupiter returns to direct motion from the 9th. You’ll begin to feel re-energised and inspired by your long term financial goals. Over the last several months, you’ve been re-evaluating your ideals, beliefs and opinions about money. Now that Jupiter is moving forward again, you can too with fresh new perspectives about your financial future. Your key to growth in this area is connected to your career, where a lucky opportunity that comes seemingly out of nowhere. Supportive Saturn in your work zone shows that someone older, wiser or an authority in their field can show you the way.

A New Moon on the 24th will re-energise your social life. If you’ve been all about work and money, you can let your hair down a bit now and enjoy some of life’s most simple pleasures. This area of your solar chart is all about fun, frivolity and romance. Schedule those catch ups with your friends, go see a movie or say yes to a date! If you’re in a relationship, this fresh energy in your flirt zone can prompt you to add some passion to your relationship.
The 5th house is also about creativity and expression. Under the New Moon, you can opt to make wishes to experience more joy in this area. If you’re suffering from a creativity block or wish to experience more joy, start doing the things you love to do, rather than what you have to do.