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New Moon in Capricorn – Embrace the Suck

This New Moon falls in a close conjunction with Venus, who is just about ready to exit Capricorn. Fresh from her Cazimi last week, she too is at the beginning of a new cycle. This offers an opportunity to start afresh on relationship or emotional matters. Unlike mountain goats, humans are social creatures who do rely on support from our lovers and friends. Your goals will be easier to obtain with help and influence of those you love.


14 Jan, 2018 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments


The Sun, Venus, Pluto and Oprah

Generally, when a rare astrological transit occurs, there will be an obvious embodiment of that at a public or global level. With this weeks powerful and intense triple conjunction between the Sun, Venus and Pluto, was demonstrated via Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globe speech.


11 Jan, 2018 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments


A Change in the Weather – Jupiter/Mars – Sun, Venus, Pluto

Whether you’re single or partnered, this a rare and opportune time to assess your value to others and theirs to you. Evaluate your situation in important relationships including friends and colleagues. Are you getting less than what you’re worth, financially and/or emotionally?


05 Jan, 2018 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments


Full Moon in Cancer – Passionate Compassion

Sensitive emotions may rise and fall as soulful Neptune triggers this lunation. Logic and reason may be overcome by intuition or your gut instinct. The nebulous nature of Neptune prefers to err on the side of fantasy and imagination. If things don’t make much sense under the Full Moon, accept that and allow your feelings to guide you.


29 Dec, 2017 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments



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