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Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Cancer – From 2019 Horoscopes Ebook


With the karmic North Node in your sign throughout 2019, you’ll be ready to break free of the past and launch forward with your personal projects, dreams and goals. Mars is particularly active and he’ll boost your mojo from May 17 – July 2. Between those dates, you’ll be more inclined to embrace healthy selfishness, pursue your own desires or embark upon a new fitness regime.
Stabilising Saturn continues through your relationship sector, helping you clarify what you need in both love and professional relationships. His grounded influence can help build solid foundations toward your long-term goals in partnership.

Energetic Mars enters your second house of money and cash fl ow from July 3, helping you with confidence and asserting yourself in money matters. It’s been 2 years since Mars made his presence felt here and until August 18, you’ll be in the mood to make bold choices with money. Mars connects with unpredictable Uranus on July 12, prompting you to take a risky, yet authentic move with your income.
A side project may take off then, a surprise turn in your fortune could be expected or you may lash out on a luxury item. A lucky break with cash is possible on July 26th, thanks to Jupiter. A fl ow of opportunities may come through or a person of influence may inspire you to take money matters to the next level. While Mars in Leo gives you the proverbial green light to chase money making opportunities, a Mercury retrograde cycle at the same time does suggest there may be delays and obstacles to surmount.
Mercury first enters your money zone on June 27, highlighting paperwork, logistics and details. Any new plans or possibilities made from then, may hit a snag from July 8 – 19, where it will pay to read the fine print with any large purchases, leases or loans. Mercury will then return to Leo from August 12 – 29 where second chances from missed opportunities from July may appear. If money matters feel in a flux throughout August, the 14th provides an auspicious planetary connection between the Sun and Venus that will assist you in becoming a money magnet or attracting what you desire most.

Your home and family zone are the most active during September and October. Communicative Mercury and relationship orientated Venus working together on September 15 can promote harmonious connections at home. All things to do with beauty, art and togetherness are highlighted then, so if you have a need that is not being met, broaching the subject will be warmly received.
The New Moon in Libra on September 29 promises some happy new beginnings at home and with family as Venus and Jupiter align. This can inspire a range of possibilities from beautifying your living space with pieces of art or planning for additions to the family. Overdue DIY tasks around the home can be attended to when get-it-done Mars fires up your home zone from October 5–November 19.

Serious Saturn continues through your relationship sector in 2019 bringing a crystal-clear awareness about your priorities in love. Tests and challenges may be a part of the picture, but the obstacles you surmount can help you create the solid bonds together that Saturn promises.
As Saturn and the South Node tour your 7th sector, you may be increasingly focused on releasing the past and moving toward commitment in a special relationship. Keeping the faith and trusting your intuition will be an important part of your love story as inspiring Neptune works with Saturn twice throughout the year. January 24–February 1 and again from November 9–11 you’ll be invited to explore and deepen the soul connection in your relationship.
You may yearn to expand your boundaries or even let go of them all together and in turn, materialise your relationship dreams. While Neptune can feel confusing or destablilising, you’re supported by the cosmos to follow your heart first and the practical matters will fall into place. Planning a holiday or diving into a spiritual experience can bring you closer together, revealing the mystery and magic of love. Three karmic eclipses will also activate your relationships.
The New Moon eclipse on January 6 can help you release old relationship patterns and create a new solid start in love. Relationships are spotlighted again on July 17 under a Full Moon eclipse alongside powerful Pluto. A notable shift in your feelings is possible then and you may decide to lean into a relationship, either professional or personal in new and meaningful ways. Themes of truth, trust and loyalty may be highlighted and help you move toward deeper intimacy.
December 26 brings a New Moon eclipse alongside Jupiter newly in Capricorn, book-ending a dynamic year in your relationships and planting the seeds that will blossom in 2020.

Freedom and independence will be dominant themes until March 6 as Uranus re-visits your 10th sector of career and life direction. You may feel impatient to get a business off the ground, become less location dependent or have more autonomy over your professional path. Uranus’ final months in Aries may inspire a radical shift toward an authentic or innovative new career. Driven and assertive Mars makes an entrance into your professional sphere on January 1, helping you make progress through until February 14. While in Aries, Mars will work with both Venus and Jupiter on January 17- 19 and 25/26 highlighting a collaboration or a person of influence may support your career goals.
An outstanding breakthrough is possible on February 13 when Mars and Uranus align. This may feel like a last chance opportunity where a bold move or an authentic choice can propel you in a new direction. Once Uranus leaves Aries and your 10th sector, you’ll have the influence of Mercury from April 17 – May 7 and Venus from April 21 – May 15 encouraging you to make the most of your connections and networks.
This may demonstrate an increase in work related socialising where you’ll recognise the benefits or connecting with your peers. Your ability to attract the right people to support your objectives is highlighted. Updating your professional image both online and in real life will be beneficial then.

2019 is shaping up to be a massive year of personal growth for you. With the karmic North Node, visits from both Venus and Mars, as well as a double dose of Mercury, you’ll get the opportunity to explore your own interests and values as well as get to know yourself a little better. As your authentic self begins to emerge, your perspectives on security may change. You might notice former desires no longer resonate. Feelings of restlessness or irritability can signal the need to release old obligations and form new personal habits and priorities. Energy, focus and drive are yours to enjoy from May 17–July 2 as action planet Mars fires up your sign for the first time in two years.
Your needs come first now and you may find it easier to separate yourself from the demands of others. Mars can inspire a new fitness regime, acting on a personal goal and putting your own needs first. However, this manifests for you, a meeting with the North Node on June 12/13 signals an exciting breakthrough. July 3 brings a brilliant New Moon eclipse in your sign. Around this time, put your personal interests high on your agenda. As you look to the future, you may have to break free of the past in order to begin a new cycle. Given your sentimental nature, this normally would be quite difficult for you.
However, the path ahead beckons and you may surprise yourself at just how ready you are to take your first step. Soon after the eclipse, sweet Venus will enter your sign. Until July 28, you’ll effortlessly attract the support you need to propel you forward. Venus’ presence can signal an opportunity to update your appearance or habits to reflect the inner changes within you. Curious Mercury visits Cancer from June 4 – 26 where you’ll be keen to discover information to assist you in making decisions for the future. Delays or reconsidering your choices is suggested as Mercury takes a brief reverse path from July 19–31. You’ll have until the 12th of August to make any final decisions or to sort out any previous confusion.

Starting with inquisitive Mercury on October 3, followed by Venus on the 9th, then the Sun on the 24th, October is shaping up to be one of your most joyful months. This may signal pressing pause on some of your own desires and opting to focus on joy and happiness. You may experience a heightened social life, explore the world of dating or inject some fun and romance into an existing relationship.
Known as the 5th house, this part of your horoscope governs children. Choosing to spend more time with little humans, yours or someone else’s, can help remind you of some of life’s simplest pleasures. Mercury will spend an extra long time in Scorpio thanks to a retrograde phase. Deep conversations about children and happiness will be a feature from October 3. While in Scorpio, Mercury will work with soulful Neptune on October 16, November 14 and 28.
This may mean being honest and upfront about your desires involving children even if the details are not clear. As Mercury begins to move forward from November 20, decisive Mars enters Scorpio. This probing energy can help you explore your deepest desires in love, happiness
and children.

Some of the experimentation or innovation you dabbled in 2018 with respect to your social circles may become a permanent fixture from March 6, when Uranus re-enters Taurus. Uranus brings the element of excitement and surprise, so you’ll feel most at home with those who offer a fresh perspective or reflect the changing needs within your heart.
As you seek to establish new social relationships, you may need to adopt a fresh approach to maintaining your existing friendships. As you grow and change this year, the qualities you seek from others will too. Technology may play a picture in developing your networks, both personally and professionally. The wonders of the internet allow you to keep in touch with those you value, yet don’t live within an easily accessible distance. April 23 sees the Sun and Uranus make their once a year union, inspiring you to seek connection that’s both authentic and free, yet has the potential to endure.

The ability to travel and make new discoveries not only inspires us, but also brings meaning and purpose to our life. Mercury’s extended tour through Pisces and your 9th sector of travel and discovery may call you to consider what gives life its meaning for you. You might spend an extra-long time planning your next holiday or seek a study pathway or a philosophical course to help you open your mind to new possibilities.
Mercury will move in reverse from March 4 – 27 where some big questions about spirituality or your life purpose may come up. You may question some of the teachings, either academic or religious, that you’ve been taught thus far. On a more practical note, if you are travelling during a retrograde phase, allow extra time for potential transit delays or general logistical snafus. Your obligations or a super-busy work schedule may stall your plans for travel and escape as Jupiter and Neptune create an angle of tension during January, June and September. Adopt a flexible approach and work with the wiggle room you do have, which may mean taking short and regular getaways rather than a big overseas adventure.

Time out and time alone will be your number one focus from March 31–May 16. This may involve some type of spiritual practice such as meditation or yoga. You may simply spend more time tuning out from those around you and paying closer attention to the inner voice within. Reducing distractions, less time on social media and more time following your spiritual passions will be important. Time by the ocean or exploring what peaks your curiosity will nourish you. While in the private part of your horoscope, Mars in Gemini likes to be busy. Even if you can’t totally get off the grid during this period, chipping away at projects will leave you feeling productive and accomplished. May 6 sees Mars and Jupiter align across opposing corners of your horoscope, prompting you incorporate newly discovered passions into your daily routine.

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