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Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Capricorn – From 2019 Horoscopes Ebook


This year’s eclipses will offer personal insights that can help you develop your most important relationships, both professional and personal. The continuing input of Saturn in Capricorn will help you clarify your goals and priorities. As Uranus settles into Taurus, you can reshape the way you experience joy and happiness. By years end, you’ll have exuberant Jupiter to help you launch yourself from the solid foundation you’ve been creating all year.

A Full Moon Eclipse on January 21 may shed light about your long-term finances, debts, savings or investments. Courage is on offer to take the lead in a financial matter that may involve a confident decision to invest or a conservative choice to play it safe. The money move you make then will book-end a chapter that began back in May 2017. Whichever way you choose to go, it will important to follow your heart. A fresh new start can be had when it comes to your cash fl ow and income on January 29/30. You may come up with a brilliant new idea to raise revenue in your business, or have a conversation with your boss about a raise or a promotion.
As your income sector receives a cosmic boost, it will be an ideal time to formulate a budget that aligns with your long-term financial goals. Venus will make her annual visit from March 2 – 27. Her magnetic influence may attract more money into your coffers, prompting a rare treat to something that you’ve finally got the extra cash for.
A series of lucky links from Jupiter and your cash fl ow sector may bring an added bonus, a windfall or general support in your financial endeavours on February 4, 8 and 9 as well as a particularly sparkling connection between Venus and Jupiter on March 21 and November 24.

The year begins with action planet Mars in your home zone, encouraging you to surge forward with domestic plans that may have been on the backburner for the last 2 years.
Mars may inspire a renovation, a relocation or a bold and brave attitude your domestic situation. Mars in Aries likes to go after what it wants and until February 14, you’ll have your sights set on your domestic goals. You’ll have a relative or domestic partner in your corner from January 17-19 as Venus and Mars form a link of support. Together, you may be fired up to gain momentum and action with a domestic dream or goal.
You may need to enforce a personal boundary if you feel that someone may be overstepping the mark or wanting to move at a faster pace than you around January 21. The issue may need to be addressed again on February 2. It may be a case of having to establish rules and responsibilities so everyone is clear with where they stand. Clarity around the domestic frameworks can help reduce negative tension but at the same time, push you toward achieving both your personal and family goals. Mars and Jupiter team up on January 25/26 and you may see positive progress at home.
A happy experience or good news could be welcomed then. A surprising development, a welcome change or fast progress with your living situation can be had on February 13. An unconventional option yet to be considered may present itself and turn out to be the welcome change you hoped for all along.

Your peak relationship period occurs from May 16–July 3 where the combination of Mars in Cancer and a New Moon eclipse will stir passions and energise partnerships. It’s been 2-years since Mars injected fire, courage and motivation in your 7th house of relationships. If you’re single, you may feel the need to seek companionship or find a partner. If you are already spoken for, intense Mars can heat things up and increase the passion between you. Massive openings, possibilities and potential open up in your significant relationships as the fated North Node continues an 18- month tour of Cancer that began November 2018.
The proverbial yellow brick road may open up for you on June 12/13 as Mars and the North Node join forces. A bold choice, driven by fate or a feeling may see some of your most significant shifts in relationships—personal, professional or both. The very nature of Mars can bring tension and link to Saturn and Pluto may highlight that fact, especially on June 15, 19 and 20. If sparks do fly, handling eruptions with emotional maturity will be a must.
As Mars exits Cancer on July 2, a New Moon eclipse on July 3 can bring a fresh start to relationships. The potential to meet someone special is possible or, if you’re in a relationship a new beginning around intimacy and togetherness is promised. Eclipses have a way of bringing future possibilities into the present. Regardless of your current relationship status, letting go of limitations or past pain can help you move into a new space of romantic and emotional fulfilment.

Your busiest period professionally is tipped to be from September 14–November 19 as an array of planets tour your 10th house of career and life direction. Starting with communicative Mercury and sociable Venus, networking and making connections is highlighted. Be open to extra- curricular professional events that may put you in the right place at the right time to meet those who can be beneficial to your career.
The old phrase of ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ may prove true especially on September 15. Charm, diplomacy and tact will go a long way in making the right impression. Choices about the direction of your professional path are likely when Venus links with Saturn and the lunar Nodes on September 25/26. You may feel at a crossroads when faced with the choice of going down the path that is familiar and safe, or the one that offers the chance to get outside your comfort zone.
The Sun will spotlight all things career from September 23 and will be joined by Mars from October 5–November 19. Under their combined influence, you’ll be ready to step into the spotlight or take on a leadership role. With a renewed confidence and vigour, demonstrating your skills and ability can help you make professional progress that has been two years in the making. Saturn and Pluto, while heavy and confronting initially, can help you get clear about your priorities.
As Mars forms a tense angle to both of these planetary heavyweights on October 28 and November 5, overcoming any personal fears or perceived limitations will be your key to success. Progress and potential are on offer as Jupiter brings support on November 13. You may make an alliance with a mentor or with someone who inspires you.

Three eclipses in Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto promise to make 2019 a notable year for personal growth and development. The ringed planet will continue to bring new clarity around your obligations. Letting go of some responsibilities involving other people and focus on yourself may be required. This might mean you’re not as available to your loved ones as you create new foundations in your life. Time will become a precious resource to you that demands careful discernment about how you spend it and with whom you spend it with. As Saturn has associations with the process of aging, you may become more aware of how the years are passing and how this affects your physical body. Your health, fitness and overall well-being may also feature high on your list of priorities this year.

Three eclipses attached to themes of release, letting go and spirituality activate your sign. January 6, July 17 and December 26 feature lunations tied to the karmic South Node. These eclipses may prompt you to reassess and recalibrate your perspectives. It may mean making important choices that seemingly defy logic or reason, but you may be surprised at how easily you’re ready to let go of what’s weighed you down, physically and emotionally. Saturn and Neptune work together three times throughout the year to help you gently dissolve structures in your life that have held you back.
Themes of spirituality feature again, as well as compassion, creativity and healing. Learning more about these avenues may assist you in learning more about yourself. These two planets connect on January 24–February 1, June 15–29 and again on November 9–11.

Enjoying life in new ways will be a fixture over the next 8 years as Uranus settles into Taurus and your 5th sector of happiness, joy and children. The way you experience pleasure in life is set to undergo surprising, yet welcome changes. You may be initially surprised by some of the choices you find yourself making. You may opt for experience driven activities rather than spending money on materialistic items. Uranus has a ‘try anything once vibe’ and as this far-flung planet may spur you to finally try something new, or something you’ve always wanted to do.
You might return to a hobby or project from your younger days or finally pluck up the courage to try something radical or unconventional especially between February 14–March. It’s possible that your attitudes or values concerning children undergo a radical shift too. If you’ve never wanted children, you may find that changes. If you already have children or grandchildren, your approach to parenting or caring for them may begin to move in a new direction. Breakthroughs around romance and dating are expected. If you’ve been single a long time, the potential to meet someone totally out of the blue is possible, especially as Venus and Uranus unite on May 18/19.
If you’re partnered, you may opt out of your usual routine and enjoy a unique experience that can help bring you closer together in new and exciting ways. December is set to be an especially exciting month as Jupiter moves into your sign and links with Uranus. The changes you adopt throughout the year in respect to love, joy and happiness are set to bring you happy developments or a brilliant opportunity as 2019 moves into 2020.

A thorough analysis of your friends, networks and industry associates is highlighted as Mercury takes and extended tour through Scorpio and your 11th house. You may be particularly cautious from November 2 – 21 as Mercury moves backwards. You might begin to question the motives of those around you or make choices about who’ll remain in your close circle of trust and those who’ll stay on the periphery.

Mercury will make three links to confusing Neptune, which may spotlight the typical Mercury retrograde themes such as crossed-wires and miscommunications. You may need to double check the details when making social arrangements. On a side note, the Mercury/Neptune connection can promote emotional conversations, where you may be the giver of compassion and support to a friend or colleague. These two planets work together on October 16, November 14 and 28. Active Mars enters Scorpio from November 19 – January 3 2020, injecting a new sense of motivation, courage and leadership within your social circles.
As Mars makes his once in every 2- year visit to your friends’ sector, he’ll connect with Saturn and Pluto in the last half of December. You may discover the true motivations of those in your social circles.

When it comes To taking a holiday or restoring your faith in what’s possible, a series of planets tour Virgo and your 9th house of adventure, discovery and travel are active in the third quarter of the year. Mars leads the way from August 18 through until October 4. This may be a peak period of restlessness and willingness to get out of your comfort zone and explore what the world has to offer. Overseas destinations may beckon, but you may have to satisfy that itch through exploring your local environment or taking regular short breaks away.

August 26, 28, 30 and September 1 are particularly electric where a new experience or a fresh perspective about something you’ve been learning about helps you see life in a new way. This is especially highlighted as a triple treat from the Sun, Mercury and Mars on September 4 offer a renewal of your ideas and motivation about an exotic location or a study pathway. A creative vision or a longing desire for adventure may also be realised then.
Opportunities to take a personal or work-related goal to the next level opens up as planets in Virgo connect with those in your own sign. The chance to prove yourself or demonstrate your mastery to a global audience, or to those you aspire to be like is possible then. A work-related travel opportunity may present itself or you may make the transition into becoming a teacher in your chosen field or delve into academia. These key dates occur when Saturn and Pluto work their magic on September 2, 5-9, 14, 19 and 20.

Your 12th sector of retreat is activated by Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 8 2019–December 3 2019. This cycle of expansion in your most private sector only happens once every 12 years, so this may be a year of integrating what you’ve learned during this last cycle and gaining fresh perspectives about it. You might discover you begin to say yes to things and in ways that weren’t an option in the past.

With a flurry of activity and change in other sectors of your life, making down time and retreat a part of your plan this year will be a must. You may discover that you achieve more in private or if you bunker down in isolation, away from distractions. Jupiter in Sagittarius is associated with seeking knowledge, purpose and meaning and it’s your inner landscape you’ll be keen to explore. If you decide that you’ve lost that special zest for life, you may find inspiration from exotic places, cultures or foreign faith and religion. Jupiter and Neptune clash in January, June and September encouraging you to continue to work towards what you cannot necessarily see, but toward what you can feel.

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