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Mars in Virgo- Practical, Productive and Precise

Over the next several weeks, you may find yourself on a mission of your own. You might not go on a cleaning frenzy like I did, but your efforts, energy or attention may hone in on a particular area for you.

What If? Jupiter direct in Sagittarus

You see, as children, you’re encouraged to dream and imagine. If you do it as an adult, you’re a daydreamer, gonna-doer or a no-hoper.
Other people, often those who are meant to have your best interests at heart, will be quick in cutting you back to size if you dare to follow your dreams or ponder the possibility of ‘what if’ questions.

Mars + Uranus – Push Me, Pull Me

What was once tolerable or even accepted may bring rise to new levels of resistance. You might be overcome by the desire for freedom. Perhaps you want something to go your own way or to be noticed, recognised or validated.

July 2019 Eclipses with Gray Crawford

In this video, my dear friend Gray and I explore some of the major themes of the month of July and what you might expect over the coming weeks.

Mercury and Mars in Leo – From Water to Fire

Once Mars bursts into Leo on July 1 here in the South and July 2 in the Northern Hemisphere, the upcoming month may feel like your fire has been ignited which may revive your energy and bring you hope for the new month.

June Solstice + Focus Forward

If you’ve felt delays, difficulties or that you’ve been pulled in opposing directions, as these planets separate from each other, you may begin to feel a sense of relief or release.

Venus in Gemini – Picking Up the Pace

Monday morning brought the New Moon in Gemini, which may give a taste of what’s to come when Venus arrives. The next few days may be about speeding up a plodding pace for a swift and more mentally agile way to enjoy life and connect with others.

Full Moon in Scorpio – Mars in Cancer

The sign of Scorpio is deep, private and tends to not reveal much. Full Moon’s can generate drama and intensity that bring illumination. You may discover that no matter how hard you try to contain something, this weekend may bring emotions to a tipping point.

New Moon in Taurus – Solid, Stable and Enduring

The sign of the bull is the most resolute, solid and steadfast of all the 12 signs. Taurus enables you to build for the future based on solid principles, your most essential desires combined with enduring persistent action.

Venus in Aries

Venus adopts a solo vibe while in Aries, so you may prefer to spend more time luxuriating in your own passion pursuits, rather than accommodating the wants or demands of others.