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Planetary Weather February 22-29

Tuesday brings a Virgo Full Moon which highlights the polarities between your souls dreams and the practicality of bills needing to be paid. The Virgo Moon expects details, efficiency and accuracy where the Sun in Pisces demands you bask in your souls’ yearnings.

Mars Retrograde- Passion and Purpose

Normally, Mars spends about 2ish months in a sign. However, this reverse passage sees Mars spend 4 months in Scorpio and 4.5 months in Sagittarius (inclusive of shadow time). He doesn’t enter Capricorn until September 27!
This is a long time for Mars to be focused on just 16 out of 360 degrees of the zodiac, shining a bright spotlight on one or perhaps two areas of your life.

Planetary Weather 15- 21 February

Typical of speedy Mercury, he is the first cab off the rank and he’ll plunge back into Aquarius by the time you’ve had your first sip of Sunday morning coffee. (8:33am Brisbane time). Last time Mercury reached zero degrees in the water bearer’s domain, it signalled the beginning of his reverse passage.

Mars and Jupiter- Create Your Own Luck

One of the aspects perfecting over the weekend and into next week is the sextile between Mars and Jupiter. I didn’t mention it in my weekly post, but as the week progressed, I have seen how this aspect is playing out for many people.

Lunar Phases Workshop in Brisbane

Phases of the Moon Workshop in Capalaba, Brisbane This workshop is designed to offer insight and knowledge about the influence of the Lunar Phases and how they set the tone for the ebb and flow of your life. We will explore the Lunar Phase that was active at the time of your birth and the … Continue reading Lunar Phases Workshop in Brisbane

Planetary Weather 8 – 14 February

All the classical bodies (except the luminaries) are currently visible as morning stars. If you have the right type of telescope, even Pluto can be seen in this morning glory.
As an occidental line up, these morning stars have a new or fresh experience about them. They hold the promise of a new day, naive yet eager, they dangle and twinkle with an impetus for action.

Know Thyself

This morning, I went to a meditation group that meets once a month. It’s held on the other side of Brisbane so I left extra early in anticipation of caffeination, and to ponder the astrology of the week. When I arrived, I discovered that the room had been double booked, and if the group still wanted to go ahead with the meditation, then we’d all meet up at a local beach- better location but no coffee shops!

Planetary Weather 1-7 February

Projects and plans that have been on hold or difficult to get off the ground start to gain momentum after the false start feeling that was January. The week offers smooth and supportive planetary angles that will help you pick up from where an uncooperative January left off.

Planetary Weather Week Beginning 25th January

Fresh from a Full Moon in Leo yesterday, the week begins with a spot of Mondayitis with only the Moon initiating planetary action to start the week.
She will make an early morning link to sombre Saturn, setting the tone for a bit of hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go.

Mercury and the Full Moon- Refill Your Cup

Mercury and Pluto’s previous entanglement occurred late December where situations surrounding communication, the way we think and our thoughts are back on the table. Caution with your minds inner workings, words and logic may be required as Pluto’s obsessive nature combined with Mercury’s trickery can confuse or skew issues that can be easily solved by paying closer attention.