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Election Charts

Posted: 06 Nov, 2015 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Election Charts


Getting married? Starting a business? Need the most auspicious time for a particular event or undertaking?
For centuries an astrologer was the right hand man of kings and rulers of empires. No major decisions were made without his consultation. This branch is known as electional astrology where a chart is cast for a particular time to help bring about the most favourable outcome. No election chart is perfect, the idea is to work with the quality of a given moment time rather than against it.
Over the last 20 or so years, ancient tablets have been discovered and translated making this special art available to you.

After careful consideration of the nature of your venture, your own natal chart (and that of anyone else involved) about 2 or 3 most auspicious dates (and times) are provided working within your constraints. Some of these are outlined below:

What you need to provide

  • A description of the purpose of needing an election chart and why it’s
    important to you. You maybe getting engaged or married, buying or
    selling real estate, beginning a new business etc. Generally ‘big’ events!
  • A window of time- for example, within the next 2 months, a business day
    during business hours. If it doesn’t matter what time of day or day of the
    week, please mention this as your best option may be at 3am Sunday
  • The location of the venture or event.
  • Your birth data (time, date and place). Please advise if you don’t have

This consultation is done via email and you’ll be provided with your best dates along with a description as to why these have been chosen as well as the potential pros and cons.

An electional chart consultation is $100


Setting the most auspicious time for one of lifes biggest decisions is a perfect way to start your marriage!
In a wedding election, the birth chart of yourself and your fiance is considered. Factors such as your ideal window of time (eg September through to November) your wedding location and your ideal time to tie the knot- most brides won’t want a 9am nuptial!

After receipt of payment, Cassandra will be in touch via email with a few questions about your hopes and desires for your wedding day and beyond.

A wedding electional chart is $150

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Terms and conditions

Appointments missed or cancelled within 48 hours are considered forfeited. PLEASE give me as much notice as possible if you need to make a change to our session time because:

  • I may be preparing our session up to 2 or 3 days in advance.
  • It gives somebody else the opportunity to take that session time.

Sessions are only deemed as confirmed on receipt of payment.

If for an unforeseeable reason, I have to postpone the session, I will endeavour to reschedule you as soon as possible. A full refund can also be provided upon request.

I am an astrologer. I'm not a medical practitioner, financial expert or love guru so please take my advice as a guide only and is not meant to replace the opinions of relevant industry experts.