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About Cassandra Tyndall

Cassandra is an avid professional astrologer, writer and teacher, based in Brisbane, Australia. Her interest in Astrology started when she was a child reading horoscopes in her mother's magazines. Known for her honesty, passion and insight, Cassandra offers consultations to people all over the globe.

With over 10 years experience, Cassandra combines ancient and traditional methods with a modern day spin to enhance specific predictions and offers practical and inspired guidance. Cassandra is known and respected for bringing the symbolism of the signs and planets and using this as a tool for helping you discover your inner knowledge, clarity, wisdom and benefit.

Cassandra's work has featured in Wellbeing magazine, Women's Health and Fitness as well as numerous websites. She is the former president of the Young Astrologers Association (NSW) and was on the board of the Federation of Australian Astrologer's.

When Cassandra doesn't have her head in the stars, you'll find her in the gym or at home with her beloved baby son.


If you have an enquiry or comment, please fill out the form below and Cassandra will endeavour to respond within 48 hours