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Venus, Love and Relationships in Astrology Workshop


This one day workshop will explore how love and relationships show up in your own astrology chart. We will explore the many facets of Venus and delve into her by sign, aspect and house to reveal her influence in your love life. Alongside Venus, you will discover your personal relationship sign and the 7th house.

If you would like to know more about:

  • what you need in love
  • your personal planet of relationship
  • possibilities and snags in relating
  • the ages where love becomes your top focus
Then this workshop will answer many of your questions! During this one day workshop, we will uncover your personal love mojo by introducing the main astrological signs, planets and themes as indicated by your birth chart. You don't need any prior astrological knowledge to attend. This day is designed for the astro-curious and makes a great preface to my Contemporary Astrology Program.

The Details:

Date: Saturday 28 May 2016 Venue: Elemental Connection 89 Old Cleveland Road Capalaba Time: 10am- 3pm Cost: $65 Bring: Your birth chart (if you don't have one, I can provide a copy for you) a pen and paper and most importantly your curious mind and love questions. To secure your booking, you can enter your details and proceed to payment on the booking form.

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Contemporary Astrology Program


This fundamentals course will immerse you into 3 of the core components of reading a birth chart. You’ll get to know the houses (the stage), the signs (the actors) as well as the planets (the actors) that incorporate the tapestry of your life. Whether you’re brand new to astrology, or looking to brush up the basics, you’ll come away with practical tools you can apply in understanding your own astrology chart.

For additional info or questions, please email Cassandra

Time: Over 8 Hours
Includes: Video lectures, supplemental resources

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Jupiter In Scorpio


Just once a year, Jupiter, our Solar System’s largest planet changes signs. This offers a 12-month window of opportunity, abundance and expansion in a particular area of life. From October through until November 2018, Jupiter will be taking a deep dive into the intense and magical world of Scorpio, an event not seen in 12 years. In this lecture, you’ll discover more about the nature of the planet Jupiter, and the Zodiacal sign of Scorpio. You will learn more about the magic Jupiter in Scorpio offers through a guided tour of the 12 houses and where this energy will manifest for you.

Time: 127 minutes
Includes: Audio recording and a PDF of the power point presentation

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In this lecture, Cassandra explores the Hellenistic ‘time lord’ system known as ‘annual profections.’ This elegant and surprisingly simple system hones in on your most active planet for a given time period. Using profections as a funnel for other techniques such as transits and progressions, you will improve your predictions with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Time: 56 minutes
Includes: Audio recording and a PDF of the power point presentation

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