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Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Gemini – From 2019 Horoscopes Ebook


Thanks To abundant Jupiter in Sagittarius’ tour through your 7th sector of partnerships, your biggest area for growth and happiness in 2019 are in relationships. Until December 3, the adventures, exploration and connections you make in the world at large and within your heart will offer a new sense of meaning and purpose about life. The people you bring into your sphere this year, both in your romantic relations as well as your platonic partnerships will be your key to knowledge, wisdom and success. Be open to what’s possible and say yes to opportunities that present themselves, even if they don’t appear to fi t the details of what you thought would be.

Significant breakthroughs and progress with money are likely as your 2nd house of income and cash fl ow is triggered by the North Node signaling eclipses in this part of your solar horoscope. Eclipses have a way of bringing the future into the now, so you may find you’ll make headway with your financial plans that you didn’t expect until further down the track.
The regular activations from the Sun, Mercury and Venus throughout June and July will heighten your ability to make the right connections and boost your mojo for attracting cash. It’s been two years since action planet Mars has energised your cash sector and from May 16 – July 2 you can expect increased activity and confidence when it comes to going after your financial desires.
June 12/13 sees Mars meet with the karmic North Node that can dramatically boost your earning potential. A combination of planetary factors during this period suggests that by clarifying your money wants, taking the road less travelled and following your intuition, the abundance and security you crave will be available to you in fresh and unexpected ways.
A New Moon eclipse on July 3 in your money zone promises dramatic new possibilities and a super boost of fresh energy around your finances. A side money making project may become lucrative, negotiating a new package with your boss or a cashed-up client may want to increase their business with you. As your cash flow increases, it will be wise to funnel some extra resources into paying off debt or boosting your investments to help secure your financial freedom.

September is a highlighted month where your domestic scene, known as your 4th house receives a plethora of planetary placements. A rare triple treat from the Sun, Mercury and Mars on the 4th spotlight a new domestic energy coming through where important choices or a renewed confidence with family matters is likely.
If you’ve been contemplating a move or felt confused about where or what home really means to you, then this trifecta will help bring clarity and a clear path forward. As Venus, Jupiter and Neptune form a triangle pattern across your horoscope, questions about location, love and career may provide some surmountable obstacles to work through. As both Mercury and Mars have been freshly purified by the Sun, your ability to communicate with authenticity will be important as you negotiate your needs with family.
It’s been two years since Mars made waves through your domestic sector. From August 19–October 4, you may be increasingly motivated to attend to DIY projects or catch up on general home maintenance. Mars in Virgo loves a good de-clutter, so clearing out items you no longer use or need can help you lighten your load and clarify your mind. Venus lends her sweet support from August 21–September 14 where you can actively work with beautifying your living space or improving your domestic relationships. August 25 sees both Venus and Mars unite, where an olive branch can be extended to any relationship disruptions, signifying the start of a new living arrangement.

Big planet Jupiter entered your 7th house of relationships back on November 8 of 2018 and will remain until December 3, offering your biggest growth possibilities in partnership in over a decade. Through interactions with others, both personal and professional, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and the value of keeping a broad-minded perspective when it comes to relationships. While in his ruling sign, Jupiter offers some of your most joyous and happiest opportunities in all your significant relationships. Jupiter’s exuberance and innate goodness can help you heal some of the tough lesson’s Saturn brought to your relating sector from 2015 – 2017.
Jupiter’s adventurous outlook and optimistic nature can lead to new confidence in following your love hopes and dreams for the future or help you in meeting someone substantial who inspires you. A double dip from Venus throughout 2019 just adds to the growth and togetherness that is available to you. Venus tours your 7th house from January 7 – February 4 and again from November 2 – 26.
Dates to put in the diary for heightened happiness in partnership are January 22/23 and November 25. With astrology’s two most beneficial planets joined in your relationship zone, sweetness and support are possible. If you’re already with someone special, bonds of love can be strengthened and if you’re single you may attract attention or affection from someone who peaks your interest. As the sign of Sagittarius is about adventure, an exotic holiday or an unplanned trip to somewhere different can bring you closer through shared experiences.

Communication planet Mercury spends an extra-long period in your 10th house of career, success and life direction from February 11–April 17. Mercury can help you in matters concerning further study or research in your profession, networking in your industry, or teaching and training. With the support of your planetary ruler in your public reputation sector, whether you need to update your skills or actively reach out and share your ideas, Mercury can help you connect the dots to ensure your success. While in Pisces, Mercury will spend time moving backwards, known as a retrograde.
Delays, confusion or crossed-wires may stall your progress from March 4–27 while Mercury heads in reverse. Frustration may mount, especially if you’re lacking in information or details regarding a work matter. As Mercury makes several links with both Jupiter and Neptune, opportunities for growth can be created by trusting your instincts and using your intuition, rather than relying on facts alone. April 3/4 and 12th are ideal days to move forward with what feels right professionally. While things may appear to be in a flux career-wise, a New Moon alongside dreamy Neptune on March 7 promises inspired new beginnings.
Combined with ruler retrograde action, allow this energy to help you consider how and where you want your life direction to take you. Allow yourself to be both inspired and in flow with the needs of your soul. Venus offers her sweet and supportive influence from March 27 – April 20. If you’re looking for a new professional path, Venus can help you put your best foot forward in making the right impression with those that matter. You might like to update your professional wardrobe, your social media profiles or make extra effort to befriend those who are in a position to support you. A stroke of fortune is possible or a professional project may be well received on April 10 and 18.
You’ll be gifted with energy, drive and confidence as Mars tours your own sign from March 31 – May 16. Motivation toward a fitness or health pursuit is possible as well as simply pushing forward with your personal goals and desires. It’s been two years since Mars has been in Gemini and under his assertive influence, you may be less inclined to go with the flow with other people, instead, preferring to go it alone and work on your top priorities.
Mars in Gemini can also bring a scattered energy with it, so you too might find it tricky to knuckle down and concentrate. Variety is the spice of life, and it may take a little exploration to find a mojo that works for you. Mars may motivate you to be a little more impulsive during this phase and tension in a special partnership may require compromise on May 6.

Some of your happiest moments are promised as sweet Venus tours Libra and your 5th sector from September 15–October 9. This playful influence can remind you of the simplest pleasures in life, whether that be relishing in a creative hobby, doing more of what you love or discovering simple pleasures that make you smile.
Known as the sector of love and romance, the promise of a new love interest is possible. September 26 may highlight a romantic encounter that feels fated in some way. If you’re in a relationship, Venus’ influence help you put your special someone first. You may be less inclined to be driven toward your personal outcomes during this time, instead lavishing your loved ones in your time, effort
and energy. Plans involving children may be inspired during a New Moon on September 29. With Mercury and Venus united, heartfelt conversations about what’s possible in both love and with children, or even grandchildren are likely.

Your social life in 2019 begins with a bang as both Mars and Uranus light up your friendship sector. Mars’ presence until February 14 will encourage confidence and action in your dealings with friends, social circles or work colleagues. As Uranus also makes waves in this part of your solar horoscope, you might be attracted to those a little outside of your social norms, or spend time with those who represent your changing perspectives.
Until March 6, your social life may have a topsy turvy vibe but once Uranus leaves your friendship sector, those who remain in your circle probably will be there for some time to come. Together, Mars and Uranus can be a volatile pairing. You may grow increasingly impatient to move forward in your wider community both online and in real life. Actively seeking out new connections will be the key to obtaining your hopes and dreams for the future.
Connections are again boosted throughout April as communicative Mercury and social Venus make their annual activations through Aries. Mercury works with Jupiter on May 3 highlighting beneficial and inspired connections can be made in a professional or personal partnership. A mentor or someone you look up to may lend their support when Venus and Jupiter align on May 10.

The 9th sector of your solar horoscope pertaining to foreign travel, study and adventure is a little quieter this year. With so much planetary action in other key areas of life, travel plans may be on the back burner in 2019. If you do feel restless, short domestic travel or a weekend getaway is highlighted under the Full Moon eclipse on January 21. As this eclipse lights up your 3rd sector, you might be reminded just how refreshing and relaxing taking short regular breaks can be. The regular cycles of the Sun, Mercury and Venus from January 20 – February 19 and March 2 – 27 may inspire a plan for travel or the desire to broaden your horizons mentally.
You’ll be especially open and curious on January 29/30 and may seek out potential opportunities for study or teaching. Lucky links from Jupiter on February 4, 8, 9 and March 21 suggest a professional or personal partner may support you in global adventures then.

May to November 2018 offered an entrée to the longer cycle of Uranus in Taurus, which will become a mainstay from March 6 2019. The way you value your need for space, time out and retreat has changed. Consider ways you can shake up some of your obligations or responsibilities to allow more time to rest and just be. You may find yourself craving the outdoors and spending more time in nature.
Dabbling in meditation, going on a retreat or embarking upon some kind of sea change is possible as Uranus shakes the foundations of your inner world. You may gradually discover that your ideas, values and philosophies about how you survive in life are shifting and delivering you a new view of the world.
Your drive for quiet or alone time may increase from February 14 as action planet Mars dips into Taurus until March 31. This once in every 2-year tour may help you become more productive in achieving your desires solo. Reducing stress and smelling the roses will be important for you then too. Uranus’ activation of your most private sector may awaken memories from the past, stirring a desire within your soul for a level of deep authenticity and freedom. Taking the first steps to materialise these desires are possible on May 9 when Mercury and Uranus meet.

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