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Your monthly horoscope will return in January!

After an arduous journey since May, you may be relived to see your patron planet Mars, move into the sign of Pisces on the 16th. This may herald a time out period until the end of 2018, where you decide to delegate some responsibilities, or take an extended break. While you enjoy burning the candle at both ends, Mars in the most private part of your solar horoscope promotes the need for rest and rejuvenation.

Prior to Mars entering the oceanic depths, the red planet will form a link of opportunity and benefit to Venus who is still retrograde on the 10th. You could be in a position to provide help or support to someone special such as a romantic or professional partner. A cool and calm approach from you can help ease a potentially unpredictable turn of events. Still under the influence of a New Moon on the 8th, you may have to cover some old ground but with a fresh perspective.

The 9th house, associated with travel, adventure and discovery receives a cosmic boost from the 9th, thanks to jolly Jupiter in jubilant Sagittarius. Until December next year, you might notice that opportunities open up for you involving travel, teaching or writing. You may even be keen to explore philosophical or religious pursuits. Jupiter in Sagittarius invites you to say yes to anything that supports your personal growth. With Mars and Jupiter generating tension between the 19th-22nd you may struggle with balancing opportunities that present themselves and your personal energy levels. A rejuvenating retreat or a swim up bar on a tropical island somewhere could be an option!

The final week of November looks particularly promising as the radiant Sun enters Sagittarius and joins Jupiter on the 26th/27th. After a long period of feeling stuck throughout 2018, you may finally feel buoyant, hopeful and inspired. The 27th/28th sees Mars and Saturn joins forces where you can focus your fire and turn your ideals for the future into something substantial.


You might begin to experience a little cosmic relief throughout November thanks to significant planetary changes.
Firstly, your sovereign star, Venus, while still in reverse, begins the month slipping back into Libra and your 6th house. This will significantly reduce any tension or intensity that has left you less than comfortable in recent weeks. You may opt to turn your attention to work, your health and wellness or mundane tasks as you take a personal time out to process events, or even avoid them completely. Not being one who likes to be rushed in any way, the 16th highlights that you can return to a level of equilibrium and comfort in order to move forward.

The 9th sees a new financial cycle begin as Jupiter makes his once in every 12-year visit to your 8th house sector. Until December 3 2019, all things to do with debts, savings, investments and joint finances have the potential to grow. Mercury starts the month already in this part of your horoscope and will remain until early January. It would be wise to research your options carefully first, as ever ready Jupiter in Sagittarius may prompt you to move faster than you’d otherwise like. Facts will be foggy around the 16th as Mercury is at a standstill and connected with hazy Neptune. You may need to be cautious about joining financial forces with a friend or work associate. Your ruler Venus also will be emerging from her retrograde phase then, suggesting that you’ll need more time to make a choice.

The 16th will also see Mars enter your friendship sector for the first time in 2 years. Until year’s end, you might be more confident in your social circles. As the Silly Season begins, you’ll be raring to go and attend as many events as you can. Tension is possible from the 19th-22nd as Mars and Jupiter align suggesting that you may need to be flexible as your company may be in high demand.


Some of your most blessed, bountiful and optimistic possibilities in all relationship matters receive a cosmic boost from the 9th, once Jupiter enters Sagittarius. Some of your most golden opportunities to experience joy, happiness and abundance in romantic and professional pairings is possible until December 3, 2019.

Your planet Mercury begins November in this part of your solar horoscope where you’ll be more invested in putting your personal time and energy into your special someone. Things may hit a proverbial snag on the 16th as Mercury begins his retrograde phase in Sagittarius. Thus, you might have to rethink some of your collaborations and consider your options given the plethora of opportunities that are emerging. A tricky square from Neptune in your 10th house may highlight not all is as it seems in a professional pairing. It may be wise to delay making choices or taking sides at least until midway through December if possible. Any delays in deals or new work arrangements may work to your advantage as Jupiter is likely to have something better for you anyway.

The 16th also sees active Mars tour your professional sector for the first time in 2 years. Until the end of 2018, a clear, confident and bold approach at work can allow those who matter to see what you’re really capable of. It may be a little chaotic at times, but with so much mutable energy in the sky, it will suit your adaptable nature to take things as they come. Finding the sweet spot between work and love may be tricky between the 19th-22nd as Mars squares off with Jupiter. Communication will be key in order to find some understanding between conflicting ideals.

Your cash flow is set to receive a boost as the lunar North Node enters Cancer on the 7th. A chance opportunity from a friend or work colleague may be like a gift from heaven that can help you make the financial gains you’ve been working so hard for. The next 18 months sees the eclipses form in the financial sectors of your horoscope which can bring sudden turning points and progress from what is established this month.


You might be hearing a lot about Jupiter’s entrance into Sagittarius on November 8. While this presents an array of growth and opportunity, for you it may lack a little bit of excitement. In the 6th house of your solar horoscope, until December 3 2019, Jupiter invites you to see the benefit in taking care of the mundane matters of life. This may entail a better diet and exercise regime, getting a better grip of your schedule and how you spend your time. Jupiter here can bring growth in activity, but not so much in achieving and this may be something to keep your eye on if you have big goals you wish to obtain.

Taking care of business may seem like a bit of an anti-climax, however, the North Node moving into Cancer for the next 18 months from the 7th can help you priorities your personal pursuits. As you push forward with your own personal goals, you’ll be glad you attended to the little things that help you free up your time.

Themes of travel, study and adventure that have been on the back-burner for 2 years become energised as active Mars tours your 9th sector. Until the end of the year, you may be keen to get the holiday season off to an early start or initiate plans to take on a course of study in the New Year. You may also see plans involving writing, teaching or publishing finally take off. As Mars makes links to Saturn on the 27th, the support from a colleague or personal partner may help you realise your goals for the future sooner.

You may have the chance to make peace with your past as Venus spends from the 1st – 16th going over old territory in your home and family sector. You prefer peace and harmony in your home environment and extending the olive branch is favourable on the 10th. You may also see sudden shifts in your home and family relationships especially around the 29th as Venus and Uranus get tangled with the nodes of destiny.


Some of your most golden opportunities for fun, joy and happiness come via Jupiter’s entrance in Sagittarius and your 5th sector on the 8th. After an intense and dynamic year, this is your cosmic invitation to put your party shoes on for a while and enjoy some of the pleasure’s life has to offer.

Under Jupiter’s influence, you may be inspired to take up a hobby or a sporting activity. Music, film and the arts in general will be a source of joy for you too, and so will be children. If you have children of your own, you may find that spending time and sharing experiences with them bring you heightened happiness and benefit. If you’re child-free, that could change, or, other people’s children may become an increasing presence in your life.

A New Moon in your home and family sector on the 8th promises new beginnings with a twist, as ruler Mars and Uranus form a link. You may feel ready to take a situation with somebody to the next level or feel the need to communicate a need for freedom and independence. Emotions may run high under this lunation, but staying cool, calm and collected as well as working on harmonious communication the situation can bring a resolution by early December.

Mercury begins an extended tour through Sagittarius which starts at the beginning of the month. As Mercury grinds to a halt on the 16th making a tricky square to Neptune, you may begin to question some of the 5th house related topics in your life including fun, romance, sex, children and the activities you do purely for fun. You may feel the need to pull back on the reigns a bit and carefully consider where you’re focusing your creative energy. Saying yes to a new situation you really want to invest in is one thing, but it’s another just because it’s on offer. As your ruling star the Sun and Jupiter join forces on the 26th/27th you’ll feel energised and inspired to do what is right for you.


November sees your patron planet Mercury embark upon another retrograde phase on the 16th, this time in Sagittarius. Prior to that though, you’ll have jolly Jupiter gallop into your home and family sector presenting a potential buffet of crazy that may at first feel exciting, but could also make you feel a little disorganized.

Overall, you may begin to see themes of expansion on the home front that may involve extended family, friends or even pets take up residence in your home. Until December 3 2019, you may realise some of your domestic dreams coming to fruition.

You may feel a little over-committed once Mercury hits the brakes on the 16th. Taking the time to think clearly and attend to the details may prove challenging as you may be keen to say yes to anyone and everyone. Until months’ end, do your necessary research, double check plans and schedules to ensure that for the time being, your home is still at best, organised chaos.

When it comes to relationships, you may feel ready to tackle issues head-on once active Mars tours your partnership sector from the 16th, through until the end of the year. You might be more confident, forthright in dealing with issues you’d normally go with the flow with. There could be a clash of ideals from the 19th-22nd as Mars and Jupiter form a tense angle. A domestic partner may not see your vision regarding your home or family arrangements initially, but a stablising link from Saturn on the 27th/28th sees things progress harmoniously.

Revisiting issues regarding your finances, cash flow and spending are likely as Venus dips back into your money zone until the 16th. You may see a sudden conclusion to money matters that have been lingering since August, when Venus first entered Libra. Good fortune is possible as Venus will hit the brakes alongside a fortunate fixed star known as Spica, signifying that if that cash has been a little thin on the ground in recent months, your luck may change.


Venus, your ruling star returns to your sign as the month begins. Although still retrograde, she brings with her fresh perspectives about yourself, as well as all things about relating and equilibrium. Your desire to bring balance back to the scales will be supported as she returns to direct motion on the 16th. You may find yourself extending the olive branch in a situation with a favourable outcome, thanks to the influence of the fortunate fixed star known as Spica. Any unpleasantries that you had to dredge through over the last 40 or so days can finally be put to rest.

Just before Venus completes her retrograde, she’ll join with Mars under one of the most favourable and supportive connections, known as a trine. The 10th can highlight progress and togetherness that you may not have experienced in recent weeks. Under the element of air, the cosmos invites you to have the conversations you might normally be avoidant of. Sometimes expressing your true desires comes at the cost of pleasing others, but you’ll be surprised by the amount of support you have from your special someone if you’re brave enough to be honest about your heart.

A new wave of abundance is possible thanks to this months New Moon falling in your cash flow zone. This may prove to be the auspicious boost you’ve been looking for as this lunation occurs just before lucky Jupiter leaves Scorpio, not to return for 12 years. The New Moon ruler, Mars, is also preparing to leave his long and arduous journey through Aquarius, signaling that the tide is about to change. Before it does however, Mars will interact with electric Uranus highlighting that when it comes to money, anything is possible now.

Jubilant Jupiter gallops into Sagittarius on the 8th and into your 3rd sector until December 3, 2019. The next year promises epidential growth and expansion in your ability to communicate. Topics including study, local travels or even your siblings may be an area you seek to expand your vision. You may need to focus on who and what occupies much of your time and make the according adjustments. With communication planet Mercury moving backwards through this very area of your horoscopes, you’ll have until mid December to revaluate and priortise your day-to-day movements.


Venus’ retrograde phase through your sign sees her retreat back into Libra and your private 12th house as the month begins. You may need to isolate to integrate and gain clarity about your recent experiences. This necessary step backward will help you move forward again and you may not fully recharged until early December. Quite time, rest and relaxation are highly recommended this month. Avoid taking on any extra commitments, and if possible, delegate some of those you already have.

A New Moon in your sign on the 8th can help you hit the rest button and commit to some new personal goals. A hopeful link from Uranus suggests that anything new, different or unconventional may be your best bet moving forward. Your once in every 12-year opportunity to make significant financial gains begins November 8. Growth, luck and abundance in your financial sector is likely. Under Jupiter’s influence, you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the value you have to offer others, and that is a key piece of the puzzle that can help you grow wealth long past Jupiter’s reign until December 3, 2019.

The 16th will see Mercury retrograde in the very same area of your solar horoscope. Until the end of the month you can question your values about money and self-worth and consider if you’re sharing the knowledge and wisdom you have to your best advantage. On a more practical level, take a good look at your spending habits and see if you’re utilising your resources effectively.

For the first time since May, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air as your patron planet moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces and your joy and happiness zone. You might look back on this approaching holiday season and remember it as one of your most social and joyous you’ve had in a while. In the 5th house, Mars will inspire confidence in all areas involving your creative pursuits, fun, romance and children. As Mars and Saturn join forces on the 27th/28th, you can create a stability and long-lasting progress out of a new situation.


If concepts such as luck, opportunity and abundance excite you, well you’ve got until December 3, 2019 to integrate these as a part of who you are. Jubilant Jupiter comes home to your sign on November 8, heralding an exceptional year-long phase where you can truly put your best foot forward and cease some of the best opportunity’s life has to offer you.

November also sees Mercury backtracking through your sign for 3 weeks asking you to take stock and contemplate who you are, the goals you have and to formulate a plan moving forward. It would be wise not to rest on your laurels or achievements from the past to carry you through. You can constructively use Mercury’s retrograde to consider what it is you actually want out of the next 12 months, rather than grasping at every shiny thing that comes your way. The brilliant Sun and Jupiter will make their annual meeting on the 26th/27th in your first house. This heralds a brilliant new cycle of confidence and luck where you may have the Midas touch. To manifest this golden potential, you’ll need to honour any promises you make to yourself then.

Action planet Mars moves into your home and family sector from November 16 and will remain until years’ end. You might make moves on a DIY project that’s been on the back burner for 2 years or generally feel more energised to make improvements to your living space. You might feel a little edgy about things from the 19th – 22nd as Mars and Jupiter cause a link of friction. Perhaps your new-found sense of optimism doesn’t quite align with your domestic situation. Adopting a relaxed attitude can help prevent you from getting too hot under the collar, especially if family or relatives are the source of antagonism.

November also sees the karmic Nodes of destiny move into your financial sectors. For the next 18 months, you’ll learn more about your relationship to resources and how you spend and save money. As Venus makes a connection on the 29th, consider your friends, social networks and your professional connections and how much value you place on them.


Venus backtracking into your 10th sector may prompt you to consider your professional value and the direction of your life in general. The value you place on work-based relationships have the potential to be re-shaped, it all depends on how much you’re prepared to compromise. Issues that first unfolded in the first week of September that have remained untied, can be put to rest as Venus stations direct on the 16th alongside one of the most fortunate Fixed Stars known as Spica. Whatever decisions you conclude then will likely generate a favourable outcome.

Jupiter’s entrance into Sagittarius on the 8th occurs in the most private part of your solar horoscope. Until December 3, 2019 your greatest opportunities for growth lie in illuminating the hidden parts of your soul. Making the various pieces of who you are fit often requires the need for solitude. Taking more rest and relaxation is suggestion, meditation is a must. Exploring and integrating the inner workings of your soul can reveal the meaning and purpose of all that you do, making the enthusiastic leap into the unknown worth it.

The 16th sees Mercury begin a retrograde phase in this very same space. Take note of the questions that bubble up within you. It might be the dreams you have that provoke confusion or offer an optimistic picture of the future. For the next 3 weeks, your intuition will reveal the wisdom and knowledge you seek.
A shift in the karmic Nodal axis occurs on the 7th and sees some of the most significant shifts in both your personal and relationship sectors in almost a decade. More on that next month as an eclipse in your sign gets this potent 18- month cycle started.

The New Moon on the 8th activates the luckiest sector of your horoscope, bringing fresh energy and new beginnings. A long-held dream may finally show signs of materialising in sudden and unexpected ways that may also result in a surprising outcome to your finances and living situation.


Since May, Mars has been stuck in your sign. While this may have offered you some hard-won clarity about your personal desires and priorities, you might be happy to know that as of the 16th, Mars will finally stop grinding your gears. From then, Mars enters your second house of money, abundance and worth until the end of December. You’re likely to become more confident in what you have to offer and what you receive in return for it, both in money and appreciation. This once in every 2-year visit may see a sideline project or business finally pay dividends or you may expect a general boost to your bank account. Work that has been going on behind the scenes shows promise of an enduring reward as Mars and Saturn join forces on the 27th.

Much of this money action may be a result of the New Moon in your career sector on the 8th. This lunation ruler, Mars is still in your sign then and makes a supportive yet unpredictable link to Uranus. A combination of self- awareness, confidence and being at the right place at the right time may propel you onto a new career path, especially one that aligns with your renewed sense of authenticity. In Scorpio, this New Moon may also prompt you to connect with your deepest desires in your career, or life direction in general.

Joyous Jupiter in Sagittarius enters your luckiest sector of your horoscope on the 8th, heralding a year-long phase of double luck. Known as the 11th house, Jupiter blesses all things to do with your hopes and dreams as well as your networks- both personal and professional online and in real life. Before you get too carried away, Mercury in Sagittarius heads into a retrograde phase for three weeks beginning on the 16th. Therein, you’re invited to consider the ways in which you’d like your world to open up before you enthusiastically pick up all the shiny new things.


The month begins with Venus backtracking into your sector governing your shared resources. While happy to be in Libra again, Venus is still retrograde. This may prompt some re-negotiating about what you have and with whom you share it with. Attention to your budget, what you save and what you owe will be highlighted. Illumination around these issues, especially if you feel that something is unclear or hidden from you, may become apparent as Venus stations on the 16th. Alongside a fortunate fixed star that offers wisdom, knowledge and benefit, what becomes clear to you then will be a welcome revelation.

Golden opportunities to propel your career and life direction are promised as jubilant Jupiter gallops into Sagittarius and your career sector for the first time in 12 years. Also known as your sector of fame and awards, you might begin to see recognition for your contribution and effort in your field. Under Jupiter’s influence until December 2019, a plethora of opportunities are on offer professionally. With thinking planet headed in reverse from the 16th for three weeks, you might consider the direction you’d like your career to head and seek out information that can help you do that. You may opt to explore the professional options available to you so you can begin the New Year in an optimistic new role or direction.

The 16th also brings significant shift in your personal energy thanks to Mars visiting your own sign for the first time in 2 years. A personal goal or a new level of motivation to health and fitness is possible. Mars in Pisces has the potential to be a little scattered in order to try and do too much. Getting clear about your own priorities is highlighted as Mars and Jupiter clash between the 19th – 22nd. Keep in mind that saying yes to one thing, means you say no to something else.

The karmic lunar nodes of the Moon enter the luckiest houses of your horoscope from November 7. The next 18 months will bring sudden developments, turning points or choices about how you choose to experience joy and happiness in your life, and with those you share your social time with.