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A rare meeting between your patron planet and optimistic Jupiter can set the tone for 2018. As the first week rolls into the second, you may be inspired by a new direction or increased enthusiasm. A sense of meaning and purpose can be found by exploring territory you’d normally avoid. This terrain can include your emotional or financial life, or both.

The month begins with a Full Moon on the 2nd, turning your thoughts to home and family. This sentimental lunation can evoke cravings for family time, or to be at home with those you love. The reflective nature of the Full Moon in your family sector can also illuminate past hurts or sensitise you if things aren’t what you hoped they be, especially with your relatives.
Neptune’s supportive link can inspire you to let go of what you can’t control. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting, but it will allow yourself to be released of any painful feelings.

The 6th-8th sees your ruling star, Mars, link up with Jupiter. This once every 2-year meeting may prompt a return to optimism along with a strengthened sense of inner courage. You’ll be inspired to act on your passions and what you believe in.
Powerful Pluto supports your action, ensuring that whichever way you choose to go, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

By the 11th, you’ll have a party of planets grouped in your career sector. Whether you’re back at work or still enjoying the holiday break, your attention and focus will be firmly placed upon your ambitions for 2018. You may choose to embark upon a career restructure or re-organise your priorities to fit the achievements you wish to accomplish this year.

Mars will enjoy a double-dip through your professional sector this year, though January is a preview to the main events, which you can expect later in 2018.


A new calendar year will bring a double meaning to new beginnings as your ruling planet joins the Sun on the 10th. This phase, known has Cazimi, is a purifying and cleansing phase for Venus. As powerful Pluto is also in the mix, you can confidently put 2017’s struggles behind you and emerge as a force to be reckoned with.
This rare triple conjunction hasn’t occurred in hundreds of years, this suggests that taking wisdom from the past, but don’t let the past dictate your future. Massive changes are on the way for you in 2018 and beyond, embrace new ways of doing things now.

Venus will move into Aquarius and your public sector from the 18th. This swift 3-week visit invites you to overhaul your professional image. First impressions count so an update on your work-wardrobe can help you start the working year fresh and inspired. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have, as they say. If you’re looking for a new role, updating your resume as well as your social media profile will help you project the right image.
Connections count now, so while Venus is activating the very crown of your horoscope, it will be important to go out of your way to make connections or get noticed at work. Venus can act a bit like a lucky charm, so a little effort can take you a long way now.

Just prior to Venus moving into Aquarius, she joins the New Moon in your discovery sector. The 17th can help you envision broader horizons and set intentions for 2018. Just 24 hours later, Venus then triggers your 10th house. Dreams, hopes and intentions are just wishes unless you get to work on them.


The last several weeks have been a challenge for you Gemini, but now, you’re finally able to tie up loose ends and move forward. Mercury changes signs on the 11th and will swiftly join Saturn. A new sense of groundedness and clarity can help you begin the New Year with a concrete resolution toward your goals, especially your financial ones.

Throughout 2018, your patron star takes his usual thrice retrograde. This year it’s through the fire signs. March/April, July/August and November/December are your key periods for introspection and re-organisation. These back-tracking periods will invite you to contemplate whether you’re still inspired, and make adjustments accordingly. As Mercury picks up speed post his recent retrograde, you too can begin to feel back on track. Fresh ideas and new focus can help you formulate a long-term financial plan. With so much focus on your 8th house, money will be on your mind.

By the New Moon on the 17th, there will be a total of 6 planets in Capricorn. This grounded and ambitious energy can set the tone for making financial inroads in 2018. A link from Uranus will support your usual flexible attitude. Remain open to new ideas and collaborations with others that can help you achieve your ambitions.

A sublime connection between action planet Mars, generous Jupiter and powerful Pluto that peaks on the 6th-8th and again 14th-21st sees the potential for a handsome reward for your hard work or a generous windfall. Choices based around work can impact your bottom line at this time.

A meeting with Pluto on the 24th can help you build your resolve or face your fears regarding your finances. You may come to realise self-sabotaging behaviours or gain clarity where you’re giving your power away. This month can help you lay new foundations regarding saving, investments or paying of debt that will be an ongoing theme for the next 3 years.


The main planetary focus for January is your relationship sector. January 2 is a key date as the Full Moon in your own sign can trigger deep healing or an overwhelming emotional response. A release, surrender or letting go is possible, where you letting your guard down will allow you to enjoy the romance and connection the cosmos has on offer for you now.

The main theme relationship-wise is the recent entry of Saturn in Capricorn and into your 7th house of relationships. Depth, honesty and solidarity in your closest relationships will prove to be an important goal for you over the next 3 years. Forming firmer boundaries will help you can clarity around the relationships to develop, and those to make peace with and move on from.
Honouring the past, while leaving it behind will help you attain the security and commitment you crave.

January does offer some of the best astrology for fun and romance. Sexy Mars and expansive Jupiter align from the 6th-8th promoting a carefree and joyous atmosphere for love. A date night or enjoying some of life’s simple pleasures can restore meaning and passion into your relationship. If you’re single or casually dating, this pairing can up the ante, especially as Pluto enters the mix from the 14th – 21st.

A relationship kickstart thanks to the New Moon on the 17th can prompt new beginnings in all your significant relationships. Negotiations, commitments or new intensions can be sweetened thanks to Venus in the mix. Teamwork and compromise are highlighted now. A flexible approach and the need to make adjustments as you go are likely as unpredictable Uranus forms a square to the New Moon.


An intense alignment between the Sun, Venus and Pluto on the 10th may instigate a post-holiday season health kick. Has Venus undergoes the purification and strengthening process known as Cazimi, you too can embrace better habits for your wellbeing. Pluto offers you the resolve and willpower to make it last beyond a New Year resolution.
Healthier eating and exercise will do you the world of good now, both for your body, mind and spirit. 2018 is set to be a busy and productive year, so doing the right things now will help you last the distance.

During January, a total of 6 planets will tour your health/wellness and work zone. One of the longer-term phases is Saturn in Capricorn, who will spend 3 years in this part of your solar horoscope. This will help you learn to get grounded, organised and re-structure your time better.
January will be well spent in organising, planning and scheduling to make sure you make the most of your most precious resource, your time.

With the karmic North Node in your sign until November, many opportunities for growth in many aspects of life will cross your path. Saturn will help you make wise choices about what to accept and what to politely decline. The astrology of January will prepare you to get in touch with the practical realities that combine with pursuing your dreams.

Your shining star, the Sun will shift signs on the 20th bringing focus into your relationships. During this period, the Sun and Venus will continue their tango and eventually meet up with the South Node. Old feelings can be brought up now to help you heal and let go of. It may help you realise the need to let go of some relationship habits that are holding your back from your future.


Mercury moves into your 5th house of fun from the 11th. This will bring the lightness and joy back into your life after the last several weeks of confusion and delays. A meeting with Saturn on the 12th may inspire you to commit to more of life’s simple pleasures and good times in 2018. Time spend with loved ones, children or doing what you love will be a massive return on investment in your overall happiness.
January will provide a preview of some of the longer-term commitments that will set the tone of your experience for the next 3 years. Saturn’s presence won’t always make things a bed or roses for you, but it will promise what you commit to will be worth it.

It’s impossible to discuss a planet concerning commitment touring the house ruling children and not put this issue on the horoscopic table. You might make life choices during this cycle that will support welcome additions to the family or, you may find yourself spending more of your time and resources on little people.

With a total of 6 planets in Capricorn this month, all topics that bring you joy are worth exploring. You may rediscover an old hobby or interest that has been on the back burner, or notice a heightened social calendar throughout January. Take note of what consumes your attention this month as this may provide a clue to the direction of life until 2020.

If all I mentioned above doesn’t seem plausible, remember that it’s still very early days in terms of this trend. A New Moon on the 17th alongside sweet Venus and linking up with unpredictable Uranus could definitely turn things in a new direction.


As the old year becomes new, you may find a sense of groundedness and stability with your family. Connecting to your roots or the past may be highlighted under the Full Moon on the 2nd. With Saturn in the mix, this could bring a heavy start to the New Year that prompts choices around the balance between family and career.

A potent alignment between your ruler Venus, the Sun and Pluto on the 10th will make your personal priorities crystal clear in 2018. Venus, your ruling star will emerge fresh and renewed, like a New Moon. What may have felt vague or unsure as 2017 drew to a close will be clarified throughout January’s astrology.
Pluto’s potent influence will feel strengthening as you are empowered to make right for you decisions, even if they rock the boat with others initially. The fact is, you’re trying to establish some solid foundations not only for yourself, but also for those you love the most.

A rare alignment between action planet Mars and expansive Jupiter in your money zone can promise progress with your bank account. An increased sense of confidence and self-belief about your worth will be noted especially on the 6th-8th. This would be an ideal opportunity to pursue a raise or promotion. A sideline business or passion project may also pay dividends, especially as Mars gifts you the energy to push something you’re passionate about.

Venus enters your 5th house of fun and joy on the 18th for a brief 3 week stay. This is one of the happiest places for your ruling planet to be. She will serve as a timely reminder that there is no point in working so hard unless you can enjoy some fruits of your labour along the way. Socialising, romance, fun, joy and children are all avenues for you to explore. If it makes you happy, then do it.


A rare pairing between Mars and Jupiter from the 6th – 8th will offer you a sense of direction and purpose as the new year begins. You may get clear on a personal goal or find a renewed sense of meaning and purpose on a personal project. An optimistic attitude combined with a ‘can do’ approach will set the tone for plenty of opportunity and abundance throughout 2018.
When Mars and Jupiter combine, there can be a tendency to over-stretch yourself or over commit. January can help you to push ahead, taking on that little bit more than you think you can handle. Later in the year, Mars will retrograde, that will be your opportunity to reassess and reprioritise then.

Much of January’s astrology is geared around your learning and travel zones. With 6 planets visiting your 3rd house, your attention will be local, rather than global over the holiday period. Being a tourist in your own city can help you gain the inspiration and depth you desire. Visiting places like museums, libraries or historical sites that provoke thought will help refine your knowledge.
Weekend workshops or committing to improving your mental mastery through teaching, writing or research will be a big theme for the next 3 years that starts now.

The 3rd house is also associated with ritual. With so much action thanks to Jupiter, it’s possible you’ve lost sight of the little things that help you keep grounded and focused. A New Moon on the 17th is an ideal time to reconnect to this. If a walk on the beach helps reset your soul, then carve time out to make it happen on a more regular basis. If writing, reading or spending time with siblings is what you need to do, then make that a priority.


Time out to reset, re-focus and contemplate will be especially important for you as 2018 begins. It will be the work you do behind the scenes that will drive momentum and focus this year. Your patron planet aligns with Pluto on the 15th- 21st, bringing the potential for progress or a much-needed break-through regarding a financial plan or ways to improve your income.

Curious Mercury in your sign until the 11th can help you finalise any delays or hiccups from December. You may also gain clarity or close the chapter on the last 3 years that was your Saturn in Sagittarius story.
Until November, your patron star Jupiter will be in your private 12th house. From the 6th-8th Jupiter and Mars align, helping you to push forward on a passion project or be extra productive behind the scenes.
On deeper level, this can prompt you to explore a new level of truth and meaning. As you continue to delve into your spiritual inner world, you’ll prefer more quiet or alone time.

January sees a massive line up of 6 planets in your cash flow zone, firmly putting the topic of finances on your radar. Much of the above mentioned private progress may helping you lay down a solid foundation to build your financial future.

While you’re a sign associated with growth and expansion, Capricorn is about retraction and constriction. Making some hard choices now regarding money may hurt short term, but promise long term gain.
The New Moon on the 17th will inspire you to take a fresh approach to money. Radical Uranus will aspect this lunation suggesting that trying something new or different is the way to go. Support is possible thanks to Venus, highlighting that relationships with your special someone or others in general, will provide a key to your success.


Clarified perspectives that align with your personal priorities will be the theme this year and through until 2020 now that your patron planet, Saturn, has returned to your sign. Nothing brings clarity quite like Saturn, so this year and beyond, you’ll sharpen your discernment around what you chose to accept and what you don’t. Your responsibilities in some areas will heighten, while you’ll outgrow others.

A New Moon on the 2nd in Cancer will trigger your most important relationship. This can be a sensitive time emotionally, where heavy feelings of the past may resurface. Neptune’s influence will encourage you to move forward using your intuition rather than relying on facts or logic. Being gently responsive to what comes up during this time can deepen connections.

A New Moon on the 17th features sweet Venus, just hanging at the final leg of Capricorn before moving onto Aquarius. While you’re busy making plans, wishes and intentions under this lunation, remember that you’ll require support and collaboration to make your biggest goals come to fruition. Uranus also makes a tricky link, and serves as a reminder that even the best laid plans may need a backup.

The 18th sees Venus enter your cash flow zone for a brief 3 week stay. When this part of your horoscope is activated by Venus, it can bring a welcome boost to cash flow or funds may be easier to come by. Where possible, put any extra aside for a retrograde period later in the year, where cash flow may come to a frustrating halt. A little splurge may also boost your spirits if it doesn’t interfere too much with your long-term money plans.


2018 will have a less social and a more introspective and private tone to it. Your ruling planet, Saturn is now in your 12th house, embarking upon a 3-year journey that will promote inner wisdom. You may commit to a spiritual path, tapping into your intuitive abilities or give yourself a well-deserved sabbatical. It will be what you choose to say no to throughout 2018 that will give you the greatest reward.

In January, a total of 6 planets will pile up in this region of your horoscope, making the start of the year fairly quiet. You may prefer an increased amount of alone time or feel the need to take extra rest. A holiday or a getaway of some kind, even if it’s just day trips to places around town, can help give you the nourishment and new perspectives on life that your ruling star demands from you now.

A Full Moon on the 2nd will illuminate your health/sickness sector known as the 6th house. The Moon’s light asks you to take a good look at your daily routines and make assessments accordingly. Are you choosing to spend your time working on your biggest ambitions, or are you letting how you feel dictate your day? These could be confronting questions to ask yourself under this sensitive lunation. The Full Moon in Cancer is prime for reflections on the past. If you’re glad to be seeing the end of 2017, perhaps ask yourself what you can do to make 2018 better. Most importantly, ask yourself, what you can proactively do on a day to day basis to make your dreams manifest.

The 18th sees sweet Venus enter your sign for a quick 3-week stay. Under the surface, a lot of changes are happening in the background of your life but Venus’ visit invites you to have some fun on the surface. You might like to switch up your appearance to reflect where life is at right now. A new hairstyle, wardrobe or choosing to tweak some personal habits is promised now.


You’ve had a lot of career progress these last 3 years thanks to Saturn. Just before Christmas, Saturn changed signs and will spend the next 3 in your good fortune sector. The grind, the big hours, the sacrifices, and all the above and beyond you went through will slowly begin to reward you.
In fact, January might be one of the most rewarding months of the year as 6 planets pile up in Capricorn. Thus, making January not only a very lucky month but also highly social. Your hopes and dreams will feel within reach, partly due to the long slog you’ve just done.
New connections, alliances, a raise or a promotion are all possible. Thanks to Saturn’s long-term presence here, what begins this month, promises to be long lasting.

Jupiter and energy planet Mars align from the 6th-8th, helping you take action on your plans, hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Travel, publishing or academia may be high on your list of priorities. What you say yes to and choose to pursue throughout this year will bring greater meaning to your life.

An exceptionally rare alignment between Jupiter and powerhouse Pluto from the 15th-19th can help you tap in to some good fortune. Pluto’s persuasive powers can help you influence the right people or networks. This alignment occurs again in April and September you get more than one bite of the apple.

Another factor in this level of astro-action in your 11th house, mainly due from Saturn’s tour, will test and solidify your friendships. January may prove to be a preview to those connections that will last the distance with you, as well as those who you may choose to invest less time in. A New Moon on the 17th can help you set intentions for healthier boundaries with those you choose to let into your closest circle.