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The month begins with Mars, your patron planet entering Leo on the 1st in the Northern Hemisphere, and the 2nd in the South. For the first time in two years, you’ll be reminded of the importance of priorotising fun and pleasure amidst your many responsibilities.
You might decide to re-ignite an old passion, a hobby or creative outlet. With much of your recent focus being directed toward domestic matters, Mars in Leo may prompt you to strike out in a direction that promotes your own self-interests. More time doing what you love, rather than what other’s want from you may help you reduce any pent-up stress, tension or emotion.
This part of your solar horoscope is also about children. The next 6 weeks may see your focus turn toward little humans, yours, someone else’s, or perhaps your own inner child.
Re-evaluating your experience of joy and personal happiness is highlighted again when Mercury and Mars meet on the 8th/9th. This occurs just as Mercury halts to a standstill before heading retrograde, which may invite some deeper questions about what it means to be happy. This reverse phase of Mercury will bring family matters into the equation from the 19th until month’s end. Thoughts, ideas and desires about children, your home life and/or a romantic situation are likely to feel clearer as August begins.

Themes that struck a chord in respect to your home/work life balance in January will rear their head again under this month’s eclipses. The 2nd/3rd will see a solar eclipse ignite your 4th sector of home, family and lineage. As a North Node eclipse, there is a cosmic push toward nurturing and protecting those you love the most. This might mean having to step down or move away from a work commitment or letting go of a professional responsibility.

This realisation may lead to a final release as the moon grows full on the 16th/17th and aligns with the fated South Node, Saturn and Pluto. With the light of the Moon in your 10th house of career and life direction, you may see what you thought was important differently. With these new insights, a new foundation can be laid in respect to a professional dream or your overall life direction.

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Your home environment and your living situation may dominate your energy and focus as Mars moves into Leo on the 1st in the Northern Hemisphere, and the 2nd in the South. Plans or projects that have been sidelined for the last two years may be back on the agenda.

Crossed wires or snafus may ensue as Mars meets Mercury just as Mercury embarks upon a reverse cycle. Together, these planets promise a one step forward, two steps back kind of feel. If a relocation or renovation is underway, allow more time for delays and confusion. Avoid letting small setbacks prevent you from spearheading the changes you feel compelled to make.
July’s eclipses will stir up themes reminiscent of January. Travel or study plans or a bucket list dream may need to go on the backburner, at least for a while. A solar eclipse on the 2nd/3rd may help you establish better routines or paths of self-development first. If there is something you need to know or learn that your future self may thank you for, this eclipse may help you bust through a comfort zone. Be on the lookout for an online course, a weekend workshop or piece of information that may be well worth taking a chance on.
While the eclipse energy is still peaking, your patron planet, Venus will enter Cancer and move toward the eclipse zone. While events probably won’t manifest on the day of the eclipse takes place, a sextile aspect between Venus and Uranus on the 8th/9th may provide a welcome curve ball that will cement your eclipse experience.

As new insights and information are realised, the challenge may lie in relinquishing old perspectives or a dream for the future. A Full Moon eclipse on the 16th/17th may help shed light on the situation and spotlight the way forward. A choice or turning point which may initially feel painful may actually serve to be a blessing in disguise.
You’ll have the opportunity to smooth out any communication issues that peaked early July when Mercury and Venus get together on the 24th/25th. Your sweet words will still pack a punch with Pluto in the mix. Truth, trust and honesty will be paramount for you then.

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Mercury, your personal planet heads retrograde from the 8th in the Northern Hemisphere and the 9th in the South, through until months end. This reverse passage will draw your attention to potential delays to areas concerning cash flow, paperwork and your daily travels.
If you’re reading from Australia, July signifies a new financial year. This month may be ideal for getting on top of your finances, tax issues and setting new goals in boosting your income and spending habits for the next 12 months. Even if you’re not in Oz, getting your finances sorted is still a wise idea.

Your resource sectors, known as the 2nd and 8th houses are the landscape in which July’s eclipses take place. The first, being a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd/3rd aligns with the North Node. This may prove to be the breakthrough you need in a money matter or help you release any fears about accessing abundance. This might mean taking risk or breaking away from the past in order to realise a money dream. This eclipse may help remind you that there are no limits to how much you can earn, but a conservative attitude to money can only get you so far.

The second of July’s eclipses is a Full Moon on the 16th/17th that will spotlight debts, investments and your long-term money plans. Regardless of your personal finances or the money you have tied up with a spouse or partner, this eclipse may help you see the reality of your situation. You could finally release old baggage or money karma or reconnect to a long-held dream about your financial security.

Venus exits your sign on the 3rd/4th and begins her tour of your cash flow zone until the 27th/28th. With so much going on for you financially this month, Venus in Cancer’s magnetic influence will be a lucky charm. The 17th/18th brings the fortunate pairing between Venus and the North Node. This once-a-year influence may bring a welcome boost in cash and/or confidence to go after what you know you’re worth, in both materialistically and emotionally.

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Ready or not, July’s skies serve up a cosmic soup that will launch you into your future self. A Solar Eclipse on the 2nd in the Northern parts of the globe, and the 3rd in the Southern half, may bring a breakthrough in personal developments or plans that have been building since November. This might involve taking a chance or making a risky move that challenges your conservative side. If your comfort zone is no longer comfortable, you’ll need to leave familiar territory and give yourself the space and room to progress, grow and show the world what you’re really made of.

As the energy of the New Moon incubates and becomes Full, a Lunar Eclipse on the 16th/17th may remind you of what you might need to cut ties from in order to spread your wings. Old patterns, other people – both personal and professional, may have outgrown their purpose in your life. Those who survive the test of time over the next several weeks will have rightfully earned their place as a kindred spirit in your loving and protective clutches.

Your key desires are spotlighted as Venus moves into your sign and into eclipse territory from the 3rd/4th. This may put your desires or a special relationship to the front and center of your eclipse experience. While in Cancer, Venus will confront the South Node, Saturn and Pluto from the 9th – 11th. Your needs versus the expectation’s others have of you will be an area requiring delicate negotiations this month.

Issues pertaining to money and your perceived value and worth are up for re-evaluation while Mercury retrogrades through Leo from the 8th/9th and dips back into Cancer from the 19th. This combined influence suggests it’s an ideal time to plan your work and work your plan, in respect to money and your confidence to go after what you know you’re worth.

If self-doubt ensues, the brilliance of the Sun in Leo followed by Venus’ magnetic powers will help your cause from the 22nd/23rd and 27th/28th respectively. Any delays or misunderstandings that crop up during Mercury’s retrograde can be ironed out early August.

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You might be otherwise spared July’s intense skies as most of the action falls in the most hidden and private parts of your solar horoscope.
The Solar Eclipse of July 2 in the Northern Hemisphere, and July 3 in the South, takes place in Cancer and your 12th house. You might experience a brilliant insight in respect to your world view or your inner changing landscape. Those inklings you’ve been ignoring about taking more time off work, carving out more time for self-care or working on a behind the scenes project may beckon under the eclipse. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, this eclipse may signal it’s finally time to rest and regain a sense of perspective.

The second eclipse taking place on the 16th/17th will spotlight Capricorn and your 6th house. If the idea of rest, relaxation or more ‘me time’ seems unfathomable, this eclipse may light the way. Releasing obligations, delegating responsibilities to others and finding ways to streamline and maximise your time are key ways to do this. Buying back your time, so to speak, is a way you can enjoy more of it and bask in the opulence and luxury you deserve.

July will also give you an opportunity to re-write the script in terms of how you want to live life thanks to a combination of Mars and Mercury retrograde. Mercury reversing through Leo offers the opportunity to get to know yourself a little better and re-ignite your fire. Re-connect with what inspires you and supports your lust for life. The 10th/11th provides ideal astro-weather to escape familiar routines and dive into a magical escape or creative experience as the Sun, your sovereign star aligns with Neptune.

A return to hope, passion and purpose is promised with Mars and Jupiter align on the 24th/25th. You might find the support and guidance you need in a creative project or a romantic relationship.
The final week of July sees the Sun and Venus join Mars in your sign, stoking the cosmic fires and promising possibilities that continue through until August.

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Your friends, networks and community groups both online and in real life are heavily influenced during July. You’ll have a Solar Eclipse activate this area of your life on the 2nd in the Northern part of the globe, the 3rd in the South, which may prompt a break-out attitude or increased confidence. It may be you that initiates catch-ups or gatherings with friends or associates or be more active in establishing new connections. Work-related conferences or social events with industry peers, might thrust you into the limelight or a breakthrough work opportunity may eventuate.
This part of your solar horoscope, known as the 11th house, is the most benevolent. Happenings on and around the eclipse date highlight possibilities that you’ve long hoped for but didn’t think were possible or probable until later down the track.

These potentials will ask you to break out of a comfort zone or emerge from a behind the scenes type of role. Lucky charm Venus will support your networking endeavours from the 3rd/4th through until the 27th/28th. This once-a-year influence in your friendship zone has the potential to boost new alliances and revive lagging connections. While in Cancer, Venus will form aspects to the heavy South Node, Saturn and Pluto. With new potential networking and friendship opportunities coming your way this month, the 9th- 11th may help you get honest about the kind of company you wish to keep.

Friends, lovers and acquaintances will all undergo the cosmic microscope when the Lunar Eclipse activates your sector of fun, joy and happiness. The 16th/17th may see you reconnect to the past, or finally decide to let something, or someone go.

Trusting your instincts rather than relying on logic may be highlighted when your patron planet, Mercury, moves in reverse from the 8th/9th until the end of the month. What starts in Leo will end in Cancer suggesting that careful observation and trusting your intuition may reveal those who’ve earned their place in your circle of trust and those who have not. Either way, July has a lot to show you about the importance of real friendship.

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This month’s eclipses promise progress and breakthroughs with a professional or life direction dream. The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd in the Northern Hemisphere, and the 3rd in the South, is aligned with the karmic North Node which may bring an exciting new opportunity work-wise. Overcoming some resistance or any fears you’ve internalised may be a part of fully embracing the possibilities that await.
You’ll also have your patron planet, Venus, onside from the 3rd/4th, offering her cosmic support with your career plans. If you’re looking for a promotion or a fresh start in a new company, Venus’ charm and benevolence may see you end up in a position better than you hoped for.

While one door opens, others close and July highlights that you may need to let go of family responsibilities or obligations. As work opportunities beckon, get clear on roles and responsibilities with family members and set new expectations and boundaries. These themes having been ongoing so far throughout 2019, with July being a feature month. It may not only be the practical realities that you’ll need to deal with as you launch yourself into new professional opportunities, but also the emotional ones. Releasing past pain from recent history or childhood memories are bookmarked as Saturn and the South Node align in Capricorn for the second of three connections on the 4th.
A Lunar Eclipse on the 16th/17th will illuminate your 4th house of home and family, shining a light on any unfinished business. Facing your fears will be an integral part of finding the balance you crave between your personal life and your career.

You’ll have Mars firing up the most fortunate sector, known as the 11th house as the month begins. Until mid-August, your motivation for socialising at a personal or professional level will be heightened. This would make an ideal period to connect with friends you haven’t caught up with in a while or make the extra effort to attend work-related functions.

As Mercury reverses from the 8th/9th until the end of the month, the connections you make socially may lead to new opportunities career-wise.

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July may feel that the road has risen up to meet you in respect to travel or study plans or the opportunity to fulfil a long-held dream.
A Solar Eclipse super close to the North Node on the 2nd in the Northern Hemisphere and the 3rd in the South, may provide a breakthrough or the chance to push outside a comfort zone. You might have to take a chance on life by saying yes to an offer too good to refuse.
In fact, much of 2019’s astrology has been geared around you broadening your horizons and seeing what life may have to offer you. If July brings an offer involving your passport, a prestigious posting or the chance to tick off a bucket list item, then the risk will be well worth the reward.

In addition to a brilliant eclipse, your patron planet, Mars kicks off July in your 10th house of career and life direction. Over the next 6 weeks, you can expect a mojo boost professionally. Taking charge or showcasing your leadership skills at work is possible. In terms of your own life direction, Mars’ influence can help you put both hands back on the wheel.
While you’re driving down the proverbial highway, Mercury will reverse through your career zone. The 8th/9th – 19th may prompt you to rethink and revise what you want out of your professional life. If you’re thinking about putting the feelers out for a new role or promotion, then will be the time to research your options. If you’re self-employed, formulate your next strategic move for world domination. There are some stellar alignments in August for execution.
A part of this retrograde cycle will see Mercury dip back into Cancer and your travel and discovery sector. If July does bring those opportunities to throw caution to the wind, it would be wise to heed the usual Mercury retrograde warnings and be sure to allow more time for delays or snafus while in transit.

The final week of July sees the Sun and Venus tour Leo radiating warmth and support to all your professional endeavours. New opportunities that line the coffers are promised when Mars and Jupiter join forces on the 24/25th.

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July brings two eclipses that will light up your finance sectors. The first one on the 2nd for Northern Hemisphere readers, and the 3rd for those in the South, offers fresh insights and new beginnings regarding debt, investments, savings or money that you share with a personal or business partner.
Money that you owe is especially highlighted, so you may formulate and kickstart a strategy that will help you reach your dreams of financial freedom. The key to success with this eclipse is to move beyond a comfort zone or switch up the way you’ve always handled debt and/or joint finance. With Venus onside, support, collaboration and togetherness will help you reach common ground.

The second eclipse on the 16th/17th lights up the sign of Capricorn and your cash flow zone. This may spotlight a harsh reality about your spending habits and where you could be leaking money on unnecessary expenditures. This doesn’t mean having to tighten the belt to the point where life gets boring. This eclipse will invite you to priorotise where your money goes. Cut back on what doesn’t matter, but spend lavishly on what does.

Energy planet Mars moves into Leo and fires up your big picture dreams as the month begins. You may feel inspired to make travel plans or begin a course of study in an area that has always excited you.
Mercury will embark upon a retrograde phase in this portion of your solar horoscope from the 8th/9th. This may help you revisit your dreams, goals and aspirations and remind you of why you’re working so hard.
If you do make travel plans or are considering make moves with money, use July and a research and reconnaissance month. Heed the usual crossed-wires and miscommunication type issues if you do go ahead with travel plans. If delays do ensue, they’ll be ironed out come August.

Regardless of what happens, you have a way of landing on your feet and the astrology of the 24/25th is no exception. As passionate Mars form a link of opportunity with your patron planet Jupiter, where there is a will, there is a way in making a personal dream or goal come true.

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July is set to be a dynamic month, where chances are how it begins, won’t be how it ends. You have two eclipses that will activate key zones in your horoscope that symbolise both you and a significant other.
The first, a solar eclipse in Cancer will backlight your relationship zone on the 2nd if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, and the 3rd if you’re in the South. Both your personal and professional relationships will be an area that you’ll need to trust your instincts about. Events may pop up that could cause you to question who is worth your protection, and who is not.

If you’re personal life isn’t exactly how you’d like it to be, the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on the 2/3rd will spotlight the walls you’ve built around yourself. There is a fine line between walls that protect and those that imprison. The days and weeks around this eclipse may bring a situation to a tipping point where you’ll need to choose whether to re-enforce the structures you’ve built or whether they need to be torn down.

The resources you share with others will require negotiation as Mercury starts a retrograde phase in Leo on the 8/9th and then back tracks into Cancer on the 19th. With Mars also entering Leo as the month begins, you might take a more assertive approach to joint finance until mid-August. Mars will clash with Uranus on the 11/12th highlighting that issues with children, a home or a creative project may hit a snag that will demand a compromise.

The 24/25th may bring a fresh round of negotiations which may lead to a sweet deal or settlement, as Mercury and Venus connect. Mercury will still be retrograde, but feathers that got ruffled back in early July may get smoothed over then.
At the same time, Mars in Leo will make a supportive link to exuberant Sagittarius. This planetary play will remind you of the power of keeping the faith and that Spring comes after every Winter.

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Your health, wellness and time management protocols are cosmically spotlighted by the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd in the Northern Hemisphere, and the 3rd if you’re reading from the South.
You may feel inspired by the New Moon, however eclipses are generally not the most ideal times to start a new health regime or dramatically switch up your routines. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, then it will be helpful to rest and listen to the subtle messages your body gives you. If you need more greens, then eat them, if you need more sleep, then have it. If you need to crawl into your shell and escape from the world for a bit, then do it.
This part of your solar horoscope, known as the 6th house, also symbolises the hard work and toil you deal with on a daily basis. If you’re in a job that is beneath your skills and talents, this eclipse may hold the promise of new possibilities. Aligned with the karmic North Node, this eclipse beckons you to break free of the past and risk change in order to realise a dream or goal. First though, you’ll need to rest in order to remember exactly what your dreams are.

The second eclipse on the 16/17th in Capricorn lights up your 12th sector. Another one of your rest and retreat zones, this lunar eclipse may illuminate your need to connect with something spiritual or ancestral. The foundations on which you’ve built your world view have changed over recent years and this eclipse may offer a turning point in the direction you need to go. First though, you’re likely to need to let go of the way you thought things should be, in order to realise the way they could be.

A significant person from the past may appear as Mercury retrogrades through your 7th house of relationships from the 8/9th – 19th. While Mercury and Mars make a rare dance through this portion of your horoscope, the 24/25th brings a connection between Mars and Jupiter. A leap of faith and trusting in what’s possible, rather than what’s probable, can help re-ignite your passions and your dreams for the future.

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Two eclipses in July will spotlight joy, happiness and friendship. The first, a solar eclipse on the 2nd if you’re reading from the Northern Hemisphere, and the 3rd in the South, may prompt you to break free of the past and launch yourself into new hobbies, passions or pursuits. Aligned with the karmic North Node, events on or around the eclipse date signify new possibilities that will ripen over time.
If you’re amidst a budding romance, things may develop quickly this month. For singles, your current relationship status may change suddenly. If you’re spoken for, this eclipse may prompt a trip down memory lane of how you two first began, solidifying your bond through shared memories.
The sign of Cancer rules your 5th house, and an eclipse here may change the way you view the topic of children. Eclipses can be dramatic in their nature and have a way of speeding things up. Your children, other people’s or your own inner child may demand more of your attention and focus throughout July.
Mercury will retreat into Cancer and your 5th house from the 19th – 31st, prompting you to think about how you really feel about all the above-mentioned topics.

Your 6th house of work is active this month too thanks to Mars’ once in every 2- year visit. This may prompt you to tackle a new health and wellness challenge or you might decide to get on top of some menial tasks. Scheduling and time management will be important as Mercury begins a retrograde phase from the 8th/9th until the 19th. Be sure to allow extra time for mishaps and confusion, especially with your work calendar or any issues involving your overall well-being, including any pets!
You’ll have the opportunity to gain clarity about your friends and networks, both online and in real life thanks to the lunar eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th/17th. It’s possible you’ll view certain people in a new light, which may mean they no longer hold the place in your heart they once did. Any walls or barriers you need to impose with some people will allow more space for you to solidify bonds with those who’ve shown their value to you.

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