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2019 gets off to a roaring start as Mars, your guiding star enters your sign. It’s been two years since Mars has made his presence felt and under his influence, you can turn your attention so some of your own goals and objectives. Mars loves movement, and now that you’re firing on all cylinders, you might opt to embark upon a health and fitness regime or commit to leading a more active lifestyle. Mars in Aries encourages you to put your needs first. While this may seem a little self-centered, and it is, taking care of your own needs ensures you have enough fuel in the tank to help others.

As Mars tours Aries, he’ll form a series of tense links to planets in Capricorn that currently reside in your 10th house of career. There may be some tension between your personal desires and the demands of your career and your general life direction. With serious Saturn as well as a solar eclipse on the 6th you’ll need to carefully consider what you’re prepared to commit to. While this is a New Moon eclipse which denotes new beginnings, the presence of the karmic South Node highlights what you may have to lose in order to gain what you want. Making an adjustment or some type of compromise is possible on the 21st.

While there is some tension and challenge, there is also a fair amount of cosmic support to help you keep your eyes on the horizon. Venus and Jupiter, astrology’s most fortunate planets continue to tour through your 9th sector. The 17th-19th see Mars and Venus make a glorious connection that would be worth leaning into. Keep your eyes open for global connections, themes of spirituality, travel or a foreign alliance. A fusion of joy and abundance on the 22nd may see an opportunity for adventure that may be too good to refuse. As Mars aligns with generous Jupiter on the 25th/26th a breakthrough or an offer may come your way.
Making the seemingly impossible, possible, is bookmarked from the 24th until February 1. With some effort, a long-held dream may begin to materialise. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


Life has changed a lot for you over the last 12-18 months and a total lunar eclipse on the 21st bookends this significant chapter.
Illuminating your 4th house of home, family and your domestic scene, this eclipse could generate a shift in your living situation. Full Moon eclipses can bring brilliant insights to something you didn’t quite see clearly before. A new revelation or a choice about topics that got stirred up in August 2018 may come to light. With some dramatic action in your home zone, Mars offers you the opportunity to recharge your batteries as he slips into your restful 12th sector until mid-February. From this secluded space, you can quietly sharpen your sword and gain clarity about your goals and desires.

While in Aries, Mars will link to Saturn in Capricorn, bringing tension around themes to do with study, travel or your spiritual path. While uncomfortable, this friction can help bring awareness that you might need to make a compromise. It will be helpful if you can commit to taking action, even if that is just a small step. A step in the wrong direction is better than taking no action at all.

January 7 sees Venus leave your relationship sector and enter Sagittarius, your 8th house, where she’ll join Jupiter. With astrology’s two best planets starting the year in your financial sector, 2019 looks set to be off to a favourable start. The 8th house speaks of joint finances, debt, loans, savings and investments. Shared resources with a partner, professional or personal, will be hot topic and a key area for growth this month.

If your financial dealings involve a friendship, a community group or organisation, this could be an area to be cautious about as Venus and Neptune link on January 21. A well-intentioned act of generosity could be taken advantage of then. Sometimes the most effective form of compassion to set healthy boundaries as Saturn links with Neptune from the 24th through until February. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


January 5 sees your ruler Mercury move into Capricorn and join a plethora of planets in your 8th house. The process of cleaning up the time, energy and resources you invest into others is a signature of the Saturn in Capricorn cycle for you. A solar eclipse on the 5th/6th brings this theme to your attention, where new beginnings can only start when you clean out the old, worn or decayed habits. As the Sun links with Saturn and Pluto on the 2nd and 11th, you’ll come to the realisation that the stronger your boundaries, the more you’ll have to offer. While this may seem counter-intuitive, finding the delicate balance of generosity that aligns with your long-term priorities will be necessary. With Mercury in the mix, you’ll be able to sort through the logistics or have the conversations you need to get clear about how to do this.
Fresh perspectives and new ideas can be had on the 19th, 29th & 30th where facing truths can bring a new level of honesty and clarity.

Sweet Venus joins Jupiter in Sagittarius from the 7th. Their alchemical fusion on the 22nd brings a dose of joy and generosity to relationships both personal and professional. Whether single or partnered, January is about welcoming happiness with arms wide open, in whichever way it shows up.

Your social scene is set to be injected with a boost of energy thanks to Mars visiting your 11th sector, for the first time in two years. This busy influence can see you catch up with old friends and make plenty of new ones. If you belong to a group or some type of organisation, Mars may encourage you to take on a new role or lead a project. The company you keep will be a source of support, motivation and elevation as Venus and Mars form an encouraging link from the 17th – 19th.

A dynamic alliance can be formed as Mars and Jupiter join forces on the 25th/26th where a generous gesture of support is possible or a friendship may turn into something more. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


January triggers profound insights about your ingrained relationship patterns, thanks to a Solar Eclipse in your 7th sector on the 5th/6th. This eclipse brings with it some heavy planetary action that can bring a transformative influence that can help you redefine and solidify your boundaries.
While it’s not quite as simple as ‘out with the old and in with the new’ when it comes to relationships, a cleanup of some kind is due. It may not be so much about the people you’re in relationship with, but the subconscious behaviours you cling to. Deeply loving and caring for others while keeping the exoskeleton intact is a challenge for all Crabs and this eclipse will highlight that.

Energetic Mars fires up your career and life direction sector from January 1. You’ll be set to make waves and work and get your goals off to a roaring start. While many of you may still be on holidays as this energy kicks in, it can help you get clear about your professional plans for the next two years.

While in Aries, Mars will form a supportive link to Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 25th/26th. Exciting developments are possible where you may be recognised or rewarded for the work that has seemingly gone unnoticed. Confidence plays a big part in manifesting this celestial opportunity, so if you see a chance, then it’s up to you to take it.

The 21st sees a Full Moon eclipse which book-ends a 2-year chapter of financial developments that has not only seen changes to the money you make, but how you value your worth. This total lunar eclipse offers one last insight, revelation or a peak at something previously unseen. As you explore your relationship to the resources you have, an important choice to move forward with confidence, rather than scuttling sideways, can be made.
In this cross-over period of eclipses, you can take these insights into the next eclipse cycle, which puts you front and center of developments. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


The ingrained habits that are either obvious or you give little thought to are put under the cosmic spotlight this month. A solar eclipse on the 5th/6th invites you to have a good look at what is working and what’s not, and make a choice to change. This isn’t likely to be about the usual New Year resolution type changes, but those habits that creep in, and often go unnoticed how detrimental their effect may have on your life. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Consider where in your life you’re the most rigid, yet at the same time want to see movement.

The second eclipse on the 21st occurs in your sign and brings to a close major developments to relationships and your approach to them. As this is a Full Moon eclipse that lights you up, you may see a new perspective or gain an insight that was previously overlooked. A choice may be needed in regard to events of the last eclipse in your sign, back in August 2018.

Joy, generosity and happiness will warm your heart as Venus joins Jupiter in Sagittarius from the 7th. In the 5th house of your solar horoscope, you may opt to spend more time doing what you love. Participating in a hobby, enjoying music or spending time with friends or children will be hot topics. Love and romance will blossom, especially on the 22nd, where a happy encounter could change the direction of your dating fortune. If you’re in a relationship, this abundant influence can infuse sweetness and togetherness. Going on a date or enjoying a romantic experience can bring you closer.

Action planet Mars makes waves through your travel, study and adventure sector this month. Until mid-February, you may set your sights on anywhere but here. Plans that have been in the making for two years may be back on the table. A breakthrough opportunity or an offer too good to refuse may show up as Mars and Jupiter connect on the 25th/26th. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


January highlights a somber tone in one of the happiest houses of your solar horoscope. A solar eclipse in Capricorn may help you commit to and invest in your creativity and the ways in which you choose to be happy. Before that can happen though, the karmic South Node demands its pound of flesh. What are you prepared to let go of, in order to have the joy you desire? What labours of love need to go under the microscope in order to decide whether they’re worth continuing? What stresses and anxieties have been consuming your existence and denying you of joy?
Being everything to everyone, including children and lovers means you’re nothing to no one. Refill your cup. Commit to being happy, before trying to make others happy.
As your ruler Mercury moves into Capricorn just prior to the eclipse, you’ll have the information you need to help you figure things out.

Your home and family environment see some wonderful developments as Venus joins Jupiter from the 7th. Combined, this a planetary powerhouse of happiness, abundance and togetherness. Plans with family or changes to the home may come to fruition and with ease. Your home may be a hub and the center of social activity with friends and relatives.

Mars moves into Aries and your 8th house of joint finances on the 1st. If you share joint money with a partner in life or in business, the next 6 weeks are perfect for starting the year with clear financial goals and objectives. As Mars visits here just once every 2 years, you can formulate your plan for the next 2 years. A tense link between Mercury and Mars on the 8th may bring frustration around money, where you want to go in one direction and somebody else the other. Remaining flexible and open to compromise is key, as fast paced action (Mars) versus slow and steady progress (Saturn) butt heads on 21st. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


Planets are jam-packed into your home and family sector throughout January. Themes to do with your living arrangements and your domestic scene in general are enduring a process of purging, purification and rebuilding.
A solar eclipse on the 5th/6th brings the hopes of new beginnings and fresh starts, but with the presence of the karmic South Node, there is a theme of cleaning out the skeletons from the proverbial closest first. This could be as benign as a good de-clutter and clean up, or, it could be about airing the dirty laundry so once and for all, the drama is done with. For the most part, Libra’s like to play nice, but if you’ve been too accommodating or too forgiving for too long, this eclipse may bring things to a head.

Adding to the potential volatility is Mars’ tour through Aries and your relationship sector. Taking the lead in a key relationship, either personal or professional may ruffle some feathers initially. Venus moves into Sagittarius from the 7th, so it may be more about speaking up and giving voice to your thoughts and opinions.

Communication in general is highlighted throughout the month while Venus and Jupiter join forces. As two of the most favourable planets, you have luck on side, especially if you’re honest and upfront. Negotiations are possible under a supportive link between Venus and Mars from the 17th-19th. This is a strong combination that can generate win/win solutions if your mind is clear and keep the big picture in mind.

Charm, grace and diplomacy are your virtues and you may need these in spades to try and make a seemingly impossible situation, possible. The last 10 days of the month can bring movement to an otherwise stuck situation. As Venus and Neptune form a tense square aspect on the 21st, you might need to compromise or make an adjustment between the way things are, and the way you’d prefer things to be. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


Overall, January’s astrology lights up the less dynamic sectors of your solar horoscope. Much of the action is behind the scenes as you contemplate new insights that light up your professional path. As strategically planning your next move is one of your fortes, you’re set to get a lot done.

Mars, your patron planet shifts into Aries from the 1st, lending fire and haste to your daily round. Topics of health and well-being may come under your radar, which is ideal for getting a New Year- New Me goals up and running. Mars through the 6th house can set a punishing pace and much of the work done may not be recognised or appreciated, at least for now. Over the next 6 weeks, keep a mental note about who and what wastes your time, or distracts you from your target. This energy may peak around the 21st as Mars butts’ heads with Saturn. Roadblocks, painfully slow progress or things that irritate the living daylights out of you, are all clues to keep now.

Despite the frustration, rewards are on the way. Your penchant for perseverance and precision pay off. A link of fortune between Venus and Mars form from the 17th/19th, where a long-awaited financial bonus, a raise or reward can be had. An offer too good to refuse may come your way, especially on the 25th/26th as Venus and Jupiter form a golden fusion in your money zone.

January 21 lights up your career sector with a total lunar eclipse. This is the final eclipse that has brought profound changes and insights to both your professional path and your domestic scene. As this chapter closes, new insights or revelations about your direction in life and in your career can be had. With the bright light of the Full Moon, you might see something that you’d overlooked or was hidden from view, prompting a decision or choice. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


Thanks to a solar eclipse, an 18-month process about your relationship to money, resources and your self-worth kicks off. You’ve had a taste of this since December 2017, when Saturn entered Capricorn. The eclipse on the 5th/6th brings things to a head as ingrained patterns about how you spend, save and earn are revealed.
Have a good look at your financial situation and consider whether your money habits reflect where you want to be. What you want now and what you want most may bring tension, especially on the 21st, but also can bring brilliant insights that can lead to a new approach.
Despite some financial complexities, the month brings some exciting and joyful moments that add sweetness, fun and pleasure.

Action planet Mars fires up your joy, love and romance zone from the 1st. For the next 6 weeks, you might be more social than usual, spending more time doing what you love and with whom. Mars brings passion and purpose and in your romantic sector, you might pursue a love interest with more confidence than usual. If you’re spoken for, Mars can spark a new energy and revive dulling embers. Making a bold move or initiating a surprise encounter can bring you closer together.
As Venus and Mars form a glorious link from the 17th-19th you’ll have all the charming and magnetic qualities you need onside. Sensual Venus moves into your sign from the 7th, signaling the potential to attract what you need. As she meets bountiful Jupiter on the 22nd, there may be no limit to what comes your way now. This sparkling combination suggests that anything you touch can turn to gold.

January sees the first connection between Jupiter and Neptune that will be an ongoing theme for the year. It’s possible bubbles of doubt may rise up to the surface that prompt you to ponder your living situation. As personal opportunities beckon and offer the promise of new horizons to explore, you might realise that you no longer want what you did before. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


The planetary party happening in your sign this month brings a combination of purging and purifying that ultimately can lead to your personal renewal.
This isn’t an overnight process and it’s quite complicated. This isn’t a time to see things for how they are, but rather about how they could be. This involves the difficult process of shifting the goal posts of your expectations- of yourself and of others.
Under the solar eclipse on January 5/6 insights can be gained about the possibilities that lie ahead. The other planets at the party demand their pound of flesh. New structures cannot be built on top of which that is old, dead or dying. The renewal you seek lies in questioning the foundation of your habits, the core of who you are and the structures you cling to. Understanding the underlining components that define you is the first step to transforming them.

Inroads to domestic plans that have been two years in the making can be made as action planet Mars fires up your 4th sector. This may prompt the completion of DIY projects around the home at a mundane level, or the beginnings of severing ties with the past.

Mars forms a tense angle to Saturn on the 21st that can assist you in tackling challenges head on. This can hone in the importance of clarifying your goals and priorities and having a plan of attack. The square nature of this link denotes delays or blockages that will be frustrating, but moving forward is a must, even if things don’t go to plan.

The 21st sees a dramatic Full Moon eclipse in your joint finances sector. Issues pertaining to marital money, money in business or dealing with inheritances or taxes can be finally put to rest. This book-ends a chapter that began around May 2017, but before the curtain finally falls, something hidden or overlooked may be revealed. As the Moon lends her silvery light, you’ll see the situation from a new perspective that may lead to a profound choice. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


The solar eclipse on the 5/6 sets the tone for the eclipse cycle of the next 18 months. In your hidden 12th sector, you may be privy to psychic insights.
When your cosmic antenna is strong, sometimes we can tap into things we’d rather not see. Dreams may be more vivid. The foreboding sense of knowing something before it occurs can be both pleasant and scary. It can also unravel things buried deeply within us.
This eclipse offers a combination of darkness and light, the former generally less favoured. Light and dark, night and day. They are two sides of the same coin, depending on which angle you view it from. Just as you’re a radiant being of light, there is also darkness. It could be fears, vulnerabilities, secrets or shame. They are all there, and within us all.

We build structures around us, to protect us from our fears, to hide when it gets dark. The structures that support, can also imprison. This month begins the chance to remove these walls brick by brick. Examine the tiny pieces and rebuild. This time, letting in more light.

Friends, both online and in real life will feature prominently this month as sweet Venus and generous Jupiter create an alchemic fusion of joy and prosperity. Opportunities to create new alliances and strengthen old ones are plenty, your job is to say yes. This sector, known as the 11th house speaks of luck and fortune in general. This double luck phase could see windfalls, abundance and pennies rain down from heaven.

Mars fires up your third house from the 1st, and for 6 weeks, your calendar may be busier than usual. A flurry of calls, emails and messages, either socially or professionally will encourage getting out and about, especially as Venus and Mars link on the 17th-19th.

You might have to recognise your limits or contemplate your priorities and Mars and Saturn butt heads on the 21st. Calling time out may be necessary, especially if you need rest or need to reconnect to some of your creature comforts or rituals. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


The main event of January is centered around your friendships, professional networks and groups of people in general. Since December 2017, you may have noticed how the structure of your social circles have changed. New alliances may have been formed and connections with old pals solidified.
The eclipse of the 5th/6th brings the first of several opportunities over the next 18 months to extend your psychic antenna within. You might question the patterns and habits you’ve developed over time in forming friendships. As you tap into your intuition about this, the conclusion that some people are going to slip through your fingers may be reached. You prefer to hold on to your friendships, but as you grow, develop and evolve, some people will no longer align with you.

Growth, abundance and opportunity show up both financially and professionally this month. Joyous Jupiter is joined by magnetic Venus bringing some of the most sparking opportunities. You might realise a grand career dream or be spotlighted in a way you’ve not seen in over a decade.
Some of these openings can also pay off in terms of your cash flow. Mars visits Aries and your second house of income from the 1st through until mid-February. Taking charge of money matters, setting new goals and charging into the New Year with confidence about your value and worth is promised.
A link of generosity between Venus and Mars from the 17th-19th puts you in a prime negotiating position to ask for a raise, promotion or, if you’re self-employed, up your prices.
Mars does hit a wall on the 21st, bringing tension, delays and blockages with it. Go back to the drawing board. Define your goals and priorities and hold firm about what you want. The final lunar eclipse in your hard work sector may bring a new revelation about your job, a particular project or task. Any frustration you feel is a signal that something isn’t right and you may have to consider whether the juice is worth the squeeze if you can’t get the pay rise you want. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!