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With so much planetary energy in your work and career sectors this month, you have plenty of opportunity to make some significant accomplishments.
For the entire month of September, Mars, your ruling planet tours Virgo and your 6th house. This once in every two-year event can set a punishing pace. This can help you get a lot done, but on the flipside, your tendency to burn the candle at both ends may leave you spinning your wheels, leaving you exhausted without much to show for your effort.
The 2nd sees the Sun and Mars unite. This purifying influence can prompt you to focus on healthier habits and your well-being. If you’re overdue for some medical tests, specialist appointments or you have a continuing niggle you’ve been ignoring, then September is a month to get on top of wellness rituals.

This month may also bring the realisation that you’re only human and there are only 24 hours in a day. If you’re needing to reset the balance between activity and achievement, the Mercury/Mars link on the 3rd and 4th is ideal for scheduling your time effectively, researching a new app that may help you streamline your systems or even better still, consider outsourcing a logistical issue or a time consuming task!
With healthier habits and/or some of your precious time freed up, you’ll be in prime position to make the most of the Mars/Saturn link in the 9th. Finally, you might begin to see some rewards for all the hard work behind the scenes you’ve been doing or, an opportunity that aligns with your career or life direction goals may open up.

A leap of faith may be required on or around the 12th, as Mars squares off to Jupiter. Whether the limitations you’re experiencing are real or perceived, you might need to consider the opportunity cost of an offer that looks good on paper versus one that may require a risk. Whatever you choose, believing in yourself will take you further than self-doubt.

The 14th brings September’s Full Moon in the most private and intuitive part of your solar horoscope. At the same time, Mars squares off with Neptune. Meditate on any worries or concerns about career direction or your to-do list. By following the feelings that rise then, you’ll not only ease stress by not overthinking, you’ll come to a decision that instinctively feels right, even if it may not logically make complete sense.

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With an emphasis on planets in Virgo this September, you’re cosmically invited to get out more and enjoy yourself. With this planetary pile up in your 5th sector of fun, creativity, merriment and joy are highlighted. If there is something you really enjoy, but has been on the back burner in recent times, consider what makes your heart sing, and do more of that!
As planets pass through Virgo, they’ll interact with Uranus in Taurus. It may be worth keeping in mind that the cosmos is asking you to experiment with new ways of experiencing joy. If you find yourself going to the same old places, with the same old people, doing the same old things, then consider a new approach.

Venus, your personal star will be in Virgo until the 14th. Extend yourself and sign up to that art class, go to that movie or accept an invitation to go on a date, or take your partner on one! As Venus connects with planets in Capricorn, you’ll be reminded that life’s most simple pleasures don’t have to cost a lot. The 3rd may be a day for splurging, but if you do, opt for quality not quantity.

The 14th also sees a Full Moon that lights up your social sectors. As Jupiter and Neptune get close, making solid plans with others may fall through. Instead, go in the direction that inspires you most, which may lead you toward the sense of purpose you’ve been looking for. Venus’ entrance into Libra and your 6th house on the 14th will highlight your routines, time management and wellness rituals. Thus, signaling a period of getting back into the rhythms that serve your body and your longer-term goals.
Underneath all of this is a big picture perspective for you to consider this month as Saturn and the South Node connect again in your 9th house. You might be able to tie up loose ends from April and June in respect to structing plans based on visions for the future. Letting go of a long-held goal is possible as is a final release of the frivolous in order to allow room for what really counts.

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The month of September is divided up by two distinct energies thanks to your ruler Mercury changing signs and the Full Moon in Pisces, both occurring on the 14th.
The first week of September may be a flurry of activity as Mercury buzzes through Virgo and makes a series of aspects to other planets. Much of the ideas that permeate might have to do with your home and living environment.
It’s not only Mercury, but also the Sun, Venus and Mars that light up your 4th sector. You might be inspired to tackle a DIY project around the home or embark upon a long-overdue clean up. If relocating has been a part of the picture, you might consider your options regarding that too. You might decide to move closer to work, or to somewhere that suits a practical need rather than a personal desire.
With the sign of Virgo in such prominent focus, this may be your cue to ensure you’ve got all the details you need to make any important decisions. Take your time, ask the questions you need, and if in doubt, then don’t.

As Mars and Jupiter square off on the 12th, you might need to get clear in respect to blurred boundaries around someone else’s ideas, visions or hopes for the future. If you’re feeling as though you’re doing all the overstretching in a certain situation you may need to pull back. Just because you’re in a position to take action, doesn’t always mean you should!

The 22nd sees Jupiter and Neptune form the 3rd and final square, repeating themes from April and June. With so much planetary energy in your home zone, much of September may be about redefining your domestic desires in a key relationship and ironing out any confusion that has been bubbling up periodically throughout the year.

The Saturn / South Node combination that peaked in April and July pops again this month. The opportunity to deal with any lingering financial issues can help you clear the slate of debt, taxes or other money you owe. This planetary powerhouse may also provide key insights about how you approach joint resources in business or in romantic relationships.

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Septembers key astrological focus in on two signs, Virgo and Capricorn. For you, this may highlight communication in relationships.
The month begins with a powerful union between the Sun and Mars, and event that happens just once every two years. This time, in the sign of Virgo, you’re invited to carve out new and confident approach in all things to do with speech, writing and getting your point across. You might notice less tolerance for waste or inefficiency, especially with time. Looking for new ways to improve time management and squeezing the most you can out of each day will be well worth it.
All this action, occurring in your 3rd house, also hones in on your daily rituals and those little acts of self-service that often get put on the back burner due to a busy schedule. This September, be sure to attend that yoga class, make time for the gym or do those extra little things that make you feel good.

As the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars power through Virgo, they’ll connect with planets in Capricorn. This solid, grounded and supportive connection can help you improve any communication issues within a relationship and formulate a future plan. This may entail couple goals or making a strategic business plan a professional partner.

The Moon, your ruling planet grows full on the 14th and will may blur some of the focus from the months’ earlier planetary action. Links with Jupiter and Neptune may help you dream up a more inspired vision of what’s possible. This lunation will support going with the flow and allowing your instinct, rather than your desires guide you. While much of September underpins a tactical approach, the Full Moon will inspire the need to dream and imagine as a part of your creative process.

The 28th sees Saturn and the South Node align for the third time this year, the first two being in April and July. This might resurface a few old issues that, hopefully, you’ll be able to finally put to rest. This clarifying and spiritualizing influence can prompt new levels of commitment to those who really matter. On the other hand, for those who don’t, you’ll notice their absence from your sphere will bring new opportunities for meaningful connections.

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Finances are in focus this month as planets pile up in your 2nd house of cash and resources. For some Leo’s you might notice a boost to the coffers in the form of a pay rise or bonus, while others may realise they need to formulate a strategic plan when it comes to money.
Confidence plays a big part in attracting abundance. As the Sun and Mars form a powerful alignment in your cash zone, a new two-year money cycle begins. In the sign of Virgo, you might need to commit to being more discerning when it comes to spending or find ways of tracking your money.

While the Sun and Mars do their thing, you’ve also got Mercury and Venus energising this portion of your horoscope. All linking to planets in Capricorn, you may have your sights firmly on your future goals and plans when it comes to cash. Despite your own larger than life persona, this astrological alignment does call for a cautious and reserved approach to your money goals. It’s one thing to work hard for your money and get ahead, but it’s another to work hard and continually make ends meet.

The 8th/9th sees the Sun, your ruler square off with Jupiter, potentially highlighting issues with generosity. Feelings of being overstretched may pop up under this cosmic connection, prompting you to assess if you’ve been giving too much, or giving it to the wrong person. Perhaps this is a signal you may just need to tighten the purse strings with a child, romantic situation or your own pleasure pursuits.

The Full Moon on the 14th will light up your sector of shared money in personal and/or financial situations. There’s a bit of foggy astrology around this lunation, so it would be wise to not make any hard or fast financial decisions then. Instead, let your intuition dominate and wait for a few days until the fog clears and you’re in a better position to make informed and clear choices.

The Sun shifts into its annual tour of Libra from the 23rd, where the emphasis from money to areas of communication, self-development and your daily rituals will be your area of focus for the rest of September.

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One of the keywords to encapsulate the essence of Virgo is service, especially to others. However, this month, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in your sign, you’ve got cosmic permission to put yourself first.
Perhaps it’s a new wellness ritual or fitness regime you’re looking to undertake. Maybe it’s a self-development course that peaks your interest, or you’re looking to update your personal style. Regardless of what it is, the energy is about you, rather than everyone else.
One key feature of this planetary pile up is the union between the Sun and Mars, which happens once in every two years and this time, in your sign. This will be a peak month for you experimenting with your personal confidence and your pursuit of anything that is meaningful to you. While nothing particularly tangible may happen straight away, it’s likely seeds will be planted that will set the tone for the next two years.

The 14th sees a shift toward your significant others as the Full Moon lights up your 7th house of relationships. This lunation may inspire you to step away temporarily from your personal plans and go with the flow. This dreamy and fluid vibe may distract you from strategic planning and instead, encourage an inspired experience or adventure to open you up to fresh possibilities.

On the same day, both Venus and your ruler, Mercury move into Libra and your cash-flow zone, highlighting themes of abundance until mid-October. Particularly fortunate days are the 25th and 29th when they each interact with Jupiter. If issues around your living situation, a relocation or the sale or purchase of a property have been nebulous throughout the year, good news or new developments are possible then.
Combined with the above-mentioned action this month, there is also the third and final conjunction between Saturn and the South Node that peaks on the 28th. Topics including children or a potential romance may surface again around then, prompting you to commit to something or someone, or make peace that maybe, it wasn’t meant to be at this time. Either way, a sense of clarity will offer you a clean slate and a fresh approach about what brings you joy and happiness.

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Life may take a behind the scenes approach for the first half of September as planets pile up in your private 12th house. You might not feel as social as usual, preferring time alone to rest, retreat and renew. Even if life is a bit hectic during this time, where you can, take time out for yourself or sneak in a nap or sleep- in when you can.
If work pressure is building, or there is a pressing project looming, working from home may be a good option where you can be productive in private, without the distraction of interruptions at the office!

The vibe shifts from the 14th with your ruler Venus, alongside Mercury slipping out of Virgo and into Libra. The pace will likely pick up from then, so you’ll be glad to have taken the opportunity to recharge your batteries earlier in the month.
With Venus and Mercury onside, you’ll be able to attract additional support for any of your personal or professional plans. With a Full Moon peaking at the same time, you might find the right co-worker or collaborator to help you bring a project to fruition or find a solution to a logistical matter.

Venus’ annual visit may also inspire a refresh or update on your personal style, wardrobe or appearance. Any little luxuries you’ve been denying yourself of will be well-deserved then.

The 26th may bring some inner tension or the need to compromise as Venus plays off against Saturn and the lunar nodes. Redefining the boundaries and responsibilities at home may be required, so you can pursue a career opportunity or follow a life direction goal.
The month winds up with a New Moon in your sign on the 29th as well as Venus forming a supportive link to abundant Jupiter. Together, this brings the hopeful promise of new beginnings and happy new developments that support your future plans.

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The astrology of September provides the perfect celestial landscape to renew your hopes, dreams and wishes for the future. Mars, your patron planet begins a new cycle as the month begins as it forms its once in every two-year union with the Sun. This purifying and fortifying influence will be encouraging, uplifting and confidence boosting- just not straight away.

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to clarify your focus around what you really want. By making solid choices, you’ll have a better concept of what to accept and what to deny as new opportunities come your way.
Friendships and professional allies are also a part of the picture. As they say, the five people you spend the most time with will influence the direction of your life. Are those people in positions you wish to be in? Do they inspire, uplift and motivate? Do they instill you with confidence and encouragement? Do they cheer you on and clap the loudest when you win? Questions for you to ponder throughout the month.

With so much action in the friendship sector of your solar horoscope, it’s possible new alliances will be formed and social activity heightened. You might see the seeding of new friendships, while at the same time, realise that some have reached their expiry. Where possible, avoid burning bridges.

A Full Moon on the 14th will highlight fun, romance and creativity. With Jupiter and Neptune in the mix, friendships may be the key to happiness and abundance, in all of its forms.

The second half of September takes a quieter turn as Mercury, Venus and the Sun on the 23rd slip into your most private zone. From then, it may be necessary to work in private or spend more time alone. Publishing or study projects, or foreign interests may prompt some negotiation and the need to compromise, especially around the 26th. A diplomatic approach may pay dividends or bring a positive development as September turns into October. Need more insight? Consultations are 20% off until the Full Moon. Book your appointment here.


Possible issues with abundance, money fears or self-worth underlining your experience so far this year may be put to bed this month. The third and final meeting between Saturn and the South Node may help you release old habits, fears or limitations about money. You may be ready to let go of any toxic, heavy or limiting beliefs and trade them in for confidence and a ‘can-do’ or shall I say, a ‘can-have’ approach.
If your confidence has been a little rattled of late, you now have your ruling planet Jupiter back in direct motion. Until December, you’ve got a ‘make hay while the sun shines’ influence. So do your best to rise above any self-doubt and fake it until you make it.
With a plethora of planets in your 10th house of career and life direction for the first half of September, it will be well worth your effort to dig a little deeper and go the extra mile at work. Striking out in a new direction, or stepping up to the plate in a leadership or management role is possible. With both Mercury and Venus in play, networking and impressing those who count will help support your efforts.

Jupiter and Neptune link again this month, which may highlight any issues of confusion about your home or family environment. If you’ve been considering a sea-change or simply don’t feel like your current location is right for you, the 22nd may bring a third and final opportunity to find a place that inspires you.

Throughout this month, you’ll have links from Venus on the 3rd, Mercury on the 6th, Mars on the 12th, and then Mercury and Venus again on the 25th and 29th. These key dates may highlight your personal desires as well as your solvency. What you want to do and what you’re able to do may not always be perfectly in alignment. Even if you don’t have all the answers straight away, taking a leap of faith and backing yourself might be your go-to strategy for success.

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You’ve undergone a lot of self-growth this year, much of it no doubt, has been hard won. You might have experienced loss or hardship in a literal sense. Perhaps, much of the energy as been around losing old facets of your emotional or internal make up.
Either way, this road is rising up to meet you again in September. You might make the realisation about just how far you’ve come and how now, you’re not the same person you were when 2019 began. The foundations of your being have been fortified and solidified, ready for you to rebuild, stronger than ever.

Your 9th house of discovery, adventure and purpose is lit up by the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars this month. The 2nd sees Mars and the Sun form their biannual fusion igniting new possibilities for how the world may open up for you. This purifying energy may help you rediscover your sense of purpose and meaning and set some new goals for the next two years. These may include study, overseas travel or a deeper spiritual or philosophical outlook. You might step into a mentor role or teach others about your area of expertise, sharing in your experiences.
The first week of September may bring plenty of opportunities in this regard, seemingly out of nowhere. While you may be tempted to say yes to this change in your fortune, it would still be wise to remain grounded and say yes to what suits your goals in the long term.

A Full Moon on the 14th may see you prefer to keep things local, or at least low key for the time being. You might find the inspiration or the sense of purpose you’re looking for within your local environment or those you encounter on your daily round. Allow your intuition to guide your choices then, especially if you’ve been too much in your head, or feeling extra stressed or anxious.
After the Full Moon, planets begin to shift into your 10th house of career and life direction, where your professional life will be in focus.

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The 8th house, the sector pertaining to money, especially that of which you share with someone else, be it a spouse, business partner or the bank, is under the celestial spotlight this month.
Whatever your situation is, a fusion between the Sun and Mars will inject a renewed confidence, so set yourself some financial goals for the next two years. For many, debts can bring denial, guilt or shame which in essence, can hold you back from success. This invigorating force in this area of your horoscope can help you take a new approach and formulate a plan of action.

The first week of the month may bring an influx of options and advice. Someone may suggest a conservative approach, while someone else may encourage trying something new, radical or different. Avoid diving into anything until you’ve researched all your options and feel comfortable in moving forward. The key here is to avoid remaining stuck, while remaining flexible to new ideas and strategies.

A Full Moon on the 14th may highlight a new income stream or shine a light on ways in which you’ve been leaking money. It may be helpful to tighten your spending on things that aren’t important to you (like your electricity bill) so you can free up cash for things you enjoy spending money on, such as dinners out or new shoes!

On the same day, Mercury and Venus then move into your 9th house which may help ease any stress or worry about money. Instead, putting your mind to purpose can help you overcome any limitations and uplift your spirits. You might begin thinking about travel plans, adventures or having more meaningful experiences. With Mercury here, you may decide to begin a study program or embark on an online course about a topic that you’ve always been curious about.
A New Moon on the 29th coupled with a Venus / Jupiter link will likely bring positive outcomes and a sense of hope and enthusiasm to whatever new endevours you embark upon then.

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There is a lot of astrological focus in Virgo this month bringing attention and energy into your relationship sector. For some, this heightened influence may help stoke lingering embers in a stalled romantic relationship, thanks to Mars spending the entirety of September in your 7th house.

Despite a busy schedule, this once in every two-year visit will demand that you carve out time for your significant other. As Mars travels through Virgo, the red planet will connect with planets in Capricorn, making the 9th and 20th particularly supportive for creating structures or plans about future goals you may have as a couple.
If you’re not in a relationship, this may play out in a work situation or with a colleague. Mars can also be a contentious planet, so it may be important to remember that not everyone operates from the same agenda. If you’re in a particularly political workplace, you can still get a lot done with Mars, but show caution or keep certain details to yourself.

A Full Moon in your sign on the 14th may help you come to new realisations about where life is at for you right now. You’ve had a lot of new opportunities come your way in 2019, so this lunation may inspire you, while it also has the potential to overwhelm. Take your time in making any significant choices, and if in doubt, don’t. Or at the very least, take time out before you decide. While it’s wonderful to have a flood of offers come your way, it would be wise to define what you want first and consider your options from there.
Also on the 14th, Mercury and Venus shift into Libra and your 8th house of joint resources, and on the 23rd, the Sun will follow suit. Some of your decisions this month may be underpinned by a financial situation and what you share with others, both in a financial and emotional capacity.

A stellar combination of Venus and Jupiter on the 29th sees two of the luckiest planets in their favourite signs align in your financial and career sectors. A new opportunity, a promotion or raise may help you pay off a debt or you may join forces with a professional partner, making a handsome financial arrangement.

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