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If you can cast your mind back to events of mid-May, when game changer Uranus finally entered Taurus, then you can anticipate much of what August has in store for you.
Even though life may feel painfully slow right now, a tense link from the planet of shocks and surprises may turn the heat up. Whatever is standing on shaky ground may fall away, inspiring a new course of action. While you can expect some volatile energy as the month begins, you might be better off delaying plans until later in the month until Mars temporarily leaves your sign.
Much of what you’re dealing with right now may have to do with your friends, social groups or even an old flame. Uranus’ influence gives the situation a sense of excitement or newness. Avoid the temptation to push through blockages or overcome obstacles. If something is better placed into the too-hard basket, that may be where it’s meant to stay. All will be revealed mid-September.
While August does continue to have an introspective feel to it overall, bold momentum can be gained under the solar eclipse on the 11th. Trusting your instincts and moving in a new direction is possible as this lunation aligns with the fated North Node. In your creative 5th sector, this eclipse could trigger many facets of your life including fun, romance, children and how you experience joy in life. If you’ve been lacking in these departments, you can enjoy a kickstart under this final eclipse of the season.
Mercury will conclude his retrograde phase in the same sector of your solar horoscope on the 18th. If you’ve experienced crossed wires or confusion when it comes to this part of your life, Mercury back on track can help you communicate more clearly how you want to be seen and recognised in a certain situation.
While frustrating, operating at a slower and more introspective pace can help you tap into some deep intuitive insights as Jupiter and Neptune align. From the 14th-22nd you may prefer to spend more time alone and process some deep emotions. Gentle, yet confronting, this energy may prompt you to face some fears and clarify what it is you truly want.


Feelings or restlessness that began in mid-May may peak again from the 1st-4th as Mars and Uranus form a tense angle in your solar horoscope. One of your biggest challenges with this may stem from your need to feel secure, yet not feeling satisfied especially in your professional life.
Fortunately, you’re not one to take swift action or act in a hasty manner. On the flip side though, you may need to consider how much longer you can resign yourself to this being as good as it gets. As Mars moves in reverse, research your career options, particularly if you long for something greater than just paying the bills. Consider whether the choices you’ve made thus far align with the stirrings within your soul.
The 8th sees a favourable connection between your personal star Venus and Mars, which may temporarily quell the above-mentioned issue. With Venus in Libra, a sign she revels in, you may find that you’re content to work in the background then. Finding small joys in mundane tasks can help generate a positive attitude, especially if you’re feeling confused or unsure of what’s next. If possible, spend time in labours of love and devote some of your efforts to what brings you a feeling of joy.
The weight of your responsibilities may be felt as Saturn creates a tense angle with Venus on the 10th. Saturn demands commitment and while you’re feeling the need for extra freedom right now, that freedom does come with responsibility. A solar eclipse on the 11th will bring a fresh new energy into your home and family sector. This final of three eclipses this season invites you to dream big when it comes to your living situation as well as your location. Perhaps your longing for more comfortable surrounds or a luxurious living environment. In the bold sign of Leo and in close conjunction with the North Node of the Moon, anything is possible now if you’re confident enough to set the intention and take the action required.


The biggest news to occur in your solar horoscope this month is another solar eclipse on August 11 and Mercury retrograde continuing through your 3rd house. This eclipse is the final of three eclipses, two of which occurred across your teaching, writing, study and travel sectors. In close conjunction with the North Node, this is an energy about pushing forward with a new level of confidence. Topics including speaking, writing, communication and even your siblings are included here. If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, tackle your reading list or even explore your local area more, than this eclipse may help open up the pathway to make it happen.
Your patron planet Mercury concludes his second retrograde cycle for 2018 on the 18th. Logistical issues, plans, projects or communication snafus that began late July will iron out and begin to gain traction a positive direction once again. As Mercury slowly begins to garner speed toward the end of August, you may notice a boost in your personal energy, both physical and mental.
Professional progress may take you to new levels as Jupiter and Neptune create a link of opportunity between the 14th-22nd. Your skills of compassion and healing may be recognised or a creative career dream may come true. Mercury will square off with Jupiter for the second time (as he did on July 9) on August 28. Under Jupiter’s generous influence, you may realise you’ve overstretched or overpromised in regard to a work project. Burning the candle at both ends does excite you, but even the busiest of Gemini’s can only do so much in a day. If possible, delegate non-essential tasks or enlist the support of a trusted person to help you manage your workload.
A Full Moon on the 26th illuminates your career sector. This once a year lunar influence is cosmic permission to dream up your ideal career path. Calm the busyness of your mind and allow your soul, spirit and intuition to take you wherever it leads. At the same time, links with stabilising Saturn and rule breaker Uranus can encourage you to comfortably challenge the status quo and break new professional ground that profoundly inspires you.


A solar eclipse on the 11th shows brilliant possibilities with your cash flow this month. Aligned with the fated North Node of the Moon, your ruling star, this eclipse can boost your earning potential. New Moons are always about setting intentions for what you wish to manifest. As an eclipse, this brings a level of potency and possibility unlike a regular lunation. When it comes to your worth, both financial and emotional, show the cosmos some confidence by planting seeds this month. Taking bold action to back up your intention can bring some amazing results.
Another boost to the cash flow this month comes in the form of Mercury concluding his retrograde phase on the 18th. From then, any crossed wires, communication issues or delays around deals involving money may resolve.
The 26th sees Mars finalise his retrograde through your other financial sector, the 8th house. Issues with debts, savings, investments and joint money will begin to show signs of alleviating, including any stress or anxiety you’ve been experiencing. While Mercury and Mars both provide some relief, hopefully recent experiences have helped you gain perspective around your karmic implications and offered valuable lessons in money management.
Other sectors of your astrology are also active this month. Venus adds some sweetness in your home and family sector. You may choose to pretty up your place with some new furnishings or art. Venus in your 4th sector can also spotlight domestics relationships. Until September 9, spending your time and energy with your friends and family at home will provide the TLC that you need.
As Venus enters Libra, she’ll link up with Mars in Aquarius. Someone from the past, either personal or platonic may come back into the fold. This could simply be for closure or to reignite an old spark. As Saturn and Uranus link up from the 14th and continue on until mid-September, striving toward recognising valued traditions yet holding space for new ones, particularly with friends and relationships will be an ongoing theme.


As the dust settles down from late July’s intense lunar eclipse in your relationship sector, you may need some time out to reassess where things are headed. This may be an intimate romantic connection or even a professional business relationship. Old patterns may have emerged and rather than operating on your default setting, reprioritising what’s most important can help you make conscious choices moving forward.
Your priorities come first right now, and with Mercury retrograde in your sign until the 18th, you may need to put your foot down on certain issues. This can be an ideal time to rethink and revision your personal direction. Spend some time playing catch up on those things that are important to you, but have been on the back burner due to everyday life getting in the way. A brilliant solar eclipse in your sign on the 11th can help you set your sights on possibilities, not liabilities.
The old mantra if you can believe it, you can achieve it rings true under this potent eclipse energy. In order to get what you want, you’ll need the courage to let go of what you don’t. Listen to the song of your own heart to realise what that is for you. While you may not have all the answers moving forward straight away, as Mercury begins to pick up speed at the end of the month, you’ll get a clearer vision of the path ahead.
August also sees the start of a lengthy link between Saturn and Uranus that will last until mid-September. Changing of the status quo is possible and new opportunities for leadership or striking out in a new direction are highlighted. While you may feel a little nervous about stepping out of your comfort zone, this can help you redefine your professional life. Any changes that seem drastic or surprising have the potential to be supportive and long lasting, thanks to Saturn’s steady influence.


Your sixth sense may be heighted this month as ruler retrograde action and eclipses energise your spiritual sector. Your highly valued logic may need to take a back seat to your instincts and sense of knowing, especially when it comes to life’s biggest questions. Opting to be alone or spending time in pursuits that rejuvenate can help you realign with your soul needs. Streamline your schedule and allow time for rest, as your personal energy may be low until after the 18th.
By now, you may have heard a lot of hoo-ha about the eclipses during July and again this month. They activate your low-key houses and mainly suggest lying low and taking things easy. Mercury may put a few of your plans for rest and relaxation in a spin but saying ‘no’ as much as possible will be valuable for you now. Catching up on reading, podcasts or YouTube videos that keep you motivated and inspired is highlighted as Mercury and Jupiter link up on the 11th/12th. Once Mercury is back in direct motion, he’ll connect once again with Jupiter on the 28th, signaling an opportunity to get back into the swing of things with a renewed spirit.
If you haven’t already, the first week of August is ideal for updating your personal style or treating yourself to a little luxury. Venus usually visits your sign only once a year, so if you’re needing a hairdressing appointment, a new outfit or to splurge on something you’ve been making excuses not to get, then you’ve got cosmic permission to indulge! The 26th sees the first lunation since early July that isn’t an eclipse. In Pisces, this Full Moon will illuminate your relationship sector and invites you to find the sweet spot of compromise and balance.
Both Saturn and Uranus connect with this lunation suggesting that old love patterns may need to pave way to allow new excitement and possibility in love. Jupiter, the ruler of this Full Moon, still in your communication sector highlights deep and emotional real talk will draw you closer to someone special. Providing you took the rest required for the majority of the month, you will be feeling refueled to give your energy in an important relationship.


Venus, your personal star enters your sign from the 7th. Until early September you’ll be blessed with boosted powers of magnetic attraction. Enjoying more of the things you love to do is highlighted and it’s also an ideal time to treat yourself. A day at the spa or updating your physical appearance with a new hairstyle can also power up the forces of Venus. At the same time, a dramatic link between the Sun and Jupiter suggest you may overcommit or overstretch yourself either socially or financially.
However, easy to commit to things when you’re in a good mood and feeling happy. One of the biggest challenges with the sign of Libra is its penchant for being too accommodating. As Saturn squares off with your ruler Venus on the 10th, you may feel frustrated from not setting boundaries or being more honest with yourself. This time, it may be a case of pulling up your socks and getting on with it. Take note of how you could have better honoured your needs in the situation for your future reference.
An eclipse in your networks sector on the 11th highlights brilliant possibilities both online and in real life. As bright new beginnings in your social sphere begin to evolve, you may have less time and energy for your other friends, especially if they don’t seem to align with the needs of your heart. With Mercury retrograde in the mix, getting new ideas, plans and projects in both your professional and social circles off the ground may take extra time.
Avoid any hard and fast decisions with your social circles until after Mercury winds up his retrograde phase after the 18th. Jupiter lends hopeful support to all things related to both your friends and colleagues, however it may be best to take things at face value until after the 28th.


The professional progress you’ve been striving for is possible this month. A brilliant solar eclipse will activate your career sector, highlighting future possibilities in achieving your life goals. A dramatic turn of events may bring an outcome you didn’t expect to eventuate for some time to come into your sphere a lot sooner than you think. However, Mercury retrograde madness may bring some delays, curtailing smooth progress. Frustrating as it may be, it may allow for something better to come along, especially if you practice your personal virtue of patience. If things do begin to stall, use this time to catch up on unfinished projects or chip away at a longer-term project.
After a long and arduous Mars retrograde, your ruling planet offers some relief as he dips back into Capricorn on the 18th. Cast your mind back to events of mid-May as this may give you a clue of what might be back on the cosmic table this month. Once Mars officially ends his reverse phase on the 27th, you too may begin to pick up speed and gain clarity about what’s been stuck since June 26.
With so much professional progress available now, it’s easy to take on too much. The Sun/Jupiter link on the 7th may highlight this. A great offer may be difficult to refuse. With Mercury in the mix it may be wise to tentatively accept or spend some time researching what your exact involvement will be. Take your time, you’ve got the upper hand now.
Friendships and fun can help relieve you of some professional pressure, especially under the Full Moon on the 26th. In soulful Pisces, you may escape into a hobby or interest that your professional obligations have allowed little time for. With the Moon spotlighting your romance zone and linking to unpredictable Uranus, a sudden twist of fate may turn a platonic connection into something more.


Jupiter, your patron planet links up with Neptune from the 14th- 22nd. You might notice your productivity levels drop, your memory fades and wishing you were anywhere but here. Take a rest, a weekend away or even a holiday if possible. The best part about this planetary connection is inspiration will be heightened if you slow down. Allow your dreams and intuition to bubble up to the surface. Your best ideas and insights may propel you toward something more meaningful. Beliefs around faith, spirituality and your own sixth sense may be more prominent too. Notice what may be a seemingly passing co-incidence as this could be the key to unlocking a bigger picture plan.
Money matters that surfaced during mid-May might be back on the cosmic table again once Mars dips back into your cash flow sector from the 14th. Any issues that have been dragging out can be worked through then. Once Mars officially ends his retrograde phase on the 26th, issues involving money will be begin to iron themselves out.
Venus visits your friends and networks sector from the 7th and will add a touch of flair to your social connections. Extra support, collaboration and togetherness is possible from your personal friendships as well as your professional associates. This is an ideal time to really work your social networks both online and in real life. As they say, it’s not what you know but who you know!
As Venus aligns with serious Saturn on the 10th, you can solidify friendships both new and old. This planetary link may also offer insights about who will still be in your corner when Venus re-vists Libra in November.
A Full Moon on the 26th illuminates your home zone. Under the Moon’s silvery glow, you’ll be pulled toward the needs of those you call family and home. Where possible, schedule some down time with those you love the most.


Mercury’s reverse passage through your debt and investments sector may be causing some financial havoc. Processing of paperwork in respect to loans or large purchases may be taking longer than usual. Delays are also possible in regard to joint finances, business and/or personal.
Patience will be your best bet if frustrations mount. This is also an auspicious period to take a fine-tooth comb through your regular overheads and expenditures. Check your bank accounts, direct debits and research better offers on some of your regular bills. Mercury will begin to pick up speed again from the 18th, any confusion or lack of details will then become clear.
A solar eclipse on the 11th suggests that once the dust of confusion settles, bright possibilities are just around the corner as long as you get a clear picture of what you own and owe while Mercury is retrograde. Once you know how much fat you do or don’t have on the bone, you can make appropriate and informed financial choices.
Action planet Mars dips back into your sign from the 14th and with it may bring reminders of unfinished business that began mid-May. You may enjoy an increase of energy, motivation that could lead itself into forming some new healthy habits. If health and fitness is on your to-do list, look for consistency rather than perfection. Mars will be in your sign until September 12.
Anything is possible when electric Uranus aligns with your patron planet Saturn from August 14- September 14. In combination with Mars, this planetary combo invites active participation in breaking your own rules. This may include your personal rules as well as those you may hold in respect with your creative life, romance and children. Taking the tried and true traditions from the past and creating a new and exciting paradigm in which to build from can change your life in sudden ways with long-term effects.


Mercury retrograde madness in your 7th house of relationships might be causing communication havoc. Getting along may feel exceeding difficult right now. When it comes to love, or even your professional relationships, it’s not you against them, but both of you against the problem. Your mood may be more combative than usual thanks to Mars also making reverse tracks in your own sign. Lay down your sword and use this cycle to improve being both heard and understood. It takes time and practice.
August 11 see’s an exciting North Node solar eclipse in your love zone. Big possibilities for the future are possible especially if you keep the big picture in mind. Once you overcome a few initial crossed wires or confusion, a path of possibilities can be paved. There is a catch though. Letting go of old habits, thinking patterns and beliefs will be necessary for your heart to truly open.
A pressure release may be experienced from the 14th as Mars dips back into Capricorn and your 12th house. From then, you might revisit some of the changing life perspectives that began back during mid-May. Finding a place to rest and retreat may also be important as it will allow time and space to process some of the profound changes that have taken place over the last several weeks.
A Saturn/Uranus link may prompt some profound changes in your home and family life. From August 14- September 14 you may question some long-held traditions and begin to contemplate their place moving forward.
The Venus/Pluto link on the 27th may also prompt some profound shifts with some of your ideas about travel, philosophy and life’s big picture. An existing adventure may peak your interest. Plans to do with study or teaching are also highlighted. Venus will re-visit this part of your solar horoscope later in the year, so August suggests it’s more about planning, researching or toying with the possibilities.


Until the 18th, you might be burning the candle at both ends as Mercury retrograde madness sets your schedule on fire. Revisiting old projects, having to re-do mundane tasks, or snafus with appointments are all possible. Once Mercury begins to pick up the pace again from the 18th, frustration levels may begin to subside.
It can be tricky to avoid taking on more than you can chew right now, especially when the Sun and Jupiter link up on the 7th. It may be tempting to say yes too often, overstretching what’s possible given your current energy levels. A brilliant solar eclipse ignites the hard work area of your horoscope on the 11th. While filling your plate at the buffet of crazy sounds exciting, finding that fragile balance between quantity and quality might be the challenge here.
Boundaries may be a big issue this month as Jupiter and Neptune align from the 14th -22nd. Together, these two planets can inspire a ‘anything is possible’ attitude to life. Keep in the back of your mind that while you say yes to one thing, it means saying no to something else.
Mars dips back into your friendship sector on August 14 and will remain until September 12. This may flare up some friendship dramas that began in mid-May. You may begin to question those in your friendship circles, both personally and professionally. You’ve been learning a lot about true connections recently and it may be important for you to stand your ground on a certain issue, especially on the 27th.
The Full Moon on the 26th in your own sign will be your cosmic invitation to indulge in self-care. Your needs come first now so honour what those are. A trip to the ocean or indulging in a long luxurious bath will help rejuvenate your soul and clarify your mind.