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Since June 26/27 it has been though you’ve been in some kind of holding pattern, like a soldier marking time. On October 8, Mars returns to the same area of the sky where he turned backward over 3 months ago, and finally you can put to rest the exhaustion, the stress or worry you may have had since then. Your friendships and social connections may have taken their toll, but helped you clarify a new level of authenticity and personal desire around those you make effort toward and spend your time with.

October begins with the Sun and Mercury in your relationship sector. This is your season to establish balance between your own needs and your most significant other. You’re probably feeling renewed and ready for action, but a big part of this month is working out the rules of engagement with your partner in life or in business. When it comes to your joint goals, in particular the financial ones, it’s pivotal you’re both on the same page so you can move forward.

If you can remember back to October 2010 and what happened in respect to love and money then, you may be in for a clue to what is laid out on the cosmic table for you now. One key date to jot down for the diary is October 31. Venus in reverse faces off with unpredictable Uranus across the sky, bringing a shock, a surprise or a need for a different course of action. Lined up with the karmic nodes of the Moon, it may feel like the hand of fate is pushing you in one direction or another.

When it comes to your career and life direction it will be business as usual now that Saturn starts to pick up the pace through your professional sector. Since April, you may have been toying with what you’re prepared to commit to or what responsibilities you’ve outgrown. If some of your career quandaries have been about money, a link between Venus retrograde and Saturn on the 24th will support any negotiations regarding salary, debt repayments or planning for your financial future.


Since May, it’s been a season of dramatic retrograde phases and October brings the reverse passage of your ruler Venus, through your relationship sector. From October 6 through until November 1, you’ll be reworking your deepest emotional needs. Your first point of call is to check in with yourself and consider what it is you truly want in love and life. Since Uranus’ entrance in your sign earlier this year, you might be feeling the need for more personal freedom or autonomy than you did previously. Venus’ reverse journey is an opportunity to connect with your soul as well as your partner, and find a way you can deepen your emotional bond.

If you’re single, Venus retrograde in your 7th sector can help you reconnect with your romantic dreams for the future. Rather than kissing frogs and hoping for the best, use the month of October to consciously manifest a partner that represents the qualities you want in a relationship.

As Venus and the Sun align in Scorpio on the 27th, you may gain clarity about the habits or attitudes you knowingly (or not) bring into your important relationships. As the Sun brings a purifying energy to Venus, you can pledge to make a fresh start that better aligns with your evolving self.

The 24th sees a dynamic planetary play where Venus and Uranus form an opposition across the sky. This could bring a chance encounter or some kind of romantic plot twist. Also linking to the karmic Nodes, events may feel fated or destined in some way. This kind of astrology is suggestive of a former lover or a dear friend initiating contact. A Full Moon on the 25th will spotlight the situation, bringing a dramatic turning point or the need to make a choice. Tread carefully with your feelings during this time as ruler retrograde madness could confuse the situation.


Overall, October is shaping up to be a super busy month as planets pile up in the 6th sector of your solar horoscope. Mercury, your patron planet joins the Moon, Venus and Jupiter on the 10th where taking care of business, or your health will be your primary focus. A link with erratic Uranus may inspire a brain wave, a new idea or a light bulb moment, prompting a plan of action to get important tasks done.

Just prior to that though, Venus in Scorpio stops and heads in reverse from the 6th. Her retrograde passage until November 1st may prompt you to re-evaluate your daily habits, behind the scenes projects or any health/wellness issues that have called your attention since this time last year.

October will be the final month that Jupiter remains in your 6th house, bookending a chapter that closes November 9. You’ve worked hard in the background this year to help manifest your relationship and career dreams. Newly discovered wisdom about how you manage your time has helped you find meaning and purpose in the mundane.

Before you can fully close this chapter, Venus’ backward tour through Scorpio can help you further re-evaluate your daily habits and the degree of emotional investment you place on being busy. Above all, Venus seeks pleasure. Over this upcoming retrograde, consider the balance between activity and achievement, especially if more fun and joy is really what you desire. Answers to your questions may come from within as Mercury and Venus collide on the 15th.

The 19th may bring a mixed bag where Mercury works with both driven Mars and vague Neptune. Frustrations you feel about an overseas opportunity, travel plans or questions about spirituality and career direction may be best channeled by your creative endeavours. Avoiding apathy or being passive aggressive, instead, keep your eye on the prize and keep in sight what is important to you.


Home is where the heart is and as a Cancerian, you generally place emphasis on family, in whichever way that comes into your life. The 9th delivers a New Moon in Libra, planting a celestial seed from which the next 6 months blossom.

The hope and fresh start of a lunation in your 4th sector may not be without some drama, thanks to a link from Pluto. Some deep transformative events may transpire where you’ll need to explore deep feelings, either your own or those of someone you love. Past resentments or issues may also bubble up to the surface. Confronting your fears or any issues around security, either financial or emotional is suggested. Pluto can pack a punch, so this may not be an easy New Moon for you. If you’re prepared to deal with issues you normally scuttle away from, you can heal the past.

The ruler of this New Moon, the newly retrograde Venus is forming a tense angle with Mars. Despite your most loving efforts, nothing may go smoothly or how you hoped. Be patient as your feelings about the situation may continue to change. Swaying back and forth between a harmonious outcome and stewing over betrayals may not make the best weather for making choices.

Despite some stormy skies under the New Moon, the majority of October’s astrology is ultimately about joy, happiness and children. Perhaps you’ll have an early start on some of the end-of-year festivities or plan to simply enjoy some of the simplest of life’s pleasures.

The time between the 10th – 15th may highlight erratic events, changes to the plan or a reconnection with an old friend or lover. A clash of desires as outlined between a square from Venus and Mars signals friction that could spark a fire. With Venus in retrograde motion, remember a re-lit cigarette never tastes the same. Only you can make the choice to inhale the smoke.


The majority of celestial influence this October generates from your 4th house of home and family, as many of the planets occupy the deep murky waters of Scorpio.

You’re probably familiar with the concept of retrogrades, and this month this is the area of your solar horoscope worthy of your emotional contemplations. Beginning on the 6th, relationship dynamics may call your attention, especially with those you share living space with or are related to. The 4th house also relates to your past, heritage and issues involving real estate.

Venus’ domain is to accommodate and please others and during this retrograde, you may begin to recognise the extent you’re sacrificing your own needs for others. A Mercury/Uranus link may prompt heated discussions or worse, an outburst of sorts. You might need to keep a low profile then.

The old song from the ‘80’s “Love is a Battlefield” may have rung true for your relationship status since May. Mars has been taking a very slow March through your 7th sector since then and finally on the 8th, he re-enters territory he began in the first half of the year. Issues from then may need to be thrashed out once more, for good, bad or indifferent. Things may reach a tipping point on the 12th as your ruler and Pluto go head to head, spotlighting where power imbalances may need to be addressed.

Your warmth, radiance and light shifts gears on the 23rd, as the Sun enters your domestic domain. At the same time, forming an explosive link with Uranus. You might notice an increased need for alone time, freedom and space to be your spirited self then. The Sun and Venus combine on the 27th, helping you gain a feeling of clarity and possibility around some of the values, desires and relationships needs you’ve been stewing on. By October’s end, you won’t be at the end of the tunnel, but you’ll be able to see the light.


A New Moon on the 9th brings possibility of a transformation of sorts in regard to your cash flow, income sources or, the way in which you value these aspects of your life. While you have no aversion to dealing with the details, Pluto’s influence can be confrontational. In order to move forward, you may have to face some fears and adjust your approach. Fresh from the New Moon, your ruler moves into probing Scorpio on the 10th and immediately faces off with unpredictable Uranus. A new idea, a bold or risky decision or a deep desire to do things your own way is possible then. What may seem out of the blue to everyone else, has no doubt, been strategically thought out by you.

The planet of love, harmony and attraction head in reverse, through the sign of Scorpio and your 3rd house from the 6th. Until the end of the month, you might notice your desire to communicate or reach out to those you value more often. This could be via a quick Facebook chat message or even making room for a real-life catch up. Communications from friends or lovers from the past is possible and whether you choose to open that door, or not, is completely yours.

Venus backtracking through this part of your solar horoscope also invites you to reminisce on ritual. Those little luxuries that you enjoy, but put on hold because life gets in the way, bring them back! Whatever habits or rituals that make you feel divine are those the cosmos is inviting you to refocus on.
The 15th sees your patron planet combine with Venus retrograde. Try and schedule in some ‘me time’ then, plan a catch up with an old friend or do something that brings you pleasure.

As the month ends, Mercury moves into Sagittarius and your 4th house of home and family. This will become a larger than life focus for you over the next year- but more on that next month!


Some big questions about your money, wealth and the reasons why you work so hard come under the spotlight as Venus turns backward from the 6th. You’ve had some big growth financially this year, thanks to Jupiter, and Venus retrograde encourages you to put some away for a rainy day.
You might also notice a possible reduction in cash flow, incoming payments or other financial matters this month, prompting you to re-evaluate your money habits.

A fresh start is possible under a New Moon in your sign on the 9th. There is a catch though, and it involves your money. With powerful Pluto in the mix, you may have to confront some unpleasant truths in respect to finance, but ultimately, seeing things for how they really are can be healing and empower you to move forward.

Curious Mercury begins his tour of your money zone from the 10th and as he does, he’ll face off with unpredictable Uranus. This could bring a break down or break through of sorts. Something or someone seems unwilling to budge on an issue, so it may be best to not try and accommodate, but rather do what you think is best for you. A combination of aspects on the 19th can help creatively inspire you toward your most desires goals.

After what may feel like a topsy, turvy month, a part of this journey is to help you find your true point of balance. A deep plummet into otherwise unpleasant waters will allow you to find and hold your own. An alignment between Mercury and Jupiter on the 29th suggests that through combining the details with your grand plans for your financial future, there, you’ll learn more about your money, value and self-worth. Self-belief is a massive part of it.

Finally, on the 31st, your ruler makes the same link to Uranus that Mercury did on the 10th. As the month closes, you’ll want to go your own way, either way.


October starts with sweet Venus in your sign, which under normal circumstances heightens your magnetic qualities. While this may still be the case, Venus has a more internalised plan for you this time around and invites you to question how you truly connect with other people.

From the 6th, Venus hits the brakes and begins to back track through your sign. In some respects, this will be a continuation of themes that Mars retrograde brought you. The world may look a little different now after the purging and purifying processes you’ve been entangled with since May. The Venus retrograde, until November 1 suggests themes of trying to establish some kind of harmony and equilibrium in relationships, while you continue to shed your skin.

The 11/12th may be especially tricky weather to navigate as Venus and Mars clash. Frustrations around differing desires, either within yourself or with somebody else could bring things to a tipping point. This planetary play feels like you could either continue to bury your troubles or you could finally open that pandoras box of emotions and clean it out.

They say a problem shared is a problem halved and the 15th offers the chance to engage in a heartfelt conversation. A chat with a friend or someone special may offer you a fresh perspective and help relieve any complex issues.

The tide looks set to change on the 27th and 29th as a couple of spectacular planetary combinations will help boost your confidence and heighten your enthusiasm. It might feel like you’re finally getting close to the end of the tunnel, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Finally, the month concludes with a with a line up, known as a grand cross that fills the most dynamic areas of your solar horoscope. Relationship issues will be at the front and center of events and could be unpredictable, exciting or even shocking. Once the dust settles, things will be just as they are meant to be.


Your solar 12th house is the place where joys, pain and memories from the past can return to you in your dreams. October could signal a month of restless nights where you awake, unsure of what is dream and what is real. Keep a notebook if you can. The messages that come to you at night will signal what you need to heal and what you need to do to move forward with the unbridled enthusiasm your known for.

You probably know a bit about retrograde planets and this month, Venus shifts gears and invites you to contemplate your perspectives on spirituality, rest and retreat. Time out from your regular obligations may be important as you prepare to shed old beliefs or spiritual ideas that don’t resonate with you anymore. As Venus is a key planet that signifies relationship and connection, this rare reverse cycle is likely to stir up your perspectives around your deeper emotional bonds.

As this part of your horoscope is the busiest the month, if possible, do as little as you can. If you’re feeling resentful of certain responsibilities or need to break free from the every day grind, then Uranus’ influence can help you do that on the 10th, 23rd and 31st. This energy can be sudden and volatile. If you feel like things are getting too much, remember it’s better to bend rather than break.

The New Moon on the 9th may inspire a burst of social activity, especially with friends or acquaintances you haven’t seen in a long time. This may help reconnect you to a dream or hope for the future you forgot you had. If you’re prepared to make the effort, a trip down memory lane can help you remember how much you’ve grown, as well as the transformations that lie ahead.

The 31st sees curious Mercury enter your sign that will carry through until early January. The information you gain and the things you learn this month can carry you through to an exciting new cycle that awaits you.


This year has taught you a lot about your hopes and dreams for the future and how your friendships, connections and allies are a part of that. As Venus begins a rare reverse cycle on the 6th, you might begin to explore themes of truth, trust and loyalty about those you keep in your circle.
Old friends or even lovers may attempt to make contact and seek to re-establish some type of connection with you once again.

Venus retrograde will remind you of past hurts or betrayals and help you explore themes of what friendship truly means to you. This cycle will invite you consider who you showed up for, and in return, who was there for you when you needed them. By mid-November, you’ll have more insight about who’ll remain in your circle moving forward.

A New Moon in Libra on the 9th in your career sector will be flavoured by Venus’ retrograde, suggesting that much of the abovementioned issues could involve work-related politics. Heavy Pluto in the mix can highlight issues to do with power imbalances. Light can be shed upon what’s hidden from you on the 12th, as the Sun and Pluto form a link.

Just prior to the New Moon, energetic Mars passes over the area of the sky where he began is retrograde phase back in June. Sources of frustration or delay involving your money show signs of easing then. The ruler of the New Moon, Venus in reverse, makes a tense angle to Mars on the 11th/12th highlighting relationship tensions may be the source of money problems. Someone from your past could even repay a debt.

The 25th sees a dramatic Full Moon illuminating your fun and joy zone. If you’re feeling blocked by a lack of progress either in love and romance or with your children, you might need to consider adjusting in other areas. With unpredictable Uranus in the mix, going against the grain or doing the unexpected may yield the change you’re craving.


October is shaping up to be an eventful month for you. While most of the action will be about your career and life direction, the way the planets line up, it will be a little tricky to separate the major influences in your life.

You’ve had a lot of growth and exploration in terms of your career path and how you wish to be seen in the world throughout this past year, thanks to Jupiter. Beginning on the 6th, Venus embarks upon a rare reverse calling into question some of your career-related wants. It could be possible that you took a professional opportunity that now, you’re not so sure about. Venus reversing through the deep murky waters of Scorpio will call into question your professional relationships and who you can trust and who you cannot. The tide is changing in your working world and this celestial pause will prompt you to ponder your values and desires there.

It’s been an arduous but necessary road since May, as Mars grinded his gears through your sign. The good news is that on the 8th, he’ll return to point in the zodiac he reversed from in June. It may mean you have one last issue to contend with, one more obstacle to surmount. Overall though, it feels more like tying up a loose end rather than having to face another battle.

Curious Mercury enters your professional 10th house from the 10th, underlining themes of communication and information. This may be an opportune time to put your feelers out if you’re considering a new role or a move within your industry. Loose lips sink ships, so be careful with any information you share or who you talk to. As Mercury enters Scorpio, he’ll immediately oppose erratic Uranus, so anything could happen.

Tension between your personal desires and your professional contracts may come to a head on the 11/12th as Venus and Mars work against each other. With little signs of compromise, realising that bending rather than breaking will serve you better in the long run.


Plans, passions and your long-term goals come under question this month as Venus throws a spanner in the works from the 6th. You may ponder considerations about whether your heart and head are in alignment and continuously flow back and forth between them.
While in the deep and murky waters known as Scorpio, you’ll be reminded how this process cannot be rushed nor short cuts taken. The only way out is the way through.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to reassess what it is you truly want out of life. Through the 9th house of your solar horoscope, many of the themes in question are bucket list items and the experiences that give life more meaning and purpose. Foreign destinations or a philosophical path may stir your soul to the point you can no longer quell the craving.

Your local environment may also peak your interest as Uranus in Taurus slowly backs out of your 3rd sector. An unexpected conversation on the 10th may inspire a new idea that can help you find your souls’ passions close to home. This energy will be triggered again by Venus on the 31st, where a fated encounter could lead you on an authentic path. A New Moon on the 9th brings a hopeful energy to money matters, especially involving any debts or your long-term investments. With dominant Pluto in the mix, you might have to face some money fears, especially if you’ve given your power away. While confronting and uncomfortable, it will offer you the clarity you need to claim your power back and move forward.

As the month concludes, inquisitive Mercury will begin an extra-long visit through your 10th house of career and public life. Big shifts are coming for you professionally, where bright new opportunities for growth and fulfillment are possible. The 31st may show you the first insights to that.