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Your penchant for action will be challenged this month as your patron planet Mars, begins the month butting heads with serious Saturn in your professional sector. Endless obstacles to surmount may leave you feeling frustrated, as though you’re being tested in some way. The respect and recognition you seek at work will have to be earned. Your best bet is to slow down the pace and adopt a strategic approach, especially when it comes to your most important goals. Career progress is possible during April, but very little will arrive on a silver platter.

Mercury retrograde through your own sign until the 16th will encourage you to think and speak carefully. Key dates where agitation or classic communication breakdowns are likely are the 4th and 5th. An argument may ruffle your feathers or a hot lead or opportunity may seemingly turn cold. Things can warm up again on the 11th when Venus and Saturn form an alliance across your cash flow and career sectors. New agreements around money, such as a raise or promotion, can bring some stability around your finances.

The Sun, currently touring through your sign, will make a tense link to Pluto on the 12th. Conflict with those in authority may rise to the surface. On a deeper level, you may be prompted to explore issues of control, power plays or politics. Profound transformation is possible around how you choose to live your life and express yourself authentically.

A Mars/Pluto meetup on the 27th/28th followed by the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 30th may bring hidden issues into the light. Clarity around your resources, inclusive of self-worth and finances, can lead to making important decisions. All the tensions, frustrations or internalisation you’ve experienced throughout April can be channelled toward making positive progress into May.


Venus, your patron planet begins the month in your own sign. This annual injection of sweetness and support can heighten your ability to attract some good things into your life.
You’re not mistaken if you can feel the rumbling of change coming your way, but that’s a topic for next month. Throughout April, Venus’ presence can help you update your style, habits or even your physical appearance. Treat yourself to a special indulgence or a luxurious experience. If you’ve been craving change but not sure how to go about it, starting with your hair, make-up or clothing preferences can be a great way to signal to the universe you’re ready for change.

Connecting with friends, your special groups of people, or even socialising with work associates can boost your profile on the 13th. A dreamy link between Venus, the Moon and idealistic Neptune can help you connect with some of the most special people in your life. This is a classic alignment for romance and togetherness, so you can welcome some additional attention then.

Apart from Venus, much of April’s astrology occurs in less active places in your solar horoscope until mid-month. The 17th brings a spectacular alignment between Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. A beneficial opportunity may come through a close connection that can bring about a happy or joyful experience. With Pluto in the mix, profound developments are possible. If you’re attached, a new depth and honesty can bring you closer together. If you’re single, someone generous and profound may enter your life and assist you in stepping outside your emotional comfort zone.

April concludes with a spectacular Full Moon in your relationship zone. This intense and emotional lunation can arouse deep feelings toward a passion project or someone special. With Mars, the ruler of this Full Moon alongside powerful Pluto, if you remain open to the mysteries of love, a whole new world of possibilities can open up for you.


Friendships, groups and alliances play a big part in this month’s astrology. With ruler retrograde action, new perspectives gain be gained about the company you keep. You might notice themes from early 2017 come under the spotlight again, prompting you to reassess your thoughts and ideas about certain people. Friends or colleagues from your past may also resurface.

A window of exciting opportunity may open on the 2nd, where a brief hiatus from Mercury’s confusing energy may deliver a hopeful message about a new collaboration or a potential development with a friend. The 4th and 5th may pose a potential grinder where you nut out the details and possibilities involving money or joint resources. Be mindful of your penchant to overlook the details. You might need to be more flexible than usual or ask extra questions. Any stalls or delays you experience now, while frustrating, will be for your benefit.

The 11th may reveal power dynamics involving money and resources as the Sun and powerful Pluto align. This experience may be confronting, but it will highlight where may you’ve given some of your power away, especially those related to your social scene. Perhaps it’s your light heartedness or your aversion to details that has diminished your upper hand in a situation. Making these realisations might be a part of the Mercury retrograde story for you and help you claim back your power or authenticity among certain circles.

The 16th sees Mercury shift direction, and you can too. At the same time, a New Moon in Aries aligns very closely to authentic Uranus, may prompt a fresh start in initiating new thoughts, ideas and beginnings. Independence and freedom will be a hallmark of this lunation and you may come to the realisation that you can do more solo than you’re currently giving yourself credit for.


You’re on the tale end of a 7-year cycle through your professional sector. April may bring some new revelations about your career as Mercury’s extended cycle continues. Known for confusion, delays and general logistical hiccups, Mercury retrograde may also cause some contemplation about your professional direction. Perhaps you’ve been trying to push through a deal, or make changes in your career path, and are taking much longer than you expected.

It could be a personal or professional relationship that is causing much of the friction relating to important career choices. The 4th/5th are especially tricky days to navigate. Side-stepping any issues may be your best bet as you continue to contemplate your course of action. Up until the 16th, your best bet is just to hang out under a rock and let the waves roll in as they may. Chasing up old leads, touching base with clients or even catching up on paperwork and filing, or generally tying up loose ends will make any delays feel more productive. If you’re thinking about career changes, this might be an ideal time to accept an interview or put out your feelers to see what is available in your industry.
The tide will change from then as a New Moon will align very closely to Uranus, also on the 16th. You may crave increased sovereignty and freedom professionally, and finally plant the seeds in order to allow you to strike out in a new direction at work.

On a personal level, you’ll have passionate Mars fire up your relationship zone. Mars’ visit may offer you some clues about the longer-term Saturn cycle that began in December. You may be more forceful or assertive in love matters, seeking to establish permanence or commitment. If things have become too serious or stagnant, Mars offers a sexy spark that can fire things up again.


The most active sector of your solar horoscope this month carries themes of travel, adventure, study and spirituality. Your patron star, the Sun, tours Aries until the 21st, illuminating your desire to explore concepts involving religion, spirituality or academia.
Logistics planet Mercury continues a retrograde phase here too. You can expect some snafus or delays involving anything to do with travel or technology. These blips on the radar may be frustrating or confusing. Allow extra time in transit and double check details. What may initially seem like an obstacle to surmount could actually be offering you an opportunity to do it better.

Mercury’s backwards cycle may also heighten your curiosity involving study plans, publishing projects or avenues involving teaching or legal issues. Adopting a flexible attitude can help smooth out any rough edges or cool down heated moments, especially on the 4th/5th. The annual pairing of the Sun and Uranus occurs on the 18th. You may feel increasingly restless and your desire for independence and freedom will be heightened. Finding ways to live with authenticity and purpose has been a big journey for you over the last 7 years. As Uranus prepares to wind up this cycle, throwing caution to the wind and making a risky or bold move is possible.

Things will begin to settle down a little from the 21st once the Sun enters stabilising Taurus and your attention shifts toward your professional life. A powerhouse meeting between Mars and Pluto can bring about some real professional progress on projects that have been in the pipeline. A link from Saturn on the 29th sees the potential to earn recognition or reward for some of the behind the scenes work you’ve done.

Finally, a Full Moon at the conclusion of April brings an opportunity to focus your attention on your domestic scene. You may uncover some of the mystery and magic from your past or deepen the emotional connections you have with family.


The resources you share with others will be your cause for contemplation until the 16th. This includes money and debt from a personal or professional relationship. As your ruler Mercury continues to tread backward through your 8th house, you’re invited to go through your finances with a fine-tooth comb, looking for ways you can save money or reduce expenditure. Connect with various service providers and see if you can score a better offer on your utilities. If you’re looking to save up for something special or considering your retirement options, researching the options available to you is a productive way for you to embrace this retrograde.
The 16th will see Mercury pick up the pace once more and any confusion or kinks regarding finance will begin to sort themselves out. A New Moon will help prompt a fresh beginning and new phase of stability when it comes to money.

Passion planet Mars continues to fire up your 5th house throughout April, bringing progress in romance and relating. This once in every 2-year cycle may revive a lost hobby or interest. This part of your horoscope highlights the simple things in life, and with Saturn’s longer-term influence there, you may want to commit to a new sport, recreational activity or even make the time to enjoy life more. Children, your own or other people’s, may become an increasing presence in your life as you seek to experience more joy. If you’re single, Mars can spice up a dry spell in the dating game and if you’re partnered, you can expect more passion and energy between you.

The Sun enters Taurus and your sector of discovery and adventure on the 21st. Your attention may be called toward topics associated with travel, study or spirituality. This part of your life will become a significant influence for most of 2018 and may be the reason you need to sort out your finances. A call for authenticity and living life with a greater sense of meaning and purpose will become increasingly important.


You’re one to help others and April will be no exception as your relationship and family zone are the most active. Energy planet Mars fires through your home zone for his once in every 2-year visit. You might notice you’re more assertive or confident when it comes to dealing with family. Saturn’s longer term visit here does suggest a restructure of responsibility and obligations may be required. Mars will give you the motivation and impetus to get things moving.
Perhaps you got projects around the home that you’ve not had the time or energy for. As Mars and Saturn work together, you can push through any tendencies to procrastinate and finally get things done.

You may have to tread a little more gently when it comes to your special someone. Mercury continues moving in reverse in your marriage and partnerships sector until the 16th. Crossed-wires and miscommunications are inevitable. Known for your calm and patience, more than anyone else, Librans know how to catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar!
This may also be an ideal time for a relationship check-up or make the time to have those much-needed conversations that everyday life doesn’t always allow for. Once Mercury is on the move, a New Moon at the same time can help bring a fresh vibe and the promise of new beginnings in relationships.

Until the 25th, Venus, your ruling star will be venturing through your debt and finance sector. As she does, she’ll align with generous Jupiter and powerful Pluto. A lucky opportunity or a breakthrough may occur involving property deals or the sale or purchase of a home. A Full Moon on the 30th can bring things to a dramatic turning point.


Jupiter in Scorpio makes the second of 3 connections to powerful Pluto from the 7th – 17th. This may herald a mini transformation of sorts where moving through toxic habits, situations or even people so you can return to exploring your own growth. While things may feel a bit stormy or dramatic then, like a snake shedding skin, a new and powerful version of you can emerge.

Consider your long-term goals. Do your daily actions reflect what you desire? Our biggest achievements are the result of regular and consistent action that compound over time. If you’re busy faffing about or are easily distracted, Mars can help you hone in and focus on what is important. This may involve severing ties with what you’ve outgrown or can no longer visualise as a part of your future.

Time management is highlighted as Mercury continues traveling backwards until the 16th. Consider where menial tasks consume much of your precious time and energy and look to outsource where possible. New and inspired ideas that involve technology may show up around the 18th, where you can free up your time, leading to a greater sense of freedom and independence. A New Moon in this area of your solar horoscope will prompt new approach to both your time, health and well-being.

Your personal life is also up for profound changes, especially on the 17th. A potent combination of Venus, Jupiter and Pluto can reveal new levels of trust and intimacy. Some power dynamics may be exposed, but if you stay open to the possibilities, the magic of love may be revealed to you. A spectacular Full Moon in your relationship sector can help you understand some of the mystery of a significant relationship.


Some stark realisations about your personal finances can be made this month. The powerhouse combination of Mars and Saturn align on the 1st/2nd can help you define your money goals and take the required action to manifest them.
Some key realisations may be made under the Jupiter/Pluto influence from the 7th – 17th about how you may have released your power, intentionally or not, in regard to money. Pluto can help you realise your worth. If you’re selling yourself short, or if you know you’re not earning as much as you know you can, our most distant planet can help you turn the tables.
Mercury will continue moving in reverse through your joy and entertainment sector until the 16th, prompting you to reassess how you spend money on fun. The 4th may bring a new awareness around money and how you may be spending it on little things that add up over time.

The 16th will bring a New Moon to the sector of joy in your solar horoscope. This can encourage new beginnings regarding fun, romance and children. Close to Uranus, the great awakener, you’ll be encouraged to explore new areas of interest. This can include your hobbies, interests or taking the plunge and going on a date if you’re single. If you’re partnered, this lunation can inject a fresh spark of enthusiasm for your special someone.

Sweet Venus links with your patron planet Jupiter on the 17th. In your most private zones, you may be inspired to take the day off work or plan some quite time for retreat. With Venus in your 6th sector, taking care of your body will be a must. Book in a massage as a special treat or indulge in some food you’ve been craving. The Full Moon on the 30th will be another occasion where the most productive thing you can do is to rest and let your batteries recharge.


Come December, you may reflect back on 2018 and see April as a defining month. A part of your longer-term cycle, thanks to your ruler Saturn in your sign, is about self-responsibility and redefining your boundaries.
Action planet Mars spends the entirety of April in your sign and alongside Saturn, encourages you to take action around issues to do with your obligations and responsibilities. Mars can often signify the cutting of ties and breaking of bonds. With his energy in your own sign, confidence to strike out in a bold new direction, letting go of old structures in your life so you can establish the new is possible. As Mars and Saturn work together, you can enjoy a period of productivity. If you have a significant long-term goal that has felt out of reach, April provides the right energy to push through any obstacles and make notable progress. Your natural penchant for hard work will serve you well, as you understand that making the necessary choices, aren’t always easy.

Mercury retrograde continues through your domestic sector this month. Until the 16th, you may still be dealing with miscommunications or family issues that reared their ugly head. On the same day, a New Moon in Aries will bring the promise of a fresh start in your family relationships. As the lunation falls closely with unpredictable Uranus, anything is possible. Expect the unexpected or an about turn on a family situation that has been delayed since March 22.

A stroke of luck or an opportunity may fall in your lap as Jupiter and Pluto mix from the 7th – 17th. Being at the right place at the right time can support making the right connections that can pay off. While a little effort can yield big results under Jupiter’s, touch, avoid resting on your laurels or taking things for granted. Put in the work and the pay off has the potential to be life changing!


April may be one of your quieter months where most of your action occurs behind the scenes. Energy planet Mars spends April in your private 12th house. He visits this part of your solar horoscope every 2 years and brings a heightened need for rest and retreat. Mars can motivate the passions of your soul, inviting you to explore the inner workings of your being.

Quietening the mind can assist you in developing new perspectives and philosophies on life, which is a part of Saturn’s longer-term cycle. Mars and Saturn together, can bring things to a head, where you may have to front some issues head on, either within yourself or from a situation you’ve been avoiding for a while.

A New Moon in Aries on the 16th can bring fresh enthusiasm for learning. With lunation ruler Mars in your 12th sector, a weekend course, books or podcasts that help you explore the new perspectives you’re keen to discover. Short courses online or in real life that peak your interest will be well worth your time. Close to authentic Uranus, the path less travelled may be revealed to you, which can excite, yet can be daunting at the same time.

On a lighter note, Venus will tour your domestic sector until the 25th. In her home sign of Taurus, you’ll find comfort spending time at home and with family. Splurging on a trinket for your home, buying fresh flowers or tending to the garden will ground and comfort you. Lucky Jupiter links with powerhouse Pluto from the 7th -17th, the second of three links this year. Professional expansion is possible that can also promote profound transformation. The inner work you continue to do may pave the way for you to link your new personal growth and awareness with your professional path.


Passion planet Mars spends April in your sign of friendship. Alongside serious Saturn, this month you may discover who is truly in your corner and who is not. As you grow and move through different phases of life, you’ll also move through different friendship circles. As they say, some people enter your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. Over the next several weeks, some friendships will be solidified, while others may reach their expiry date.

Mars’ bold assertiveness can also help you initiate new alliances, both professional or personal. If you have the opportunity to attend work related conferences or other social gatherings, the potential to form long lasting connections is there, especially if you allow your confidence to shine through.

Your cash flow is spotlighted this month also. As Mercury winds up his retrograde phase on the 16th, delays or confusion around money may cease, and you can look forward to a steadier income stream. A New Moon also highlights new beginnings around money. This is an ideal opportunity to set your financial goals and intentions about how you earn and spend cash. Teaming up with a friend or a newly formed ally may be the key to getting a sideline project or a new revenue raising idea underway.

Sensual Venus in Taurus slips into your 3rd house of communication and learning at the start of the month. Returning to daily rituals that bring you peace, stability and serenity will add a sense of joy to your life. This may involve taking the time to read books or write about a topic that brings you pleasure. This part of your solar horoscope also represents your siblings, neighbours and cousins. Spending quality time with them can also help you appreciate the simple pleasures of life.