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A new calendar month brings a fresh new energy as your sovereign star Mars, moves into Gemini on March 31/April 1. For the next 6 weeks, any areas of personal interest including, writing, teaching or studying are especially emphasised. Through your 3rd house of communication and local travels, Mars in Gemini promotes a chatty/flirty atmosphere encouraging you to get out and about, connecting with the world around you.

When planets activate your 3rd house, it’s a good idea to re-establish your personal rituals. This could be increased physical activity, reading more books or listening to podcasts. Whatever it is, even if it’s a much loved Friday night tipple, then enjoy it. Whatever you know works for both your body and keeps your head space right, is yours to focus on now. You may hit a temporary mojo blip on the 26/27th as Mars squares Neptune. Other than that, Mars has few interactions with other planets, suggesting you’ve got a clear path to pursue until May 15/16.

Your annual kickstart, aka the New Moon in Aries is your cosmic refresh button on the 5th. Leading up to then, you might ask yourself what you’d like to achieve personally over the next 6 – 12 months. New Moon intentions are surprisingly powerful, so taking some time to jot down some goals, especially on the Friday evening, just after dark as Mars, the New Moon ruler is extra powerful then.
A stunning link between the Sun and Jupiter may bring good fortune, positive action or progress your way on the 14th/15th.

April also sees a rare alignment between the karmic powerhouses, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node. In Capricorn and your 10th house of career and your life direction, together this combination can represent an emptying or a type of symbolic pouring out or cleansing. This first potent connection may trigger questions about your ambitions and whether they mean as much to you as they once did. Notice what bubbles up to the surface now. Consider any responsibilities or obligations you’ve outgrown. What can you delegate or do away with altogether? Powerful transformations that lead in new directions are likely by overcoming fears and taking an initial step.

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Venus, your lucky star continues her tour of Pisces and your 11th house of friends, networks and community groups until the 20/21st. She holds a powerful place in Pisces, highlighting that your friends and allies may take more of your focus this month. Even if life is busier than usual, you’ll gain value from connecting with those that the pace of daily life sometimes doesn’t allow for. This month gives you plenty of opportunities to extend yourself, make the call or organise a catch up.

The Sun moves into Taurus, heralding your birthday month – HAPPY BIRTHDAY – from the 20th. The 22/23 sees the Sun bump into Uranus, helping you celebrate yourself a little differently this year. No matter where your birthday falls in the sign of Taurus, use this cosmic clue as your sign to break with tradition and do something that you may have always wanted to do, but for one reason or another, haven’t.

Venus will enter Aries and your rest and retreat zone on the 20/21. You might opt for time alone as she visits your 12th house and the most private area of your solar chart until May 15. You might enjoy taking extra naps or simply contemplating your next move, especially if life is changing faster than you’d prefer right now.

Action planet Mars fires up your money zone this month- through until May 15/16. You might pluck up the courage to ask your boss for a raise or, if your self-employed consider upping your prices. Regardless of your situation, taking charge around your personal income and cash flow is highlighted. Be mindful of your budget especially on the 27th when Mars and Neptune form a tense angle. When it comes to money then, if in doubt don’t.

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It’s been two years since Mars fired up your sign and until May 15/16, you’ve got the cosmic green light to put yourself first. You may reignite a spark for physical fitness or for pursuing a personal passion that you’ve neglected.

One downside to Mars in Gemini is the temptation to spread yourself too thin. With so much variety combined with added energy, it’s possible you’ll achieve a whole lot of…. nothing. If you can, choose a couple of things and do it well, rather than more than you can handle and eventually losing interest anyway.

The first two thirds of this month promise professional progress. Venus in Pisces until the 20/21st may see you garner the support you need or make the connections you’re after at work. In Pisces, Venus is in superb position, making her annual trek this month super supportive of any of your work plans or projects. If you’re looking to enter negotiations, cinch a deal or score a new contract (either for yourself or for your company) you won’t have to work terribly hard to get it. 11/12 – 15-16 looks extra special as Venus and Mercury form alignments with generous Jupiter.

April looks particularly golden all round. A New Moon in Aries and your lucky 11th sector may bring fresh starts and new beginnings with your social circles or work colleagues. You might opt to set intentions about what you’d like to achieve over the next 6- 12 months in regards to your social networks. Gratitude for the good friends you’ve got as well as the alliances you’ve yet to form can increase the luck. The 14/15 may bring a special partner, either personal or professional, a mentor or guide. Connections made then will be well worth exploring.

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April has a behind the scenes feel to it as Mars enters Gemini, touring through your private 12th sector until May 15/16.
Mars in Gemini is quite a busy placement, so while you might like the slower pace that your 12th house craves, it’s unlikely you’ll get it.
April 5 bring a New Moon in Aries and in your 10th house of career and public life. This fresh starts and new beginnings energy may signal the undertaking a new work project that may require you to be more productive in private- a bit like the work that’s done prior to a big launch or announcement. You might be able to do additional hours from home, or outside regular working hours.

This planetary combination can feel stressful or unrelenting at times. The nature of the 12th house does demand rest and retreat. Even if it’s in the smallest of ways, carving time out for meditation practices that allow your mind to switch off for a while will be important.

With the Sun in Aries for the first two thirds of April, your career and professional path will be under the cosmic spotlight. The 14/15 look especially bright as the Sun and Jupiter join forces. You may gain well-deserved recognition for the extra effort you’ve been putting in. Finding yourself in an elevated position where you could be groomed for a promotion or posting down the track is possible too.

The Full Moon falls in your 4th house of home and family this month, on the 19th. Full Moon’s often indication a turning point or a choice wherever the Moon lands. More so than most, this one may illuminate the need to close on door so another one can be opened. Whatever seemingly slips from your grasp now is actually making room for bright new opportunities. New directions in a professional circle or a social setting may be the new beginning you’re looking for when the Sun joins Uranus on April 22/23.

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Generally speaking, you probably find April is often a positive month for you as the Sun, your personal star remains in Aries until the 21st. While in your 9th house of travel, adventure, wisdom and your bucket list- this season is ideal for you to tap into what brings meaning and purpose to your life.
While booking an airfare to a long dreamed of destination may not be within reach right now, you’ll be inspired to pour more of your energy into life’s possibilities. It may be a dream you hold inside your heart, or a firm plan you have for the future, April is a month where you can rekindle the fire of hope, optimism and your dreams.
The Sun will leave Aries on the 21st, where sweet and supportive Venus will take over, continuing until mid-May, keeping the embers of your life’s’ dreams stoked.

A golden link between the Sun and Jupiter is a stand out aspect for you this month. The 14/15th may see a mentor, guide or romantic interest inspire a future direction. Connecting with someone who has the resources, skills, talents or know-how that you need may offer their support, guidance or wisdom.

Action planet Mars moves into Gemini and your 11th house of friendships and social networks at the start of the month, remaining until May 15/16. It’s been two years since Mars energised this part of your solar horoscope. You might decide to take the lead in a group, community, or within your friendship circle. Mars in Gemini may peak your curiosity for connecting with new people. Variety is the spice of life, so you may not want to tie yourself down with the same old places or faces this month.

You might opt to shake things up professionally as the Sun joins unconventional Uranus on the 23rd. This will be an annual event (occurring on different dates each year) in Taurus until 2026 will prompt independence or force you to grapple with your professional life. You might be inspired to make a bold move or shift direction. Be prepared for the unexpected, either way.

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Striking out in a new direction at work is possible when Mars powers through Gemini and your career sector until May 15/16. This biannual event can help you take charge in a professional matter, or even consider what other options could be out there for you. Mars in Gemini loves variety. If you’re feeling stifled or restricted in a current role or position, Mars will bless you with confidence to make a choice that is right for you.
Throughout his tour of Gemini, Mars goes predominately unexpected. Thus, you may experience a level of independence, sovereignty or added confidence than normal. You might enter a sticky situation with a professional or personal partner on April 27, but a flexible approach can help you cut through any confusion.

This month’s lunations – a New Moon on the 5th and a Full Moon on the 19th highlight the financial houses in your solar chart.
The 5th may bring a fresh energy or a new attitude in respect to your debt, savings, investments or money that you share with someone else. Regardless of your situation, this energy is perfect for setting new goals. As the New Moon ruler Mars, activates your 10th house, it may be a professional move that invigorates your finances though a pay rise, promotion or a new job.
The Full Moon may signify the need to change some of your spending habits. As the Moon and it’s ruler Pisces, fall on the last degree of their respective signs, the ending of a current situation and the beginning of a new opportunity is possible.

April 17 sees Mercury, your patron planet shift into Aries and your joint finance sector. Here, you can take your penchant for details and sort through your finances. Aries is a take charge sign, so you can do the same. This might mean scouring through your overheads- can you get a better deal on your regular monthly overheads? Mercury in Aries can prompt you to initiate the necessary conversations needed around joint money too.

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With the Sun in your opposite sign of Aries until the 21st, relationships are under the spotlight. A New Moon in Aries on the 5th may help to bring a fresh start to a relationship or potentially meeting someone new.
Aries New Moon’s are ideal for setting intentions, goals and clarifying desires. Under this lunation, you might like to consider what YOU want out of a current or future pairing. With New Moon ruler Mars, in your 9th house, you’re encouraged to dream big. Perhaps traveling, learning or finding that illusive divine connection is what you’re longing for. Whatever is on your cosmic horizon at the moment, make it about you.

The 14/15th highlights a golden link between the brilliant Sun and joyous Jupiter. By keeping an open mind and an open heart, you might learn something new about your partner, or a person of influence may lend you their powerful support. One of the most positive aspects this month, the Sun and Jupiter promise progress and potential in a key relationship. The Full Moon on the 19th will light up your sign. Right at the very end of Libra, you may have reached the end of the line in a certain situation, romantic or otherwise. With Venus, the lunation ruler also at the very end of Pisces, this highlights that endings are required before changes can happen. A leap of faith and trusting in the unknown is the way to move forward.

Venus, your patron planet tours Pisces and your 6th house until April 20/21. This is an ideal period to pay extra attention on your health and wellbeing. Those little rituals, certain foods or habits that you know are good for you, but have either been too lazy or nonchalant about, are well worth paying attention to now. A little bit of exercise and better food choices can help you look and feel better both emotionally and physically.
The 12/13th looks positive for making small yet long lasting improvements while Venus connects with Saturn.

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April sees Venus in Pisces, making her sweet presence felt through your 5th house of joy, happiness, creativity and children.
With other low-key happenings in your solar chart this month, this is one of the better cosmic alignments for you. The 5th house is about life’s’ little pleasures, the things that brings you joy and the reasons you work as hard as you do. Where you can, carve out some space to indulge in a hobby or personal interest. It might be going to the cinema, seeing music or going to a sporting event. Catching up with friends, spending more time with children or scheduling a hot date are all favoured now. Even if you’re spoken for, you can heighten the romance between you with a date night or splurging on a special experience.

As April begins, Mars, your personal planet enters Gemini. Here, he fires up one of your financial sectors. Until May 15/16, use your natural investigative instincts to run a fine-tooth comb through your money, debts, savings and investments. Mars likes to take charge of things, and this once in every two-year visit can encourage you to tackle money issues that have lingered. Explore your options, ask the questions and do your research. No doubt there is a better deal to be had, you just need to find the confidence to ask for it.

With Jupiter’s tour through your 2nd house of money, hopefully you’ve been experiencing the boons of that year-long transit. As Mars makes his way to oppose Jupiter next month, April is your green light to get on top of your money, by researching ways it can work for you, rather than you working for it.

A golden link between the Sun and Jupiter on the 14/15th may signify a bonus, pay rise or promotion, or at the very least, recognition for the extra hours and hard work you’ve been putting in. If a cash flow boost does come your way then, channel it into paying down debt or lock it away in a savings account.

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April may be one of the most fortunate months of the year as the Sun in Aries lights up your fun 5th house. Until the 20/21st, topics including joy, happiness, children and romance will be spotlighted. You might put more of your energy, effort and attention toward what and whom bring you the most pleasure. A personal interest, a special romance or little humans may bring you fulfilling and happy experiences.
If you’ve been neglecting life’s little pleasures, a New Moon on the 5th can inspire you to make them an ongoing priority.
While Jupiter continues in your sign, the Sun will form an alliance, known as a trine on the 14/15th. Joy and generosity are highlighted then, so if possible, make room for what matters to your most.

Action planet Mars enters Gemini where it will remain until May 15/16. This once in every two-year tour will fire up your relationships. Whether personal or professional, you can adopt a take charge attitude with others. You might be a little more outspoken at work or choose to take the lead where you may otherwise take things easy. In a relationship setting, Mars’ spicy influence can help re-invigorate a tired love routine. Get curious about what makes your partner tick, try new experiences and keep things fresh, light and flirty.

Your circle of friends comes under focus on the 19th thanks to the Full Moon in Libra. The 11th house in your solar horoscope is your luckiest, so you may experience good fortune and added support from your friends, networks or professional peers at the Moon grows full.

April 20/21 sees the Sun light up your hard work sector, where shortly thereafter will meet restless Uranus on the 23rd. With the added joy, pleasure and happiness that the majority of April as offered, this aspect may prompt some sudden shifts in the way your prioritise your time. Adjusting your obligations and responsibilities to allow for more work-related freedom and independence may prompt a shift in perspective.

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Action planet Mars fires through your 6th house of hard work as he tours Gemini until May 15/16. Mars in the 6th house seems to set a punishing pace. It reminds me of that scene in Gladiator where Commodus the Emperor tells the story of ‘busy little bees.’ Not that you’ll be conspiring the destruction of Rome, but you’ll definitely be busy behind the scenes working on plans or projects you’ve got your eye on.
Mars in Gemini can be scattered at times. Variety is the spice of life after all, however, distraction, like procrastination can be the thief of time. Use your ability to set firm boundaries and apply that to your time management over these next six weeks, and you’ll be amazed at the progress.
A New Moon on the 5th can inspire a new energy in your domestic life. The Aries New Moon is a potent energy for new goals and beginnings at home. What seeds can you plant in your living situation, family relationships or real estate matters that you’d like to see blossom over the next six – twelve months? Whatever your goal, you’ll have the energy, determination and focus to make it happen- just be sure to not overthink things too much.

Two powerful alignments occur in your sign in April involving the South Node, Saturn and Pluto. This is a deep and transformative month that may stir up the more emotional components of the recent streamlining, decluttering or purifying process you’ve undergone. It might pay off to be gentle on yourself in April. The temptation to bury your head in work or distraction is strong, but would be wise to avoid. Feel the feelings, let them be. Be still. Be emotional. Allow yourself that… please.

Speaking of work, choices may be required under the Full Moon that happens on the 19th. This suggests a turning point is possible. New opportunities are opening up for you, but you can’t stay on solid ground in order to take a leap of faith.

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April invites you to put fun firmly on your radar as Mars tours Gemini. In your 5th house of joy, happiness and pleasure, this month, you might like to kick back a little and enjoy some of life’s simplest pleasures.
Until May 15/16 you may pour your energy into a creative outlet or something that you’re passionate about. Mars visits your 5th house just once every 2 years, so you might opt to resurrect a hobby that you’ve neglected.
Good times are highlighted. If you’re single, you might get motivated to try dating again. If you’re spoken for, Mars in your romance zone can inspire you to rekindle a spark.
Children are also a feature of the 5th house. Spending more time with children, or grandchildren may bring lightness and laughter too.
During his time in Gemini, Mars doesn’t make any significant links to other planets, suggesting that you’ve got free reign to have fun. A link from Neptune on the 27th however, may remind you that having a good time doesn’t have to break your budget.

Speaking of money, you have Venus in Pisces to enjoy until April 20/21. Her sweet influence can help you attract extra cash. This could be negotiating a better package at work, or if you’re self-employed, you could attract a well-paying client. Venus reaches her favourite position in the entire zodiac on April 17/18, which may signal fortunate financial developments then.

This month’s lunations light up your 3rd and 9th houses. Your curiosity for learning, travel and adventure may prompt you to wonder what might be possible for you. The 5th is a great time to reconnect with the concept of ritual- those little things you do that make you feel at your best. It may be setting a goal to read more, write more or even connect with a sibling or neighbour. The 19th may inspire your big picture dreams under the Libra Full Moon. If you’re wanting a life changing experience, this lunation will remind you that a comfort zone will need to be stretched to make it happen.

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April’s lunations show potential progress financially under the New Moon in Aries on the 5th. If you’ve got money goals, set some time aside then to plan out what you want to achieve money-wise over the next 6- 12 months.
A brilliant link between the Sun and Jupiter on the 15/16 show progress and potential where you may receive a cash flow boost, or at the least, recognition and reward for your work so far. This alignment is quite special so if a raise or promotion is on the cards, you may receive good news about it then. If you work for yourself, your business may see more exposure, leading to an increase of clients and/or profit.

Attention will be needed to the other portion of your financial life on the 19th when the Moon grows full in Libra. In your 8th sector of joint finance, debt, loans, savings and investment, choice are highlighted around these themes. Money shared in relationship can be a touchy topic, but addressing it is the only way forward. As the Moon’s light illuminates your debt sector, you’ll gain clarity about what you own and owe. More so than most, this Full Moon highlights a turning point leading to a new beginning.

Action planet Mars in Gemini will invigorate your 4th house of home, family and your domestic life until May 15/16. You might like to Spring clean or declutter your living space then. DIY projects are possible as well as organising trades or repair people if you’re renovating. Family matter may come under focus now as well. With Mars’ outspoken attitude, you might be more forthright in getting your point across at home or dealing with any family conflicts with confidence.

Venus in your own sign until the 20/21st can help attract any support, sweetness or kindness you need. Venus loves a splurge, so you might opt to shout yourself a special treat or indulgence. Updating your wardrobe, arranging a hair appointment or generally spoiling yourself more often will be important. If you can arrange something extra special or out of the ordinary on April 17/18, then do it!

If you'd like to explore your personal astrology chart, my consultations are half price through Venus in Pisces. For details and bookings