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February begins with a bang as your patron planet grinds against powerful Pluto. This planetary duo has a ‘leave no stone unturned’ feel to it, which may be a productive way to begin the month, especially if late January threw you a curve ball or two.
This tense aspect can highlight deeper questions about power, control and who’s really in charge. As your deepest desires come under focus, you may need to consider where the balance of power really lies.

The 9th offers an opportunity to consider your options as Mars creates an angle with the karmic lunar nodes. Consider you current patterns and methods of operation, and whether you’re comfortable with the way things are, or not. The cosmos is delivering you a proverbial sliding doors moment, where choices about home and family and career may need to be made.

The 13th brings February’s highlight in the form of the fusion between Mars and Uranus in your sign, not to be seen again in our lifetime. This volatile meeting may close the door on a chapter of individuation and authenticity you’ve been striving for over the last 8 years.
The mood shifts significantly as Mars then moves into cool, calm and steady Taurus. Here, you can put your efforts toward financial matters and that of your own self-worth for the next 6 weeks.

The 4th sees Venus shimmer her magnetic charm through your career sector until very early March. There’s a fair bit of challenging astro action in this part of your horoscope through 2019, so putting Venus to good work would be wise. Updating your resume, online platforms or even your personal appearance will be well worth the effort now. With a New Moon in your friendships and luck sector on the 5th, be sure to planet a social seed that may blossom over the coming months. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


Your lucky star Venus, enters Capricorn and your adventure zone from the 4th. There’s a series of dim stars in your adventure and discovery zone throughout this year. Venus’ vibes here through until early March may prompt some big questions about the meaning of life, why you’re doing the things you’re doing and whether it’s bringing you joy. The realisation that the smooth, glossy varnish has lost its sheen and has begun to blister and peel. The sooner you begin the painful yet necessary process of sanding down the wood, you can reveal its essence. Only then, you can re-varnish it and return it to its former glory, even better than before.
Venus will join planetary heavyweights Saturn and Pluto on the 18th and 23rd and finally, on the 26th will fuse with the South Node. Even though things may not turn out the way you wanted, it’s likely that there’s something better in store.

You’ll have energetic Mars on your side to help you push through from the 14th, where the red planet will remain until March 31. It’s been two years since you’ve had the return of Mars fire up your mojo. Putting your own wants and desires first may feel selfish, but it’s your best option now. This new cycle may inspire you towards a passion pursuit or a personal interest that you’ve left on the back burner since March/April 2017. Mars will reinforce your passion, endurance and desire, helping you push through the more difficult parts of February.

A New Moon in your career sector on the 5th falls close to communication planet Mercury. There may be a flurry of ideas, new insights or possibilities to consider when it comes to your professional path and your overall life direction. A Saturn/Neptune link may make it seem that the impossible has become possible, but may be wise to hold back on making a bold move or choice for now.
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Curious Mercury, your sovereign star moves into Pisces and your career sector from the 10th, where the quicksilver planet will remain until mid-April. Thus, February begins a long celestial period of focus on your professional path and overall life direction.
Thanks to Neptune, also in Pisces, there will a series of tricky aspects that may bring similar yet different themes that played out during Mercury’s backward tour in December 2018. The opportunity to broach a topic or find some kind of common ground before confusion reigns supreme is possible on the 4th.

The 19th and 23rd see Neptune and then Jupiter in Sagittarius continue their part in an ongoing role opportunities and confusion. Tension is possible between your professional dreams and the ideals of a romantic or business partner. Just prior to slipping into Pisces, Mercury forms an encouraging aspect to unpredictable Uranus. An overseas connection, a friend or associate may bring a flash of insight or a new piece of information that may put a proverbial, yet exciting spanner in the works. This could be the link that prompts a surprising or unexpected turn in events professionally, romantically, or both.

The 4th sees Venus enter your 8th sector of finance, where the magnetic planet joins an otherwise series of somber planetary placements. Over recent months, you’ve learning a lot about how you invest your time, energy and resources into other people. Venus in Capricorn until early March promotes an evaluation of time wasters, energy vampires, helping you negotiate an improved exchange of energy with those you love or do business with.

The 5th sees the New Moon in Aquarius bring the promise of new horizons opening when it comes to travel, writing projects or any foreign interests. With your ruler so close to this lunation, an influx of new ideas and opportunities may come flooding in. Plant the seed of possibility, work with ideas and concepts rather than solid plans for the time being.
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A big chunk of February’s action belongs in your relationship and shared resource sectors. Fresh insights are on offer about the physical, emotional and financial investments of a particular partnership. A New Moon on the 5th provides a restart and a new angle to contemplate. A plethora of ideas about how you could do things, thanks to curious Mercury may prompt you to want to make immediate plans or changes. At the New Moon, your ruler has no light and she’s located in a hidden part of your horoscope. Avoid pushing the envelope now. Flow with ideas, but let them grow legs of their own accord.

With serious Saturn, powerful Pluto and the karmic South Node, it may feel like your partnerships, either professional, personal or both are in some kind of celestial battlefield. Love planet Venus offers some of her joyful goodness as she makes her presence felt from the 4th. Even though her light is diminished by some other potent planets, take the good while it’s on offer. Go the extra mile if you need to, but avoid overstretching yourself. The 18th, 23rd and 26th are particularly powerful for nutting out relationship issues. With your natural penchant for side-stepping tricky issues, confronting your challenges head on this month will give you the clarity you deserve.
A bold move or a sudden change in direction when it comes to your career and life direction is possible on the 13th. Mars in Aries fuses with electric Uranus for the final time in over 80 years. Events may provide a proverbial fork in the road moment. The opportunity for increased freedom, independence and authenticity awaits, if you’re brave enough to make a choice that’s right for you.

With a fair bit of heavy astro in the most dynamic parts of your solar horoscope, action planet Mars fires up your 11th sector from the 14th. For the next 6 weeks, the red planet will call your social circles and your hopes and dreams for the future home. Focus on friendships will energise your spirit.
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A New Moon on the 4th may kickstart a relationship that’s gone through a recent rough patch. With Mercury in the mix, a key point here is communication and creating a dialogue where both of you are seen, heard and understood. Talking is one thing, but communicating takes real effort. A part of the problem may have to do with time and matching expectations.

Speaking of time, Venus begins her tour of Capricorn on the 4th, offering a little support to an already cruelling schedule. Some tough choices about the way you priortise your time and your health are on the cosmic table on the 18th, 23rd and 26th. Communicating your needs and delegating non-essential tasks can free up some of both your time and energy.
The Sun, your ruling star links with Jupiter on the 8th/9th. This auspicious connection lights up your fun, romance and creativity sector, ideal for bringing lightness, joy and happiness back into your life. Children may be a source of benevolence or a creative project may be ready to reveal.

A link to exciting Uranus on the 18th may highlight an overseas connection, a publishing project or the desire for discovery and adventure, which can see you shine your light brighter and further than you thought possible.

Finances are also highlighted by a Full Moon on the 20th. This illuminates that things may not all be as it seems when it comes to your cash flow and overheads. Mercury begins a long and messy tour of Pisces and your money zone from the 10th, lasting two months. This financial phase may spotlight where you’re leaking money through entertainment, a romantic interest or with children.
Action planet Mars makes his once in every 2 year visit to your career and life direction zone, from the 14th. Firing up plans or projects that have been on the backburner since then can re-ignite a spark that may light into a flame come March. Love the insight? You can get your year ahead horoscope here!


The New Moon on the 5th breathes some fresh air into your routine, schedule and overall time management. With your ruler Mercury in the mix, attending to details, logistics and how you go about business and busyness is highlighted. Look for ways you can streamline your time so you can enjoy doing more of what you love.

Speaking of which, love planet Venus moves into Capricorn on the 4th and calls your joy sector home until early March. With a series of planets making their heavy presence felt here, Venus can help you remember what is good about love, romance and children. You may opt for more of the simple things in life, especially on the 18th, 23rd and 26th as Venus makes a series of challenging planetary alignments. By March, you’ll have a deeper understanding about what it really means to be joyful, happy and truly connected.

Your ruling planet Mercury shifts into your relationship sector from the 10th, embarking upon a long journey lasting until mid-April. Waves of confusion are likely as you’ll seek to know what you don’t know. Over thinking will only cause you problems and unnecessary stress, especially on the 19th and 23rd. Issues involving family, living arrangements or real estate that were a source of stress of confusion in December 2018 may rear their head again.

Action planet Mars moves into Taurus on the 14th and invigorates your sector of discovery, learning and travel. It’s been 2 years since the red planet fired up possibilities beyond the here and now. This part of your solar horoscope is about to under a major shake- up where getting out of your comfort zone is going to be a major theme. Use February’s astrology to keep your eye on the bigger picture as you sort through the minute.
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February sees much celestial focus on your home and family life. Venus, your ruing star enters Capricorn on the 4th and begins a month- long tour of your domestic scene. There’s a lot of heavy energy in this part of your horoscope this year, so Venus may provide some welcome relief.
It may be necessary to come to terms with issues you’ve been avoiding or the proverbial skeletons in the family closet. It may be up to you to get the ball rolling on family matters. The 18th, 23rd and 26th are especially featured for pushing your agenda at home.

Sparks might fly in a certain relationship, either personal or professional. As Mars in Aries moves up to volatile Uranus, and they make their final fusion on the 13th, the lid may blow off the proverbial boiling pot. Lingering issues from the last 2 years may prompt a clean break that can see you liberated, authentic and free.
If your relationships status isn’t quite so temperamental, this planetary pairing may add a good dose of excitement, unpredictability and passion.

New Moon in your happiness sector on the 5th can remind you of the simple pleasures in life. This may be the joy of children, spending more time doing what you love or may even plant the seed of a new romance. With Mercury in the mix, there is a social element to this lunation where the conversations and contacts made, may make the seemingly impossible, become possible.

The 14th puts focus on your finances over the next 6 weeks while Mars visits your joint money zone. A confident approach can help you deal with any financial issues, especially those that involve a marital or business partner. Fortune favours the brave and as the weeks progress, becoming increasingly open to new ways of working with money, debt and investments is possible.
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A final pairing between Mars and Uranus in Aries on the 13th can help break you out of a rut. If you’ve been stuck in deadlines or the general monotony of administrivia, this potent planetary pairing may prompt you to take charge of your time. Delegating tasks or simply making more authentic choices is possible.
After that dramatic action, Mars then slips into your relationship zone from the 14th. Until the end of March, a confident attitude in romantic or business matters can help you set the precedent of longer relationship cycles that are on the horizon. Mars goes after what it wants so it will be beneficial as you move forward, that you do the same. A wishy-washy attitude won’t go down well now.
Apart from Mars, the rest of the stars are currently situated in the lower portion of your solar horoscope. Getting what you want in love and in life starts with establishing what your own desires are.

There’s some movement and fresh possibility in regards to your domestic situation and your overall family life. After eclipse related turbulence over the last couple of years, a New Moon on the 5th can help you plant the seeds about where you see yourself living, with whom and what that might look like. Thinking, planning and coming up with ideas is promised, but hold off on making any fast moves for a while longer.

The New Moon aligns closely with the longer running cycle of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Keep note of what happens on the 4th,8th and 9th as those days may give a clue to how your home life and your income are linked, particularly over the next 6 months.

The Full Moon on the 20th illuminates the lucky 11th house and a prominent star that symbolizes success and prominence. Clear visions formed earlier in the month can help you make wise choices as the silver circle culminates.
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Lucky star Venus moves into your money zone from the 4th, where she’ll remain until early March. This may feel like sweet relief with such a powerhouse of planetary heavyweights current influencing your finances.
A trickle of extra cash may boost the coffers during this period, however, it will be important to hold on to as much as you can. The other planets in Capricorn now are testing your relationship to money and the way you value both it, and yourself. This isn’t a time to rest on your laurels of past patterns with abundance. While Venus does lend cosmic support, her influence is brief. Standing up for yourself and your money on the 18th, 23rd and 26th won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

A New Moon on the 5th with curious Mercury in the mix may signify opportunities for self-development and improvement. The 8/9th may see a new piece of information or a fresh perspective that can totally change the way you view a particular situation. Thinking big picture is your strong suite and making good on a seemingly fleeting opportunity may help you turn your ship around.

No such thing as a free lunch though, and as Mars moves into Taurus, the red planet will charge through your hard work sector for the following 6 weeks. While Mars in this part of your solar horoscope will set a punishing pace, you’ll be reminded of that the freedom you seek and the hard work it takes to achieve it, are not mutually exclusive.
It may feel like you’ve got a very steep mountain to climb as February begins, but as this month rolls into the next, you’ll see how the stars have aligned for you to find the independence and sovereignty you long for.
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Your mood may improve from the 4th as sweet Venus moves into your sign until the beginning of March. A few little luxuries along the way may help lift your spirits. A new outfit, a special purchase or something that brings you a little joy will be well-deserved.
Speaking of what you deserve, Venus does hold some associations about value and worth. While she’s in Capricorn, you may consider the ways you’ve sold yourself short or settled for less. The 18th, 23rd and 26th see Venus navigate some pretty tough terrain. You may need to hold fast on what if true and right for you, no matter how hard it feels, it will be worth it.
The recent eclipse story over the past 18 months have helped you reshape your relationship to money and abundance. The New Moon on the 5th sees the first lunation that actually promises the hope of new beginnings since then. With curious Mercury in the mix, new information or a fresh insight that you’ve yet to consider may be your clue to improving your wealth. Saturn, the ruler of the New Moon is in your sign, a reminder that if it’s change you want, it has to start with you.

It’s been 2 years since action planet Mars fired up your creative and happiness sector. The cosmic green light has been signaled for you to take charge of the way you experience fun and joy from the 14th. You’ll have 6 weeks to pour some energy into a passion pursuit, rekindle the embers of a dulling romance or spark up a new one or spend more time with children. This part of your life is set for a cosmic shake up that starts in March. Directing some attention and focus on joy now will be a sign of new and exciting things to come.
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The promise of a new beginning comes in the shape of a New Moon in your sign on the 5th. It’s not a dramatic or draining eclipse, just a regular lunation which may feel like a relief. With curious Mercury in the mix, a new revelation, insight or idea that comes from a dream or intuitive guidance may reveal the path forward. Collate your ideas and information, but hold off on making any rash or hasty decisions just yet.
Mercury is in super slow mode right now and will soon spend a 2- month long journey in your cash flow sector, starting on the 10th. If you feel overwhelmed or confused about money, then where possible, the need to go slow can help. Some of the tension you may be under could stem from a well-intentioned friend or an opportunity that beckons, but still feel uncertain about.

A rare link between your patron planet Saturn and inspired Neptune can help you dream up a new reality and make it manifest. Pay close attention to the deep desires within your soul, but seem out of reach due to finances or a lack of confidence. Balancing caution with possibility is encouraged.

Energy planet Mars moves into your home and family sector and can help you get motivated around the house from the 14th. This 6- week cycle can help you clarify some of your domestic goals that have been put on the back burner over the last 2 years. Mars is a decisive planet, but in Taurus he’s a little slower to make up his mind. There is set to be a lot of movement on the home front shortly, so February is an ideal period to decide what it is you really want out of your domestic life.
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Friendship and good fortune are highlighted as Venus moves into Capricorn and your lucky 11th house. This may feel like a much-needed dose of sweet relief with so much heavyweight planetary action already there. There are some big karmic lessons about the past, boundaries and power imbalances with your social circles, both online and in real life. Venus may bring attention to who is really in your corner this month and who isn’t. She may also illuminate a few insights as to why you keep certain people in your life. The 18th, 23rd and 26th may bring a confronting, yet ultimately empowering reality.
Passion planet Mars has been firing up your cash zone since the beginning of the year. The 13th sees a volatile meeting with Uranus in Aries, that may bring an electric crescendo to the longer cycle that has been in play for the last 8 years. New insights revelations about money, abundance and your self-worth can be had. This ‘me first’ planetary pairing can help you put your own financial desires at the top of your priority list.
As Mars makes forms a tense angle between the karmic lunar nodes on the 9th, a choice about breaking from past patterns so you can embrace your own sovereignty and authenticity in relation to making money is possible.

Mercury begins his 2- month journey through your sign beginning on the 10th, furthering the ‘you first’ themes. A part of this may be about slowing right down, getting to know yourself better and discovering what really makes you tick.

A Full Moon on the 20th spotlights your partnership sector. As the celestial focus is firmly on their rising into prominence then, you might need to consider how much of your own personal and career goals are you willing to compromise for their success.
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