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Mars, your personal planet continues through Taurus and your cash zone throughout March. Since February 14/15 Mars has been in Taurus, heralding your once-in-every-2-year chance to really take charge of money matters. This may mean having to shake up your usual approach to finance thanks to Uranus re-entering Taurus on the 6th. You got a taste of what this 8-year cycle might indicate for you from May – November last year. Despite your reputation as a ‘gung-ho’ Aries, when it comes to cash, you prefer security and stability more than people realise. Uranus invites new perspectives on how to accumulate and protect your nest egg. Regardless of your financial status, Uranus’ entrance occurs within hours of a New Moon. The first week of March may be well spent in contemplation of the changes you could adopt in order to improve your financial outlook.
Some of these contemplations may reveal issues around your contribution beyond the material. If you’re the proverbial work horse without getting your due reward or recognition, then you might be ready to ruffle some feathers and instigate some major changes.
Once the dust begins to settle, you might be pleasantly pleased by the progress that’s possible on the 14th and 20th. Links to Saturn and Pluto suggest that those in positions of authority or power may acknowledge your efforts and reward you accordingly.

The Equinox on the 21st sees the ingress of the Sun into Aries- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! At the same time, a brilliant Full Moon will illuminate your relationships, both professional and personal. Amazing opportunities to turn a corner are promised, but some negotiation and compromise will be required.

Along with your money, it’s your most private sector, known as the 12th house that’s also highly active this month. With a Mercury retrograde cycle through Pisces, your might notice your dreams become more intense, vivid and seemingly psychic. Pay attention the to the non-verbal communication cues that you notice throughout March. They’ll reveal more to you than applying practical logic can.
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Since mid-February, you might have been enjoying a take charge approach to life. The good news is that this continues for the entirety of March. Now in the third month of 2019, Mars in your sign can support you in re-invigorating your New Year resolutions or renewing your commitments to what counts.

The biggest news however is Uranus’ coming back into your sign. You might have heard a lot about this cycle of change. My personal advice to you is to embrace it. Even if it’s just the little things like switching up your daily habits, saying yes to something when you’d normally say no, or even….are you waiting for it…. do something spontaneous, unplanned or unexpected.
Uranus hasn’t come to your sign to irritate or challenge you. The upheavals and disruptions it’s renowned for is because parts of your life, habits or attitudes need updating. This doesn’t mean having to throw the baby out with the bath water, but it does mean being open to experimentation and newness. You’ll never know, unless you give it a go! Even if you’re fully content and happy with your lot in life, Uranus will be intent on showing your there’s room for improvement. Do your best to adopt an ethos of openness and curiosity, especially if your proverbial wall comes down at the idea of change. Remember you’re better off to bend a little, than break.

Venus, your ruling star moves into Aquarius, your career sign, on the 2nd where she’ll remain until the 27th. This can highlight some of your most fortunate career developments for the year. As such, you might be inspired to put your best foot forward and update your working wardrobe or your professional profile. If you’re on the job interview circuit, Venus’ grace and charm may lead to establishing some solid connections.

The Full Moon on the 21st may provide a turning point in a current job or line of work. A promotion or posting may be on the horizon as Venus links with Jupiter. Full Moon’s often indicate seeing something in a new light. With everything else that’s going on in your solar horoscope right now, you might make choice that sees your working life become better aligned with who you are becoming.

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Australians know of the importance of swimming between the flags. This is the area of the beach that the lifesavers on duty deem as the safest area for swimming. If you go beyond the flags, you’ll likely encounter rips or other dangerous surf conditions.
With your penchant for scattering your energy and allowing distraction to set you off course, March may feel like you’re swimming outside the flags. As Mercury, your personal planet retrogrades through the sign of Pisces, it may feel like life hits you with a giant wave. Just as you recover and get back on your feet, then, out of nowhere, another wave crashes into you. As you’re struck by a ‘dumper,’ (Aussie for very large wave) for a moment, you’re lost and at total mercy of the power of the sea.
As Mercury reverses through your career and life direction sector, you may feel continually hit with dumpers. While initially invigorating and exciting, you will have no idea what’s going on. Dazed and confused as you attempt to rub the salt water from your eyes, you decide just to enjoy what the waves bring. That temporary feeling of not knowing, of surrender and release.

As a Gemini, you thrive on the facts and information. This month will be like getting hit by a series of waves. Like frolicking at the beach, when you see wave come in, you can dive under it and straight into the unknown. Another option is to try and figure out what the wave might do, consider your options and by that time, the dumper got you. Perhaps this horoscope isn’t making much sense- that’s the point. This March, loosen the need to know and the facts will eventually reveal themselves

Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from March 4 -27. The 16th and 25th bring the potential for an amazing opportunity that may seem completely overwhelming, confusing or discombobulating. It will be your choice to dive right in or try and figure things out and possibly, get dumped.

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The New Moon on the 7th encourages broadening your perspectives, ideas or even your personal philosophies on life. From the 9th house of your solar horoscope, whatever endeavors you embark upon now will be exceptionally supportive to you. This might mean booking an overseas trip, taking course in something that interests you, or broadening your publishing possibilities online. If you’ve held a dream inside your heart, expanding upon your creative desires and dreaming big can highlight your potential. As this lunation conjoins dreamy Neptune, the more far-flung or seemingly unrealistic the idea or concept, the more likely it is to blossom.

In combination to the New Moon, communication planet Mercury will reverse through Pisces from the 4th – 27th. Under this ebb and flow influence, whatever you begin now will likely remain in flux. Details may change or cross-wires may confuse. Hold tight to the dreams inside your heart, they may take extra time to start to materialize. Lucky planet Venus moves into Pisces on the 27th, just as the confusion begins to die down. April will see some of March’s effort begin to manifest.

Your relationships including romantic, professional as well as platonic are the most active during March. Mars continues through Taurus, firing up your friendships and alliances. Taking charge of establishing new and maintaining existing connections is your key to progress this month.
Uranus will come back to Taurus on the 7th, remaining for the next 8 years. March may initiate a series of events that will be a clue to the changes you’ll witness in your social circles over the next several years. The sentimental side of you might not like to seemingly lose some valued alliances, but on the other hand, Uranus will shake things up, so only the solid ones remain.

The Full Moon on the 21st will highlight the balance between career direction and domestic life or with those you call family. Full Moons indicate turning points or the need to make a choice. As your ruler lights up your family zone, you might see something you where unaware of before, especially in regards to money or hidden family secrets.

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The beginning of a new era in your professional path and life direction thanks to Uranus’ re-entry into Taurus starts this month. You might have got a taste of this profound cycle of change that leads to authenticity between May and November of last year.
Renowned for brining breakdowns before breakthroughs, March may witness the initial tremors that occur before earthquakes. While this may seem a little scary to read, pay attention to the warning signs that are around you. It might be that nagging feeling that comes up within you every now and then that you’re simply not happy in your job. It might be whispers in the office that a restructure is being planned. The warning signs in whichever way they come are there, take notice of them.
For the entirety of March, you’ve got Mars on side to help you take charge of the situation. You might be inspired to strike out in a new bold direction or initiate plans about how to create more sovereignty and independence professionally.

Mercury embarks upon a retrograde phase in your money zone from the 4th -27th. This is an opportune time to go through your finances and your expenses. Backtracking through bank statements and invoices may highlight areas that need tightening up. If you’re leaking money through increased overheads, you might research your options on getting a better deal elsewhere. You may save some money by changing companies who provide you with basic services like gas, electricity or the internet.

Relationships are sweetened from the 2nd – 27th thanks to Venus in Aquarius. This is an ideal time to extend the warmth and generosity you’re known for in a key partnership, either professional or personal. If you’re looking for increased support and connection, engaging in intellectual banter and adopting an experimental attitude can increase togetherness. The 21st looks especially radiate as Venus aligns with Jupiter. A change in your fortune regarding a romantic interest or a creative pursuit can provide the happiness you’ve been looking for.

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Partnerships are on the cosmic radar throughout March.
A New Moon in Pisces aligns with dreamy Neptune, prompting you to find perfection in the mundane. Neptune is a planet that symbolizes the surreal and is escapist in nature. This may help rekindle a connection that has grown dull or predictable. A weekend away, a romantic date or simply escaping the clutches of a demanding schedule and making room for someone special can bring you closer together.
Neptune also speaks to fantasy and idealism. As your patron planet Mercury, also back tracks through Pisces and your relationship sector, you may need extra time and space to separate the facts from the fantasy.
You may need to work through crossed-wires and miscommunications that have been blown out of proportion. The secret to success here lies in saying what you mean and meaning what you say. It may seem harsh to be on the receiving end of that, but being honest and upfront is the kindest thing you can do. From the 4th – 27th, consider the ways you can improve your communication to ensure that you’re on the same page as your special someone. It may help to re-visit a shared dream or goal for the future and decide if that is what you both still aspire to.

If you’re unattached, you may seek to share inspired and soulful connections with key people in your life, either with close friends’ professional partners or new people that cross your path.
Alluring Venus will enter Pisces just as Mercury winds up his reverse cycle. Bringing additional sweetness and connection to the cosmic table, her cycle will help smooth out any snafus or confusion from earlier in the month. A Full Moon on the 21st lights up your cash flow sector. Ruled by Venus, this lunation is supported by generous Jupiter. Through your consistent effort, you might be rewarded through a raise or promotion or a sideline hussle may show signs of taking off.

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Venus, your personal star moves into your fun, romance and creativity sector from the 2nd -27th. This is your cosmic signal to priorities joy and happiness this month. Spending more time doing what you love and with whom you love is highlighted.
Venus’ time in Aquarius and the 5th sector of your solar horoscope is predominately free of planetary interaction. In other words, you’re free to fill you cup by nourishing your soul and simply being free and happy. A lucky link from Jupiter on the 21st may bring additional joy or a golden opportunity you didn’t expect.
Your sign is lit up by the Full Moon on the 21st. As this occurs at the same time as the Equinox, this further highlights themes of balance. If you’ve been over accommodating others at the cost of your own happiness, it may be time to turn that ship around. As Venus and Mars form a tense link, it’s likely that you’ll encounter some resistance to your choices. Those who are the least supportive of your new need for healthy boundaries and self-care are probably those who benefited from you putting them, instead of yourself first.

A Mercury retrograde phase through your 6th sector will highlight the need to re-schedule, re-plan and re-organize. Time management is a key theme of this area of your solar horoscope. As Mercury backtracks, you’ll need to re-work some of your commitments so you can free up some precious time.
If you’re looking to incorporate some new healthy habits, establish new routines and improve your organizational skills overall, a New Moon on the 7th can help you kickstart progress.

Mars continues what he started mid-February, encouraging you to take charge in matters of the financial variety. Debts, savings and investments are all spotlighted and with Uranus’ entrance from the 7th, which continues for 8 years, you can expect big shift in the way you manage money you share with other people.

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As your ruling planet spends the entire month of March in your relationship zone, this is where much of your energy and effort remains.
You might opt to take the lead in a professional or romantic pairing or be more assertive about what it is you want. Old patterns in love will be shaken up this month as disruptive Uranus settles into Taurus from the 7th, where it will remain for the next 8 years. You got a preview of this back in May – November of last year. If you’re tired of the drama or repeating the same relationship habits, Uranus will demand that you operate from a place of authenticity with others. You’ll wish to establish and maintain connections with those who you can deeply resonate with. Tyre kickers, time wasters or people who don’t know what they want need not apply.

Mercury back tracks through your romance and creativity sector from March 4 -27. This can help you rethink what’s ideal for you when it comes to matters of the heart. If you’re on the dating scene, tread carefully. As Mercury interacts with Neptune, someone who appears to be too good to be true, probably is. If you’re spoken for, it may be worthwhile planning a date night or a romantic getaway. This can help rekindle the romance and reconnect to the dreams and desires you both share, which may include children.

Venus tours your domestic scene from the 2nd – 27th. Under her sweet influence, you might like to beautify your living space or spend more time at home. Venus loves to socialize and bring people together. You might opt to entertain family or friends at home.

A link with Jupiter on the 21st may see you splash some cash on trinkets that make you living space feel like a place you want to be. An investment in art, furnishings or updating your IT infrastructure so you can hear your favourite music or watch movies is an option too.

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New dreams for the future may emerge when it comes to your family and domestic life under the New Moon on the 7th. Alongside inspired Neptune, creating a vision or ideal for the way you hope things might be is the first step in realising it.
There is a catch though and that comes in the form of Mercury moving backwards through this same area of your solar horoscope. From the 4th -27th you’ll have trickster Mercury issuing his usual retrograde madness through crossed-wires, miscommunications and general snafus. This won’t be the ideal period for initiating plans or launching into action, but rather, just let the ideas and concepts float around the ethers.
One of the underlining issues with this cycle is aligning your vision for the future with someone else’s fantasy. With Jupiter in your sign, it’s all about you now, as it should be. It may be that you want to take a course of action, or have a wild idea or plan, but you’re facing resistance on the home front. Keeping your cool and remaining flexible will be your key to riding the waves of confusion that permeate the month ahead.

The 27th sees Venus enter Pisces just as Mercury begins to shift gears and head in straight direction again. Venus can help smooth the waters and facilitate the process of reconnection, replacing confusion for calm. Under her influence, togetherness is supported, helping you keep focus on the big picture.

Uranus settles into your 6th sector from the 6th where it will remain for 8 years. Combined with Mars until the end of the month, March may be a proverbial ‘head down, bum up’ month for you. This punishing pace may remind you of the importance of efficient scheduling and setting realistic limits and time frames when it comes to your workload. March may be a preview of how your work life may shift and change moving forward.

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Getting your point across is likely to be tricky this month as Mercury retrogrades through your communication sector from the 4th – 27th.
Even though you might know what you mean, other people may be baffled as your direct and clear approach becomes more explorative as you toy with ideas and concepts.
The regular Mercury retrograde issues will also apply. When it comes to your daily travels, general logistics and planning, double check the details and allow extra time for snafus or mistakes as you go about your day. All happening in one of your sectors involved with learning and study, an overwhelm of new information may take longer than usual to process. As a rule, you have a very sharp sense of what is right for you and what isn’t. This retrograde cycle invites you to explore all the new information you’ve gathered since December and decipher what you want to incorporate into your personal philosophy and what you don’t.
Returning to ritual can help relax your mind and re-establish calm. A ritual could mean anything that restores your sense of balance like a gym session, a yoga class, reading a book or even a wine!

The Full Moon on the 21st spotlights your career sector. This is a potent lunation as it occurs at the same time as the Equinox. Full Moons highlight turning points that require choices. This time, it may be about re-establishing the balance between your career and life direction and your domestic and family life. As Venus and Mars clash under the same time, coming to a compromise involving money and children is possible.

Action planet Mars continues through your 5th house of romance, children and creativity until the end of the month. The time, energy, effort and resources you invest into whom and what brings you joy can help you re-establish your personal empowerment. Through your own gusty determinism, what was once an insurmountable obstacle may actually work in your favour on the 14th and 20th.

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The month begins with sweet Venus entering your sign, where she’ll remain until the 27th. This personal cycle can help you reclaim your joy and attract a heightened level of support. If you’re looking to get social or do more of what makes you happy, then Venus tour of your sign goes uninhibited for the most part.
The New Moon kickstarts new potential with cash and money from the 7th. Conjoined Neptune, this inspired influence can help you dream up new ways to encounter cash. A sense of intuitive knowing about a plan or project may be well worth exploring. Whether it’s a sideline hussle or your scoping for a raise or promotion, gaining traction will be tricky thanks to Mercury’s retrograde phase.
From the 4th -27th, Mercury will back track through your money sector. This is an ideal time to count your pennies and make every penny count. Big plans for the future are possible, but it will be important to know where you’re leaking money before a grand plan can manifest.
An opportunity may arise around the 16th through a friend, colleague or alliance. It will be imperative to take your time so you can discern whether your ideas about how to move forward align.
If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed the foundations of your life have been a little unstable since May last year. The last few months have seen things settle, only to get shaky again. Uranus in Taurus and in your 4th sector of home and family begins on the 6th and continues for the next 8 years. There will be ripples of change coming through this month, some large, some small and some that you feel are coming, but may be in denial about. Taking charge of the situation is possible as Mars makes waves here until April. Rather than avoiding what lies ahead, face it head on and remember you’re better to bend than to break.

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By this time next month, you might be glad to see the back of March.
You probably know a lot about Mercury retrograde periods and the one from the 4th -27th is in your sign. This may highlight a period of profound introspection where you begin to really think about yourself, what inspires you, what drives your curiosity as well as some of life’s big philosophical questions.
If you can, schedule time for additional rest and relaxation. Taking time out from the daily ground or even going on a holiday can help recharge your batteries, but also renew some of your perspectives about life.
A New Moon on the 7th conjoins dreamy Neptune, inspiring the need to ponder some of the big mysteries of your life. Intuitively you might feel the direction you’re heading in is shifting and changing. Logically however, it may be tricky this month to apply facts to your emotions or inklings.

Venus will enter your sign from the 27th signaling the official end of Mercury’s tour of your sign. Where Venus picks up from Mercury’s confusion, she can help smooth the waters and help clarify what you really want. Venus in Pisces can help you garner the additional support you might need to make a dream for the future manifest. As she enters Pisces, she’ll link up with Uranus, highlighting a personal or romantic shift in direction.

Uranus moves into Taurus from the 6th where it will remain for the next 8 years. You’ll be eager to adopt new avenues of self-discovery that may involve learning, studying, teaching or travel. You mind is ready to be opened and to discover new things. It may be a case of trying a variety of options until you find something that resonates deeply within you. Until the end of the month, you’ll have Mars onside to promote action and courage when it comes to direct and honest communication.

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