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The space weather changes dramatically for you this month as planets move through your fellow fire signs. The first 2/3rds of August promise action, progress and movement, while the final 1/3rd sees a tempo shift, allowing you to ground yourself and carefully consider the new array of opportunities that have presented themselves to you.
As the month begins, a brilliant New Moon in Leo ignites a new spark in your 5th house of joy and happiness. For US and Canada readers, this technically occurs very late on July 31.

Inspired by a renewed sense of fun, passion or purpose will help you get back on track with a meaningful goal. Mars, your ruling planet has been in this part of your horoscope for a month already. If you’ve been lagging on taking more time out for yourself, for your children or for bringing the romance back into a relationship, then you’ve got until the 18th to make the most of it.
The 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th bring a series of stellar alignments that highlight a direction shift around an opportunity that may have been lagging since April. This may have to do with the internet, an overseas offer or something to do with a study or spirituality pursuit. As Jupiter begins to move forward on the 11th, your access to these topics will also begin to move ahead. During the lead up to this, be open-minded to the luck, support or persons of influence that enter your sphere around then. Where new opportunities present, also come an array of choices to make. As Mercury moves out of his recent Mercury retrograde shadow zone, coupled with a Full Moon, those choices may be easier to make than you might think.
There may be strike while the iron is hot energy around this. Trusting your instincts and acting upon them before the 18th may help prevent over analysing the situation which could lead to procrastination, or worse, a train that already left the station.

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August begins with a dynamic New Moon in your 4th house, of home, family and your domestic life. With your ruling planet, Venus, in the mix under this lunation, you may feel a sense of anticipation or possibility that things are changing.
As a Taurus, the idea of change might not be the most comfortable feeling. If life does begin to feel a little unstable, it’s really just a sign that whatever has become stuck or stagnant in your life needs a shakeup.

On the surface, this lunation might inspire a refresh of your home environment. New soft furnishings or a piece of art that is a little on the wild side compared your usual taste may do the trick. On a deeper level, you might be feeling increasingly uncomfortable with your current living situation for a variety of reasons. The 2nd sees your ruling planet Venus form a tense link to Uranus. Whatever feelings bubble up to the surface then, it will be important to honour them and act from a place that feels authentically right for you.

The 14th sees Venus form a fusion with the Sun. You might like to take some time out for yourself then, as you deeply ponder your values and desires. Like a type of energetic detox, your vitality and physical energy may be a little lower than usual around then.
As Venus’ becomes purged and purified by the Sun’s inferno of heat and light, you’ll emerge with a renewed sense of who you are and what you want. This may take the rest of August for you to fully process, but the purpose of it is to prompt you upon a path you need to take, not necessarily the one that provides the most comfort.

Venus forms another cosmic fusion on the 24th/25th as she aligns with Mars. This aspect can be particularly useful for finding common ground in a personal or professional relationship. Communication and honest self-expression without being judgmental or fault finding is the way through any barriers that prevent togetherness.

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Some of the most prominent space weather that impacts your solar horoscope occurs mid-month. Jupiter has been touring Sagittarius and your 7th sector of relationships since November 2018. When it comes to your personal and professional partnerships, things may have lagged somewhat since April.
This month, things begin to shift and opportunities that have been in the pipeline, may begin to manifest particularly from the 11th when the jolly giant returns to forward momentum. You might have a renewed sense of purpose and what path you have to follow to materialise it, or, you might find that the road finally rises up to meet you. Either way, you stand to gain fortune, progress and favour in topics regarding all kinds of relationships.

A sense of clarity about which direction to move forward in is possible when your patron planet, Mercury, is finally clears its recent retrograde territory on the 15th. This may help you strive forward with confidence with your day-to-day routine or put into action some of the ideas you’ve been mulling over recent weeks. A golden link to Jupiter on the 21st may inspire improved communication with a partner or the opportunity to connect with a mentor or person of influence. This may feel like some kind of breakthrough or it may be the delivery of news that you’ve been waiting on for months.

The 18th sees a shift in direction as Mars moves into Virgo and your 4th house of home and family for the first time in two years. Followed by Venus and then the Sun on the 21st and 23rd respectively the latter part of the month may prompt itchy feel and serious contemplation about the future of your current domestic circumstances. This could mean finally tackling some DIY projects or dealing with logistics around a renovation, or, you might look further afield and research your options in buying, selling or moving.

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The month of August is bookended by two New Moons. The first one in Leo occurs on the 1st, (July 31 for readers in US/Canada) which may inspire new approach to money matters. Leo is a sign about confidence which is a key component to all forms of success whether that is financial or emotional. As the month begins, contemplate the ways in which you might allow your fluctuating emotions to dictate your self-belief or worthiness. Like the tides, your confidence may come in, and then go out again. Your mission this month is to find that sweet spot of continuity, at least when it comes to your sense of self-worth.
The second New Moon closes out the month on the 30th. This one, in Virgo, kickstarts your 3rd sector of communication, your daily travels and your personal rituals. If the first lunation inspired a sense of hope and confidence, this New Moon is a kind of like a reality check. It’s not so much about cutting you down to size, so to speak, but more about your sustained efforts reflecting your changing desires.
In other words, if your dream is this, but your actions are that, then you’ll need to get in alignment with yourself to cut out any confusion about what you want to remain as an enduring influence in your life.

In between all of that is August’s Full Moon, spotlighting your 8th house of shared resources. At the same time, Mercury moves out of its recent retrograde territory. This combined planetary influence may bring new revelations about what you give to others, not only financially, but also emotionally and energetically. While potentially confronting, seeing a situation for what it really is, good, bad or indifferent, can help you deal with things from a practical perspective, which may require new boundaries.

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August will prove to be a stellar month for you, not just because it’s your birthday month, but also because of some sparkling activity in your sign.
The month begins with a Leo New Moon. Consider this as your re-start button for 2019, helping you initiate plans and intentions as well as restoring your spirit for a personal passion or endeavour.
Adopting a flexible attitude, especially on the 2nd will help when Uranus makes a challenging link to Venus, also in your sign. A personal desire and/or a work demand may require compromise. Being totally honest with yourself may assist you in recognising what’s not working, especially in a personal or professional partnership.

The 7th is a standout day as your patron star, the Sun, forms a golden alignment with Jupiter in Sagittarius, who himself, is on the verge of a long-awaited direction change. Be watchful for a breakthrough opportunity, a connection with a person of influence or a turnaround in a romance or a situation involving children. Where things may have been stalled since April, a return to hope, faith and optimism are again possible. Revealing your generous heart now may be a risk, but the reward will be well worth it.

On the 9th, Venus then connects with Jupiter, acting like a balm that may smooth out ruffled feathers from her meeting with Uranus on the 2nd. As Venus and Jupiter work together under this inspired link, keeping your eye on opportunities for continued growth and collaboration can help you work through any differences that may have halted progress as the month began.

By the 15th, Mercury will be out of the post-retrograde zone and you might garner fresh personal insights that initially surfaced in late June and early July. A piece of information or a signal you’ve been waiting for may arrive. By the 21st, Mercury will then have his tango with Jupiter, which may help you get closer to a personal truth, dream or goal.

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There is a lot to look forward to this August, however, most of the action in your sign happens in the final third of the month.
Your patron planet, Mercury finally completes a recent retrograde as the month begins. You might gain new clarity involving a friend, your social networks or community group. Happening in the luckiest sector of your horoscope, you might receive recognition or acknowledgement that bypassed you in late June.
A breakthrough or a turn in your fortune may be possible when Mercury then forms a stunning alignment with Jupiter on the 21st. On the same day, Venus enters your sign, signaling your annual opportunity to put your best foot forward and shine. You’re now cosmically encouraged to take a risk on a chance that feels right. The time for overthinking is done, at least for now.

The period from the 18th onwards promise plenty of action and progress as you’ll have Mars, then Venus and finally the Sun’s entrance in Virgo on the 23rd. This planetary pile up may bring a fresh injection of motivation and a sense of purpose that the last couple of months may have left you bereft of.

Links with Uranus in the last week of the month may spur you beyond a comfort zone or help you connect with what you really want. If a chance to err on the side of the unique or unusual crop up, then you have cosmic permission to lean right into it.
The 29th then sees Mercury move into your sign, the communication planet’s most favourite place. Combined with a New Moon in Virgo on the 30th, which also aspects Uranus, may see a crescendo of positive events that will usher you into September.
With so much scope for change and progress on the horizon, use the first 2/3rds of August to decipher what you want, what you value and what you might need to liberate yourself from in order to make that happen.

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August brings plenty of activity in your friends, networks and social groups as planets pile up in your solar 11th house. With your personal star, Venus, amongst them, you might feel more social than usual and actively seeking to establish new connections. The 14th may bring a breakthrough or new realisations, either about yourself, or those you keep company with. This may inspire you to emerge from the shadow’s, choosing to lead or be seen in your own right, and in your own light.

From the 11th, you’ll also have support from Jupiter in Sagittarius as he winds up a retrograde cycle that’s been ongoing since April. You’re encouraged to overstretch yourself when it comes to your daily routines, especially if that means enabling connections with people of influence or with those that can support you in achieving a dream or goal.

The 15th may also be revelatory as the Full Moon spotlights your 5th house of joy, creativity and happiness. This may help you turn your focus toward the little things in life that bring you the most pleasure, but you’ve overlooked in recent times. More time with children, a romantic partner, or doing more of what you love will be grounding and help you focus on life’s most simple, yet joyful pleasures.
On the same day, Mercury emerges from its post-retrograde shadow. This may help you pick up where you left off from late June, regarding topics to do with your social scene. A planned catch up with a friend may finally arrive as your schedules may at last, align.

By the 18th, the cosmic weather starts to shift as Mars moves into Virgo and your most private sector. Venus follows on the 21st, then the Sun on the 23rd. This planetary pile up may prompt you to explore your inner landscape and connect with your intuitive side. Getting out of your head and letting your instincts guide you will help you process the changes and breakthroughs that August offers, helping you to make choices that are right for you.

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August is brimming with brilliance and possibility as planets pile up in your 10th sector of career, recognition and life direction. Since late June, there may have been a stop-start kind of feel to your career as Mercury dipped into your career zone as a part of a retrograde cycle. The 11th/12th sees Mercury return to Leo, and finally, but the 15th you’ll have the cosmic green light to make choices based on new insights and information.

Prior to that, a link between the Sun and Jupiter lights up both your professional and cash-flow sectors on the 7th. A breakthrough or a seemingly too-good-to-be-true opportunity may pop up. By then, Jupiter is on standby and ready to change direction, which occurs on the 11th. Issues to do with your finances that have been stalled or delayed since April may finally sort themselves out. August may be the month where finally, it may feel like your ship has come in.

A big part of Jupiter in your 2nd house is also about self-belief and having a sense of faith in your ability to provide for yourself or those you love. It’s a little like that old Loreal ad with the catch-phrase ‘because you’re worth it.’ That might prove to be a good motto for you this month when it comes to negotiating any terms involving your value, financially, emotionally or otherwise.

Your patron planet, Mars moves into Virgo on the 18th and highlights social activity, both in your personal or professional spheres. In Virgo, Mars can be a little strategic, so it may be of your benefit to do your prior research before venturing into unknown social situations.
The last two weeks of August spotlight your access to opportunity as Venus and the Sun follow Mars on the 21st and 23rd respectively. Social interactions may pave the way for fortuitous alliances, of both the professional and personal kind, where new possibilities are promised under the New Moon on the 30th.

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There is a change in the cosmic weather that promises progress, potential and relief. Since April, Jupiter, your patron planet, has been retrograde. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, it’s more about internalising your goals, dreams and hopes for the future. In all aspects of life, it does help to step back and observe from the outside looking in, so you know what works and what might require some tweaks or improvement. Gaining this perspective is all a part of personal growth and development.

You’d be forgiven for a sense of frustration about these delays. With your penchant for broad survey, it can be tricky to turn that focus inward and understand the meaning of it all. The 11th may signal a turnaround where finally, you can start to shoot those arrows in directions far and wide. With a return to hope, faith and optimism, those plans that initially inspired you back in November 2018 are now back on the cosmic table.

Just prior to Jupiter’s forward momentum, both the Sun and Venus align with Jupiter on the 7th and 8/9th respectively. Note the rumblings of opportunity and possibility that emerge then. Your intuition may be stronger than usual under this heightened fire dynamic. Whether it’s a global proposition, the opportunity to travel or study or the chance to fulfil a dream, any risk taken now, will be well worth the reward.

By the 18th, the cosmic weather begins to shift and it will be your 10th house of career, public reputation and life direction that becomes spotlighted. With the entry of passionate Mars, you might be ready to tackle larger challenges or strike out in a new direction. If fresh, new or interesting opportunities come your way in the final week of August, yet still have a feel of stability or longevity, then seize them.

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For many, August is a standout month of growth, progress and potential. For you, it may serve as a well-deserved break. Finally, a month where the astrological focus isn’t on you, and the heaviness that Saturn, Pluto and the South Node has brought to your sign. However, August highlights a period where you might need to rest, retreat and relax, so you can process the last couple of months and make peace with whatever stuff got brought up for you.

As Jupiter in Sagittarius completes a retrograde phase that began in April through your private 12th house, you might gain fresh insights and new perspectives about your inner world. New truths may be revealed which may in turn, challenge or change some of your personal philosophies on life. While this may sound kind of heavy, and in some ways it is, but what is really happening here is the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible. The reasons why or the purpose behind it all may finally become illuminated, and it will be revelatory.

The month also brings a lineup of planets in your 8th sector of joint resources. Issues around money you share with a professional or business partner may crop up or you may become more acutely aware of the emotional resources you rely on from others. Key dates to show appreciation, support or recognition for the most important people in your life are the 7th, 8/9th, 14th.

For you, Capricorn, the final third of the month will feel more exuberant and optimistic than the first two. Starting on the 18th, Mars embarks upon a tour of your 9th house of discovery, adventure and wisdom. This once-in-every-two-year sojourn may help reignite the lingering embers of your passion and purpose. Mars will be then joined by Venus and the Sun on the 21st and 23rd respectively. This line up will eventually connect with Uranus in August’s final week, where a sense of fun and spontaneity will re-invigorate your spirit.

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August may turn out to be your lucky month as Jupiter prepares to change gears and show promise, potential and progress. Mark the 11th in your calendar as the date where dreams, hopes and wishes may show signs of arriving – finally.
A key to your success with this very rare event is to get out of your head a bit and trust your instincts more. You’ll get a little practice with this on the 7th and the 8/9th as a couple of brilliant fire alignments may see you establish connections with a professional or personal partner, or someone of sage wisdom who is in a position to support or guide you. These dates are some of the most promising of all of 2019, so be ready to embrace an opportunity that may come from seemingly out of nowhere.

There’s a planetary party in Leo and your 7th sector of relationships this month. This may prompt you to push past a comfort zone and show up for others in a way that helps them feel recognised and validated. Showing your appreciation for those in your life will go a long way to reciprocate the cosmic energy this is on offer for you now. With so much generosity and support in the air this month, you have to be in it to win it, so to speak. Be willing and able to lend a shoulder of support or go out of your way to be there for someone else if they need you. It will repay you threefold.

Connection, togetherness and collaboration are possible under the Full Moon in your sign on the 15th. At the time of this lunation, Venus is in an elevated position known as cazimi. Heightened levels of happiness and connection are available to you now. You might like to indulge in some of the finer things in life, such as beauty, arts and other fineries. You might recognise under this Full Moon is that your key to happiness lies in your own hand and expressing your individuality and core needs may lead to a relationship breakthrough.

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When it comes to career progression, recognition for your industry contribution, or simply landing a better job, August is shaping up to be a stellar month.
Since April, Jupiter has been stalling through the portion of your solar horoscope, known as the 10th house. This may have invited you to reconsider your career direction or reflect upon a sense of greater meaning and purpose that drives the work you do. On the 11th, Jupiter, your patron planet, changes direction and you might see a return to progress and potential that hallmarked November 2018 – April 2019.
This rare transit may spark an enthusiasm for new professional horizons, or finally realise a dream or goal. You might get an inkling of these possibilities as planets in one of your other work sectors connect with Jupiter on the 7th 8/9th and 21st. This may promise a promotion or forming an alliance with a boss or mentor who is in a position to support your plans and dreams for the future.
Whenever Jupiter is active, there may be the need to take a leap of faith. As your ruling planet, this will mean having to have faith in yourself as well. If a too-good-to-be-true opportunity crops up, then taking a risk will be well worth the reward. Your future self will thank you for it.

Beginning the 18th, planets will begin to pile up in Virgo and into your relationship sector. These relationships, either personal or professional, may serve to solidify some of the promise August’s earlier astro action promises. Work collaborations or increased teamwork may support your professional plans then. On a personal note, investing extra energy and effort into your someone special may help to bring increased togetherness, balancing out this career-focused month.

The final week brings a level of spontaneity and welcome surprises to all of your relationships. A flexible attitude and willingness in trying new things will open doorways you never thought possible.

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