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June 27 sees the beginning of an exceptionally rare retrograde that may prompt you to re-evaluate your social circles. It’s possible you’ll become increasingly aware of how you’ve outgrown certain people in your life and recognise the need to make the appropriate adjustments. You’ll be extra sensitive to other people’s drama this month, so avoid taking it on if you can.
Finances are on your radar and the awareness of the need to change things up. Uranus’ recent entrance into Taurus, and your second house of money prompts a 7- year re-evaluation around everything to do with your cash flow and what you value. A big part of this month’s astrology will help you awaken to how you may have been selling yourself short, either financially or emotionally or both.


The 19th heralds a day where you can really push forward on an important dream as your ruler Venus joins with the karmic North Node. A personal pursuit or a domestic desire may materialise, especially if you’re willing to embrace confidence and leadership in a certain situation. A lucky link from Jupiter on the 26th can bring support and progress with minimal effort.
A change in career direction is possible once action planet Mars pauses and heads in reverse from the 27th. You might contemplate your options at this time or even decide to take some time out while you seek more authentic professional paths. A Full Moon at the same time may illuminate options for study and/or travel.


The 27th sees Mars begin to back track in Aquarius, putting a temporary hold on what started so well earlier in the month. Alternatively, this rare reverse can prompt you to consider your long-term schedule and plans regarding study and travel. On a deeper level, you might feel the need to connect with a long-held dream or make a move to manifest it. As you refine your passion and purpose, you’ll be purified of what holds you back or what no longer aligns with your true path. Finances are also activated at the same time under the Full Moon. Making a financial decision that support your dreams and goals for the future are possible.


Finances are on the cosmic menu this month as action planet Mars take a rare go-slow through your debt sector. The energy you spend in balancing the books will repay you threefold later in the year. Initially though, Mars will energise or motivate you to deal with money matters. New ideas or a fresh course of action may emerge. Due to Mars’ heading in reverse from the 27th, it may not be ideal to action anything straight away. While this may be frustrating at first, what is delayed or takes longer than it should, is so for a reason. Researching, finding out new information or seeking new people in regard to money management can help you take the right course of action later in the year.


Action planet Mars begins an exceptionally rare extended cycle through your relationship sector. From the 27th, the red planet will head in reverse, prompting a reassessment of your most significant connections. Exploring past hurt, pain or anger will be a likely part of the process. Outgrown or toxic relationship patterns will be revealed and you’ll be invited to sever ties with what is no longer needed over the next few months. Tension between yours and somebody else’s wants also come under focus this month. As Venus and Mars face off, peaking on the 22nd, a tricky choice may be necessary. Putting your own needs first may upset the apple cart, but you’ll ultimately discover who is truly in your corner and who is not. Mercury’s support at the end of the month will help you get your point across.


Much of June’s focus lies behind the scenes. Your most productive efforts may seemingly go unnoticed as Mars sets a punishing pace. Time management will be one key area to focus on so you don’t burn the candle at both ends. Feelings of frustration or resentment may rise to the surface if you agree to take on more than you can handle. Be open to outsourcing work or delegating tasks in order to preserve as much energy as possible. Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries will be a key element of your success not only in June, but through until August. A series of confusing aspects earlier in the month will become clarified under the New Moon in Gemini on the 14th. If you’re feeling bogged down or held back by the mundane elements of life, this lunation can help invigorate your lust for life.


Being your social self is your source of success this June with triggers to your professional and friendship sectors. From the 14th, your patron planet will tour the luckiest sector of your solar horoscope. The 19th is a particularly auspicious time where your connections, both online and in real life can be a source of support and progress. Being at the right place at the right time or rubbing shoulders with industry insiders can really pay off this month. Networking Mercury tours your career zone from the 13th. Until the 29th, you have a prime celestial opportunity to make the professional connections you need to get ahead.


Lucky charm Venus through your career sector from the 14th can help you make a great impression professionally. The 19th sees a grand opportunity or a change in fortune as a long-held career dream may materialise as lucky charm Venus joints the fated North Node. On the home front, frustration is possible as your ruler Mars, makes an exceptionally rare retrograde through your 4th house from the 27th. Old family wounds may rise to the surface, prompting feelings of frustration or anger. Things may feel slow or stuck with domestic plans. Be rest assured whatever is delayed now will work out for the best after August.


You’ve got some pretty big dreams, even more so with the current planetary weather. Learning, teaching, travel and adventure are all possible, but this month does highlight some possible financial limitations. The 6th, 16th and 28th are key dates to balance the spreadsheet while remaining open to the endless possibilities available to you. A path of opportunity may open up on the 14th where a fated encounter prompts new passions or purpose. A New Moon in your relationship zone can bring a new person into your life or breath a breath of fresh air into an existing connection.


Income and cash flow are firmly on the cosmic agenda and will be for some time as Mars begins a rare retrograde from the 27th. This phase, lasting until August is primarily about purifying old or toxic issues around money or your self-worth. Setbacks, delays and frustrations are likely, but from it will emerge a new-found confidence and a bold attitude in dealing with your value, both financially and emotionally. Important choices can be made on the 28th as the Full Moon falls in your sign. Alongside your patron planet, decisions made need to reflect your personal priorities.


The 14th sees Venus enter your 7th sector, heralding a period of relationship sweetness. Whether single or partnered, this phase, lasting until mid-July highlights that a little effort can go along way in your dealings with others, personally or professionally. Lending a hand or showing some support will be mutually beneficial, especially on the 22nd. Relationships are boosted or a fated turn of events is possible as sweet Venus and the karmic North Node align on the 14th. A New Moon in Gemini in your romance sector adds a communicative vibe. If you’re single, a new wave of romance may enter your life. If you’re spoken for, this celestial line up can prompt you to inject fun, flirting and romance into your love life.


The key to achieving your goals this month lies within what you do behind the scenes. With some key planetary action in your most private sectors, formulating a strategy or executing a plan that may not get recognised or pay dividends until later in the year is likely. Dreams may be extra vivid or intense throughout June and in the upcoming months. Messages that come from your intuitive self might bring insights into what you need to detoxify from or change. A Full Moon on the 28th invites you to socialise. Alongside serious Saturn, you’ll crave connections that have stood the test of time. Quality over quantity counts in respect to who you spend your precious free time with.