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Mars, your patron planet makes his once every two-year visit to your 6th sector. Your energy and enthusiasm will be heightened during this month, but it can also sap some of your personal resources. Chasing your tail combined with a nose to the grindstone vibe will dominate your space from September 5.
While visiting the sign of Virgo, you’ll be encouraged to de-clutter and organise your schedule. Being efficient your time will help you feel on top of things.
Other planets, including the Sun, Mercury and Venus will join Mars and will promote a period of being of service. This can include overtime at work, slaving away on a special project or going beyond the call of duty for others. With your penchant for diving into things without thinking, you can easily wear down both your body and mind A meeting of Mercury and Mars on the 16th/17th may bring differing opinions that could lead to arguments. Your best bet is to stick with facts rather than arguing from a standpoint based on your opinion.

Events that have been in the making since November 2016 may come to ahead this month, as Jupiter and Uranus face off on the 28th. Keeping the peace versus being your authentic self will be triggered and you could feel polarised or unsure of which way to go.

You could feel particularly inspired on the 24th as Mars and Neptune align. Not the best energy for rushing ahead on a certain project but if you can take some time out for yourself and allow bubbles of inspiration to come to the surface.

As the month draws to a close, you may not be particularly productive, but you’ll be motivated toward something meaningful. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what’s on your plate at the moment, a ‘mental health day’ may help. Take a break if possible and nourish your body with wholesome foods, and soothe your soul with an activity you enjoy.


After her annual stint in your domestic zone, your ruler Venus is ready to have some fun! From the 20th, social events, coffee catch ups or your personal creativity receives a cosmic boost. You might choose to invest some of your personal energy into a pursuit you love for no other reason than because you enjoy it!
Whether single or attached, Venus’ tour of this part of your solar horoscope emphasises the need for fun and romance. Getting yourself out there and meeting people if you’re single, or scheduling a date night with your partner will help inject some of the togetherness Venus craves.
The 5th house also speaks of children, so they make take up more of your time and energy also. Whether your own or someone else’s, don’t knock back the opportunity to bask in the joy of little people.
A particular fortunate period is the 14th and 15th where your ruler Venus connects with bountiful Jupiter. Keep your eye out for opportunities that offer you support or a link to your future.

The New Moon on the 20th brings the possibility of fresh starts in your social life. If you’ve been a bit slack in enjoying life’s simple pleasures, manifest some fun and enjoyment into your life as the Moon is renewed. Your health and wellbeing may be a topic to consider with the heightened Virgo energy, particularly if you’ve been overindulging.

Life topics or themes that dominated your landscape around November 2016 are again highlighted this month, as Jupiter and Uranus align. You may feel a push/pull effect between doing what you feel is authentic and worthy, versus what you need to do to get by. One way or another, taking action will be necessary, even if you’re not entirely sure of which way to go. Remain open to sudden opportunities for growth and expansion, even if initially they seem beyond your comfort zone.


Your ruling planet Mercury, completes his backwards cycle on the 5th. Finally, you can attend projects around the home that you’ve been putting off, or get the ball rolling again on a real estate deal or contract, or tend to family relationships.
In fact, there is a lot of astro energy in your home zone this month with a pile up of 4 planets touring Virgo. Mars also brings in a once in every 2-year dose of energy and motivation to your domestic scene. You may notice your enthusiasm improve regarding special projects or plans you’ve been meaning to get around to for some time. Regardless of how your energy will manifest with your personal circumstances, Mars will promote decisive action, after last months’ Mercury retrograde contemplations.

The 16th and 17th see Mercury and Mars unite. This could create sparks at home, especially if you’ve left things unsaid with someone. Arguments and heated conversations are likely. On a more positive front, this will give you an intense burst of personal motivation to make progress with whatever is on the top of your to-do list.

Venus will make her presence felt from the 20th and this will put the subject of your domestic relationships firmly on your radar. Improving communication with those you live with or your family members will be a focus for you. Under the discerning influence of Virgo, avoid sweating the small stuff and keep your eye on the big picture.
A New Moon will help you wipe the slate clean of any issue and plant positive seeds for new beginnings in your domestic life.

Your social life may experience a sudden jolt of new possibilities as Jupiter and Uranus align. Friends or colleagues may provide to the link to propel you forward with an exciting opportunity. This celestial force has been building since November 2016, which shall bring you a clue of what you may expect now.


Exciting new opportunities to suddenly expand your career prospects appear this month as Jupiter and Uranus align. This may require you to relocate or take on some travel to expand your work-related options. You may notice a continuation or a recurrence of a particular theme back from November 2016 when Jupiter and Uranus first faced off. This time, a sweet offer or welcome support is possible as Jupiter prepares to pass over a fixed star known as Spica. The meeting of Jupiter and Spica happens only once every 12 years and with it brings opportunity, potential alongside with brilliant insights, especially on the 14th/15th.
Armed with this insight or support, you can move forward with exciting potential once Jupiter and Uranus finally connect on the 28th.

The Moon your ruler, reaches the culmination of her monthly cycle in Pisces, your sector of travel and discovery. This Full Moon may trigger travel opportunities as well as a deep soulful longing to explore somewhere foreign. This lunation aligns with Neptune, and can help you escape the grind and go somewhere that inspires and refeeds your soul. Neptune isn’t known for its productive energy, but can really help you feel inspired, in tune or connected to your deepest cravings.
The 9th house also speaks of teaching and learning and these themes may dominate your mood. The desire to discover something beyond the mundane will be triggered by your gut, not your head- so trust your intuition and where you feel called to be.

Thinking planet Mercury will enter Virgo and your 3rd sector from the 9th, helping you organise and logistics around study or travel. Mercury will combine with Mars on the 16th and will motivate you to deal with facts, rather than opinions. Thus, heated discussions or debates are possible, but in discerning Virgo, sticking with the reality rather than an idea will prevent fuzzy thinking.


Attention to aesthetics is highlighted as Venus makes her annual tour of your sign until the 20th. You may be inspired to improve your appearance, update your wardrobe or indulge in little luxuries you may have been putting off. Consider these improvements as an investment, as your cash flow is set to receive a cosmic boost.
The Moon will be aligned with foggy Neptune during her peak on the 6th. While this may offer some brilliant intuitive insights, it could become tricky with topics to do with money you owe. If you’re unclear of confused about joint finances, debts or loans, avoid making any choices regarding your money until the Moon separates from Neptune after a couple of days.

Hot off the heels of last month’s dynamic eclipse, your patron planet, the Sun, enters Virgo and your cash flow zone. Combined with Mercury and Mars, there is plenty of scope to improve your financial situation through a lucrative new client, or raise or promotion, or a side business project taking off. Some solid progress is possible when the Sun aligns with powerful Pluto on the 9th. You may become aware of your own powerful position to move forward on a deal. Venus will add her magnetic influence from the 20th, offering her sweet touch to all things cash flow!

The New Moon on the 20th offers you a cosmic invitation to plant some seeds regarding your finances. Pay particular attention to what you’d like to manifest during the next 12 months and formulate a detailed plan of action.
The 13th sees the Sun make a tricky link with Saturn. A reality check around how much you either do for, or expect of others is possible. Saturn will bring clarity around themes of fun, romance and possibly children for you. You may have to set some healthy boundaries, particularly if these areas of life are sapping your energy or your cash!


A fair amount of personal progress can be made this month with 4 planets in your sign. Getting to know yourself better, indulging in some healthy selfishness, or doing something that you enjoy, but have been putting off, are on the cosmic cards.
Last month’s Mercury retrograde had you considering your options and researching the possibilities. With Mercury now in forward motion, there is no need to delay from going after what you really want.
In fact, your ruler Mercury joins Mars twice this month, once on the 2nd/3rd and again on the 16th. The first alignment happens in Leo and in your 12th house. You might feel really passionate about a certain move forward, but nothing comes of it. Your usual approach of sifting through all the options suits you better and the second meeting is likely to offer you a breakthrough.
Mars enters your sign only once every 2 years. From the 5th, through until October 23, you have cosmic permission to push forward with your personal plans and projects.

A New Moon in your sign on the 20th will help inspire fresh beginnings that are all about you. Changing your habits and attitudes are possible as your energy and confidence is boosted.
Sweet Venus also enters your sign under the glow of the New Moon, encouraging you to consider a new look or wardrobe. Pampering and pleasure are also triggered under Venus’ touch. Incorporating some little luxuries into your life can help you attract even more of what you desire. Venus’ magnetic qualities can also help you garner additional support, affection and love into your life during her period in your sign- until October 14.

September 28th brings the final instalment between Jupiter and Uranus that has been in play since November 2016. Sudden opportunities to make some extra cash, seal a deal or move forward with your financial goals are possible. As Jupiter makes his once every 12-year pass over fixed star Spica, in your cash flow zone, a rare and potent chance to begin a profitable new cycle is likely from the 14th-15th.


A culmination of events that began in November 2012 may come to a head as Jupiter and Uranus face off later this month. The nature of your personal relationships may become erratic and exciting as you continue to explore what is right for you, rather than everyone else. Sudden opportunities for your growth are worth saying yes too, even if this means putting your needs first.

This is the final month of Jupiter in your own sign, where he’s set to shift into Scorpio on October 10. While still in Libra, Jupiter will make an exceptionally rare pass over a fixed star known as Spica. This star offers brilliant insights and wisdom. A special gift, an offer of support or a lucky break, especially around the 14th-15th.

The 15th may prove to be an exceptionally fortunate day as Venus aligns with the North Node, in the luckiest house of your solar horoscope. A meeting of chance or a form of special support from someone can propel you toward a hopeful future or an exciting opportunity. Relationships are a key theme under this alignment, so be sure to maintain your important connections. Friendships, acquaintances as well as industry colleagues are all included on this list. Bold confidence may be required, which may be a little bit beyond your usual diplomatic approach.

A pile up of planets in your private 12th sector suggests that overall, September is a month for close introspection. Taking a step back, analysing and discerning what is useful and what can be done away with is highlighted. A phrase that may help you this month is ‘the sooner you fall behind, the longer you have to catch up.’ Not that you’ll be falling behind perse, especially as Jupiter is still offers his abundance, but you may have an overwhelming sense of ‘well now what?’ This quiet contemplation can help you figure that out.


September brings the final month of Jupiter touring your private 12th house. You may begin to feel your energy slowly beginning to increase over the coming weeks, as though an anticipation is building- but more on that next month!
Your ruling planet Mars, will enter your luckiest house of your solar horoscope from the 5th. This puts you in prime position for good fortune with friends and generally being in the right place at the right time. It’s been two years since Mars activated this part of your chart. A bold and confident attitude towards networking, both online and in real life can help you make positive progress.

Not only does your ruling planet activate your good fortune sector, so does the Sun, Mercury and Venus this September. This month has a ‘get your ducks in a row’ kind of vibe to it, so you’re raring to go once Jupiter enters your sign. By month’s end, you’ll have a clear picture about who your truest alliances are.
Mars will connect with Mercury twice this month. The first time, on the 2nd/3rd will trigger your career sector. In the fiery and passionate sign of Leo, heated exchanges are possible. Arguments or disagreements around leadership will be hard to avoid.
The second time happens on the 16th, but in the more tempered sign of Virgo. Letting go of ego driven opinions and sticking with the facts will ensure the best outcome. An alignment with Neptune on the 25th may bring inspired action if a solution to a problem is required.
A career boost is possible on the 15th as sweet Venus makes her annual union with the North Node. This may bring an auspicious event where you can enjoy added support, friendship or find a true alliance at work. A potential breakthrough or a lucky streak from where you least expect is it possible.


Your career, reputation and life direction is highlighted this month as planets pile up in your 10th sector. Energy planet Mars, visits just once every two years, so it would be wise to make the most of the next 6 weeks if you’re looking to make waves at work.

Your ruler Jupiter aligns with electric Uranus, bringing surprise events and sudden developments that will be reminiscent of November 2016. You may choose to explore new options socially or make choices that are more authentic for you. Either way, Jupiter spends his last month in your luckiest zone of your solar horoscope, not to be seen in 12 years.

A rare and fortunate alignment between Jupiter and a fixed star known as Spica forms on the 14th-15th. This is one of the luckiest and supportive aspects that you can experience. This combination can bring about welcome support or brilliant insight about how to move forward.
This combination is further enhanced by Venus and the North Node. This can help you find common ground with someone important through sharing passions, bringing a meaningful direction.

A New Moon on the 20th brings the possibility of new career beginnings. This annual lunation invites you to set your hopes and intentions for what you wish to achieve career-wise over the upcoming year. To add extra influence to this New Moon, Venus also drops in to your 10th sector, helping your magnetic influence at work. Venus can also help you attract the support or influence you need to get ahead.

The Full Moon will trigger the needs of home and family vs your want to push forward professionally. While you have plenty of cosmic action in your work sector this month, under the Full Moon on the 6th, you may feel the need to temporarily pull back from work obligations and tend to the needs of your family and loved ones.


Study, travel and adventure are possible this month due to a planetary party in your 9th house. Action planet Mars brings his energy and enthusiasm to this part of your life from the 5th, where he’ll spend 6 weeks, not to be seen again for 2 years. Don’t put off plans, especially if they are about awakening your quest for discovery through learning or travel.
The 9th house also speaks of publishing, including the internet. With 4 planets influencing this part of your solar horoscope this month, this is definitely an area to focus on. Now that Mercury is picking up pace again after a recent retrograde through this zone, you can action any plans that you’d only been considering or researching before. The 16th is an ideal date to progress with plans as Mercury aligns with action planet Mars.

A breakthrough with a financial deal involving debt, savings or borrowing money is possible on the 15th as Venus aligns with the North Node. Under this exceptionally lucky line up, you’re well poised to put your case forward in a financial matter.
This is further supported by generous Jupiter, making a rare alignment with fixed star Spica. This potent crossfire of positive energy can bring you beneficial outcomes involving your career as well as your long-term investments, debts or saving goals.

Your ruler Saturn begins to pick up pace after a recent retrograde cycle that began in April. As this is his last leg through your private 12th house, you may find yourself beginning to tie up loose ends that have been a focus since 2015. Feeling more quiet, private or introspective is possible, as you work behind the scenes to launch a new and mature you, starting next year.


An amazing pathway of potential is possible on the 15th as Venus and the karmic North Node align in your relationship sector. Relationships of all forms will be triggered under this positive influence. A big factor in making this alignment work for you is to let go of past hurts or go beyond your comfort zone and take a chance. A confident attitude without attachment to the outcome will really improve your chances at happiness.

September highlights life’s inevitable factors, that most of us prefer to avoid- debt and tax. It’s time for you to use a fine-tooth comb regarding your finances and gain a crystal-clear perspective around what you own and owe. Mercury now out of his retrograde phase may bring options that were just out of reach in August.

This month’s Full Moon triggers your financial zones. With the Moon conjoining hazy Neptune, you may be tempted to overspend or not be thinking too rationally about what’s coming in and what is going out. Under Neptune’s inspirational influence, a new idea about how to improve your cash flow or overall situation is possible. Either way, clarity will be gained after a temporary period of feeling vague or confused about cash.

A New Moon on the 20th brings fresh new beginnings financially where you can set the wheels in motion for a new savings or debt reduction plan. Venus will also make her annual tour through this portion of your solar horoscope this month, offering assistance or support in helping you get ahead.

A supportive connection between the Sun and powerful Pluto may help reveal ingrained attitudes regarding money. Pluto often brings confrontations. If you’re prepared to meet them head on, you can move forward with your financial plans with a renewed confidence in your own ability to provide security.


Your most significant relationship, professional or personal is under the cosmic spotlight this month. Crossed wires will sort themselves out after Mercury’s recent retrograde and you can expect communication to return to normal. An open and frank conversation is likely on the 16th/17th that can help you clear the air and gain a better understanding about what you both truly want. It will be helpful to avoid becoming too overwhelmed and stick with the facts, rather than your feelings then.

A New Moon on the 20th, combined with Venus’ entrance in your love zone will highlight new beginnings and fresh starts in your most significant relationship. Once you’ve cleared the air under the Mercury/Mars link, you can make renewed plans about how the two of you would like to move forward.

Your patron planet Jupiter, spends his last month in your debt and savings sector, not to return for 12 years. September would be a great month for you to tie any loose ends regarding your financial commitments or goals for the future. A rare but potent connection between Jupiter and fixed star Spica can bring you positive support or a new wisdom regarding your long term financial situation on the 15th.

Jupiter also makes his final of three links with innovative Uranus on the 29th, that will bookend events that began around November 2016. You may finally feel ready to strike out with a new confidence or take a chance that seemed too daunting regarding a financial commitment.

A rest and recharge might be required as the month closes out with Venus and Neptune opposing. Time out to rest and retreat, especially with your partner is highlighted. Reading a good book, seeing a movie or going on a date will bring in the romantic yet restful qualities that Venus and Neptune enjoy.