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Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Leo – From 2019 Horoscope Ebook


After exciting developments in personal growth in 2018, you’ll be keen to channel this new authentic version of you into your overall life direction. Life may take sudden shifts and turns that will have an enduring effect not just in 2019, but beyond. Personal happiness will also be a key influence this year, where you can expand upon some of the good things that life has to offer. It’s the simple pleasures that will warm your heart the most. The cycles of Mercury retrograde can help you redefine your ideas around your identity, money and family life.

When it comes to wealth creation, keeping a close eye on the outgoings and overheads is just as important as your income stream. An extra-long visit from inquisitive Mercury through your 8th house of debt, joint finances and investment can help you sift through the details and research your options. Mercury first enters Pisces on February 11 prompting you to give thought to your longterm financial requirements. You may be particularly inspired by a new idea or a person of influence as Mercury works with both Jupiter and Neptune.
As Mercury head in reverse on March 6, the cosmic suggestion here is to press pause on proceedings and do your due diligence. This may mean sifting through information, exploring your options and trusting your intuition. Mercury makes a move in the right direction again from the 28th alongside Neptune. While facts may not be fully clear, an intuitive decision may be required. You can put your best foot forward in September when the regular cycles of the Sun, Mercury and Venus tour your 2nd house of money. Confidence around money is boosted, thanks to Mars in Virgo from August 18–October 4. Mars generally visits this part of your horoscope just every two years, so you’ll want to make the most of every opportunity leading up to then.

A breakthrough around money is possible under a rare triple treat from the Sun, Mercury and Mars on September 4. Clarity, confidence and the right information may land in your lap. Any choices or bold decisions you’ve been contemplating are now ripe for action. A side-line project or an income stream that has been slow to pay dividends may finally yield results. Your ability to attract abundance is supported by the magnetic qualities of Venus, also in Virgo. Despite the possibility of increased cash, be mindful of being over confident or not paying close attention to your spending. Venus aligns with vague Neptune on the 17th, highlighting the possibility of money going out just as quickly as it comes in.

Starting with Mercury in Scorpio, two cycles will influence your home zone making your domestic dreams a feature until January 2020. Crossed wires, snafus or delays regarding contracts or deals may cause frustration as Mercury reverses through your 4th zone from November 1 – 20.
As Mercury works with Neptune during this cycle, extra caution is advised in moving ahead with any decisions. Instead, use this time to tap into your intuition and resist any pressure to move forward with anything that doesn’t feel right. Picking up from Mercury retrograde madness, motivated Mars tours the base of your horoscope from November 19 – January 3 2020, prompting movement on the home front. Any lingering doubts or uncertainties from earlier in the month can be clarified now.
You may be extra keen to make improvements around the home or tackle a DIY project. Under Mars’ once in every 2-year influence, you may seek to improve your living situation or instigate a relocation. A sudden change of heart or the need for something new may peak on November 25 as Mars links with game-changer Uranus. Your domestic dreams are amplified on December 14 as Mars and Neptune co-operate. A longing for an idyllic lifestyle may seem like a fantasy then, but with powerful and stabilising influences from Saturn and Pluto from the 18th20th, you’ll be driven to turn your dreams into a reality.

A double dip from Venus in Aquarius twice this year adds sweetness, support and collaboration in both professional and personal partnerships. Her first visit from March 2 – 27 looks extra special as Venus aligns with passionate Mars, generating a spark that may help ignite a new relationship or add some spice into an existing one.
As Venus continues to work with generous Jupiter through until the end of the month, some of your most joyous and happy times in relationship can be experienced then. Venus returns to your partnership sector on December 20–January 14, connecting with exciting Uranus on December 22. The electric influence of Uranus can prompt an exciting phase that may lead to breaking free of old love habits. This may also help liberate you of expectations that others may have of you, especially during the holiday season.

A once in a lifetime cycle of Uranus in your career sector officially begins from March 6. The next 8 years will bring new opportunities, excitement and authenticity to your life direction. Career trajectories that were set in stone may begin to unravel as you begin to seek how life may look by following your heart.
Uranus is about the path less travelled so you may opt for career choices that didn’t seem like a viable option to you before. Autonomy, freedom and independence will be key, so fitting into corporate or social norms will no longer appeal to you. You may be the key catalyst for change or innovation within your workplace or industry. Shattering glass ceilings, break-through developments or new technologies are all avenues that Uranus will beckon you to explore.
You may need to try more than one option, so avoid the temptation to seek comfort or stability and allow any residual restlessness to drive you. Consider work-related options that fit in with the lifestyle you desire. This may include working from home, working part time instead of full time or coming up with an arrangement that allows you more flexibility and authenticity.

Electric Mars will fire up your career zone for the first time in 2 years from February 14–March 31. You’ll be poised to make waves at work as your drive and determination increases. Under the hot influence of Mars, your ability to act courageously and make choices that are right for can help you make fast progress. As Mars makes links on the 11th/14th/20th what may appear like a swift or rash choice may actually propel you toward something inspired, solid and transformative.

January 21 sees a Lunar Eclipse in your sign that can help you complete a massive chapter of personal growth that has been two years in the making. This final Full Moon eclipse can spotlight one last piece of the puzzle, or help you make a realisation about something that is unfinished. You may choose to reserve this time for a special indulgence or a reward for yourself that recognises how far you’ve come.

You’ll get another opportunity for self-reflection as Mercury visits Leo twice mid-year. June 27–July 19 and August 12–29 can help you fine tune topics to do with how you communicate, both with others and most importantly, yourself. July 8–19 is a great period to clean up any social media or content consumption that doesn’t align with your personal principles. While you’re not known for a lack of confidence, this retrograde phase can help you make sure that your thoughts align with the purpose of your heart. Your personal desires become top priority as bold Mars enters Leo for the first time in two years. From July 2–August 18 you may opt to focus a new fitness plan or healthier eating habits. The ‘me first’ attitude of Mars may mean you’ll have less time or energy to focus others for that period.
The 12th sees a flurry of activity when Mars and Uranus generate an exciting link. Be open to adapting your plans as a breakthrough opportunity may present itself then. Fortune favours the brave and a risky move under Uranus may pay off when Mars and Jupiter connect on July 25, where luck or an opportunity may fall in your lap.

Thanks to Jupiter’s rare tour of Sagittarius and your 5th sector, the way you experience life’s simplest pleasures is set to grow and expand, ensuring some of your happiest moments in over a decade.
Creative outlets, a hobby or passion may spark your optimism, especially those you may have lost sight of since Jupiter’s last visit 12 years ago. Romance is a key feature and you might find your heart opens again to love, especially if you remain enthusiastic and carefree in spirit.
Whether you’re single or spoken for, Jupiter seeks happiness through experience. Your secret to romantic happiness this year is to stay in the now and remain open to where broad horizons may take you. The 5th house also speaks of children, and it’s with little humans that your heart continues to grow with pride. You may discover you spend more of your time with children, either yours or someone else’s. Joyous news about romance, children or joy are bookmarked for January 22, 25/26, February 4, 8, 9, March 21, June 11, 23, July 25, August 7, 8, 21, October 14, November 13 and 24.
Jupiter’s blessings do come with a catch unfortunately, and you may become increasingly confused and unsure in January, June and September. A mini-crisis may ensue as you try and figure out exactly what does bring you joy. It may be that what you thought you wanted, you no longer do, or you’re not even sure what brings you happiness anymore. Shifting desires can also be a signal that you’re ready to experience love, joy and happiness from a deeper and more meaningful place than ever.

As Uranus settles into Taurus from March 6, you may be restless to find a new and exciting social group, industry networks or community organisations. As Uranus can bring an electric vibe, your social life may be alive and well. Prepare yourself for unexpected shifts among your kindred spirits as well as plenty of exciting encounters to find like-minded people. Uranus can also bring upheaval, so you may find people come in and out of your life like a revolving door until you settle with your own authentic tribe.

Action planet Mars will tour Taurus, boosting your social status. You might take on a leadership role or initiate catch ups or charity events. May 9 may see a random encounter where you may meet someone new. They could provide a new source of support or help you make the right connections. If you’re open minded, what starts as a friendship could go further. Known as the 11th sector, this part of your horoscope also has associations with luck, abundance and pennies raining down from heaven. As Uranus calls this part of your life home for the next 8 years, you may come into good fortune in sudden and totally unexpected ways.

You’ll be hungry to seek experiences that enrich your soul as Mars starts the year in your adventure zone, from January 1–February 14. Your energy and motivation for travel will be at a peak and planning a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go will be high on your list of priorities. This part of your solar horoscope also pertains to study, teaching and publishing. Mars’ energy here may prompt you to focus on adventures of the mind, encouraging you to learn more about ideas and philosophies that excite you.
As Uranus also occupies this part of your solar horoscope until March 6, travel and discovery topics may have a now or never feel to them. Taking a leap of faith is supported on January 26 as Mars and Jupiter support you. A bold move may lead to a breakthrough on February 14 as Mars and Uranus make an electric connection. Shocks, surprises or a sudden development is likely, as a risky choice could catapult you in amazing new directions.

The time between may 16–July 2 may be the quietest of the year as energy planet Mars invites you to limit your obligations and take some quiet time. Pressing pause on other aspects of your life will allow to recharge for a busier upcoming cycle. You may opt to spend time alone, meditate or collect your thoughts about some of the dramatic ways your life has progressed over the last 2 years.
A New Moon eclipse on July 3 in your private 12th house begins a new cycle of contemplation that will prompt fresh perspectives and deeper insights. It may mean forgiving the past or letting go of something or someone that wasn’t meant to be on your path. Your dreams and intuition may be heightened at this time prompting you to lean into anything spiritual or soul nourishing. A new confidence about how to move forward is possible when Mars and the karmic North Node align on June 12.
As Mars links with both Saturn and Neptune on June 15, you’ll be encouraged to clarify your responsibilities so you can get on with the task of achieving your dreams.

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