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Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

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Dramatic turning points and breakthroughs are promised in 2019 as the eclipses activate your career and family sectors. After some initial shake-ups, Uranus will settle into Taurus and inspire new stability and independence with your finances. Success and achievement will be highlighted by fiery Mars making tracks in the upper portions of your horoscope, signaling that this will be a fast paced and dynamic year.

When it comes to your finances, freedom and authenticity will be key factors as Uranus takes up residence in your 8th sector from March 6. This 8-year cycle will encourage a radical new way of dealing with your resources. Topics including debts, savings, superannuation as well as other long-term investments may undergo an overdue reinvention. As this part of your solar horoscope deals with money from partnership, changes to your marital, de-facto or business relationships might be the catalyst that sparks the need for a new view on financial security.

Regardless of your personal circumstances, Uranus will invite you to experiment with new ways of creating financial independence outside the status-quo, but feel right for you nonetheless. Uranus encourages risk and you might begin to adopt a less risk-shy approach to growing long term wealth. March 28 looks promising, especially if an exciting financial opportunity looks too good to pass up.
While it may take a little extra effort to get the ball rolling, once it does, you might be pleasantly surprised by how far it can take you. A helpful motto to help you incorporate the energy of Uranus into your money zone might be ‘innovate or disintegrate.’ Think outside the square, adopt new technology and be open minded regarding options to earn, save and repay money. You’ll be invited several times during the year to break free of your usual change-resistant attitude to money as Uranus interacts with other planets.
Jot down these dates in your diary- April 23, May 18/23, June 27, July 9/12/29, August 2/14/26/28/30, September 1, October 7/13/28, November 29, December 14/22/24. Access to cash may be temporarily limited while Mercury moves in reverse through Scorpio from October 30 – November 19.
Delays with getting paid, banking issues or having to chase up unpaid invoices may provide temporary cash flow stress. Use this period to examine your finances and formulate a plan to better manage unforeseen hiccups in the future. Things will settle from November 19 once the Mercury retrograde phase ends and Mars enters Scorpio until January 3, 2020.
From then, Mars will invigorate your cash flow and increase your confidence in knowing your worth. You might initiate discussions for a pay increase with your boss or you could receive a lucrative end of year bonus. If you’re self-employed, Mars in investigative Scorpio will encourage you to analyse your most profitable income sources. If you haven’t raised your prices in a while, consider an increase as Mars/Uranus trigger the need to do something different.
December 14 is especially favourable for taking a leap of faith regarding family money or investing in real estate as Jupiter and Uranus collaborate. At the same time, due to a compassionate planetary combination, you may end up spending more than you intend out of the goodness of your heart. Reign things in by the 18th in order to support your long-term goals. A Mars/Pluto link on the 23rd encourages an examination of your money habits and how you may be disempowering yourself. While this may be confronting, it will offer clarity and a chance to heal any negative feelings around your relationship with material abundance.

As many shifts and changes occur in your home life in 2019, it may be necessary to clarify your boundaries and commitments as testing Saturn and powerful Pluto continue through Capricorn. Consolidation and stability are key themes for you now, and with three eclipses in Capricorn, you may need to revisit the past in order to embrace the future.
Until 2020, Saturn’s influence in your 4th sector invites you to establish a domestic foundation. Saturn works best with a long-term plan and you may begin to focus on the future in terms of growing a family, or looking to build security through real estate, or both. Alternatively, it’s possible that if you already have the foundation, the security and the commitment, as Saturn creeps up on Pluto this year, you may begin to question your deepest desires about family and domestic life. Tense links between Mars, Saturn and Pluto form on January 21, February 1, June 15/20, October 28 and November 4/5 that may highlight the need to hold firm on your position, especially if you feel you’ve reached your limit.
A New Moon eclipse on January 6 alongside Saturn and Pluto highlights your top domestic priorities as the year begins. With the transformative power of Pluto and the karmic South Node, you may first need to face some painful realities and let them go. This may be from a current family situation, or dealing with something that has resurfaced from the past. A dramatic turning point, new insights or clarity is possible under the Full Moon eclipse on July 17. As the Moon’s light symbolically lights up your home zone, you’ll see something that may not have been clear before, which could lead to a profound choice. The final eclipse of the year, in Capricorn, on December 26 combines the promise of a New Moon and the optimism of Jupiter, newly in your domestic zone. This eclipse offers a brand-new beginning as the old year becomes new.

New stability in personal partnerships is possible once Uranus leaves Aries for good on March 6. Thus, closing down an 8 – year cycle that may have been turbulent and/or exciting. Uranus’ disruptive energy may have delivered the perfect partnership totally out of the blue, or his urge toward independence and freedom may have seen splits and separations. Hopefully by now, you have a better idea of how to be an authentic version of yourself within a relationship and that you can balance the scales between ‘me and we.’ Energy, drive and passion is promised as the year begins with feisty Mars in Aries from January 1 – February 14.
You may feel more confident in a relationship situation then and initiate experiences that you can enjoy together. If you’re single, you might meet someone who’s ready for action and takes you by surprise, especially as Mars and Uranus connect on February 13 for the final time in Aries.
You’ll also have the regular cycles of communicative Mercury from April 17 – May 7 and magnetic Venus from April 21 – 15 May. Sweet conversations and a heightened sensation of being on the same page can inject a new sense of togetherness in an existing relationship. If you’re in a new love situation, you can magnify the attraction with flirtatious texts or simply be more honest and open about your love desires. Two sparkling opportunities for dating, mating and relating are possible thanks to Venus’ double dip through Aquarius from March 2–27 and December 21–January 14 2020. One date that is particularly bright is March 21 as Venus aligns with Jupiter under the Full Moon.

Professional pathways may begin to open up for you throughout 2019, as the fated North Node continues through your career and success sector. You may feel like the proverbial Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, where a golden yellow brick road opens up before you.
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to have the courage to click your heels and follow your calling. Bold Mars makes waves through Cancer and your career sector from May 17–July 2, instilling you with confidence and drive. You might strike out in a new direction, make a bold career choice or take charge of a special project.
It’s been two years since Mars energised your work zone, adding to your desire to fast forward your professional progress. A surprise offer or a promotion might be presented as Mars and Uranus team up on May 23. June 12 is also an auspicious date to push forward with your professional plans. Choices made around this time may not seem logical, but feel intuitively right.
Your intuition is strong when it comes to your career, let it guide you in making a confident choice. An inspired plan or professional dream may materialise as Mars links with both solid Saturn and dreamy Neptune on June 15. It’s possible you may need to strike a balance with a manager or an authority figure first, especially if they don’t see your creative vision. Just as Mars exits your 10th house, a brilliant New Moon eclipse on July 3 paves the way for a new offer or a new professional direction. Rather than being the person that supports everyone else, this eclipse can propel you into a leadership or management role. Overcoming a personal fear or a past experience in order to move forward may be necessary too.

Putting your needs first is rarely easy for you, but you may find it less of an issue from October 5–November 19. A new fitness regime, a bolder attitude or simply saying no, when others expect you to say yes is likely then. Being less inclined to negotiate or accommodate will encourage those around you to lean on you less, especially if they are fully capable of propping themselves up. Choosing between your desires and family responsibilities may cause tension as Mars and Saturn align on October 28.
Your biggest opportunities for personal growth stem from larger than life Jupiter in Sagittarius. Touring your third sector of communication, you may embark on a study project, a teaching task or writing that helps you not only expand your message, but bring meaning to what you have to say by uplifting others. As your life changes in significant ways throughout the year, you’ll see yourself in positions that lead, inspire or motivate people. Others may see you as a person of wisdom, or a guru of sorts, so you’ll want to make sure you’re delivering your words, written or spoken with integrity.
Venus will tour Sagittarius and this part of your horoscope and team up with Jupiter twice, on January 22 and November 24. These key dates may help you find the right words to help you increase your sphere of influence.

You’ve gleaned many new perspectives about the way you experience joy and happiness in your life over the last 18 months. With these new insights, you’re ready to make happiness, joy and love a priority in your life. An auspicious alignment between the Sun and Mercury on January 29/30 invites you to unleash a playful streak. You may like to showcase a talent that few people know you have.
With Mercury’s curious influence, sparking a conversation with somebody who captures your interest is likely. Venus will tour your 5th house of happiness and children twice in 2019, inviting you to enjoy more of life’s simplest pleasures. From March 2–27 and December 21–January 14 2020, you might like to dive into a passion project, enjoy more music, film or the arts or generally do more of what you love. A jubilant link between Venus and Jupiter on January 22 and November 24 signals a turning point where you can experience some of your happiest moments of the year.

A Full Moon Eclipse on January 21 can help you illuminate fresh insights about your social circles. Over the last two years, you’ve learned a lot about the true meaning of friendship and this final eclipse in your 11th sector invites you to follow your heart and your intuition moving forward. The eclipse may also spotlight your role within a community group, an industry organisation or within your closest friendship circle. Light may be shed on someone’s true motives and you might become privy to politics and drama you didn’t see before.
Lean into those who lead from the heart and act with integrity. Stepping up into a role you’ve shied away from or embracing a new level of leadership is possible when Mars moves into your network zone from July 2 – August 18. You might spearhead a charity fundraiser or community event or, a friend may need your assistance in planning a special occasion. July 25 sees Mars and Jupiter form and alliance. Under this generous pairing, you may be the recipient of a warm gesture from a friend or ally or you may be the one who gives with an open heart.

Opting for a slower schedule or prioritising down time is highlighted from August 18–October 4. If possible, organise a holiday, a hiatus or cut back on some of your responsibilities then. Time and space will be required to let your batteries recharge and get more deeply connected with the needs of your soul. From this place of still and calm, you’ll gather potent new perspectives about the past and how to make a clean break from causes of stress or worry. A rare triple alignment of the Sun, Mercury and Mars on September 4 highlights a fresh new cycle where you can prioritise self-care and tap into some of your core soul needs.

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