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Posted: 07 Sep, 2017 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Mars in Virgo- Practical, Productive and Precise


Mars tours Virgo from September 5 – October 23

It’s been two years since Mars made an appearance in Virgo. The last time was late September, through until mid- November 2015.

Over the next 6 weeks, you’re invited to do a cosmic clean up. Out of all the Zodiac signs, Virgo is one who can’t stand inefficacy or waste.

Mars who loves action, is going to motivate you to clear the decks or make some steep improvements in a particular area of your life.

Earlier this week, I was anchored to my desk in order to meet a writing project deadline. For some reason I can’t currently remember, I went into a drawer that houses some Winter clothing.

Before I knew it, I had a large garbage bag of clothes that haven’t seen the light of day since I left Sydney in late 2012. For those not familiar with Australian geography, I have been living back in my home town of Brisbane, about 1000km north of Sydney. We get about 6 weeks of extremely mild Winter’s up here, and really had no reason to still hold on to these clothes!

I then went into my kitchen and cleaned out my pantry. As a Cancerian, I can overdo the whole grocery shopping thing. The Mother Hubbard thing just does not apply to me!

So before long, the pantry was clean, re-arranged and organised. The fridge then got the same treatment. I was on a mission.

I made myself a coffee, returned to my work and realised Mars had just entered Virgo and my 4th house, which rules my home and living environment!

Virgo likes to be organised, practical, productive and precise. While energetic Mars is in Virgo’s realm, you might be motivated to attend to details you’d normally overlook.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, so this transit may laser in your focus toward your mental prowess or your handiworks.

Over the next several weeks, you may find yourself on a mission of your own. You might not go on a cleaning frenzy like I did, but your efforts, energy or attention may hone in on a particular area for you.

Streamlining, de-cluttering or striving to eliminate waste or general inefficiency is highlighted.

Mars in Virgo is a tempered and thinking Mars and is the master of improvement.

My best friend has her Moon in Virgo. Whenever she faces any kind of stress or problem, she looks for ways she can do better, try harder or ‘be more perfect.’ She’ll execute her plan after careful consideration of the facts.

Where Mars is in your chart (see house descriptions below) is where you might embrace your inner perfectionist over the next 6 weeks.

While in Virgo, Mars will make a few significant aspects;

Mercury conjunct Mars
14 – 17 September

Fresh out of retrograde and back on home turf, Mercury will again meet Mars. While known for careful consideration of facts, Mercury in Virgo may be increasingly hurried by the hot impatience of Mars.
While not as tempestuous or dramatic as recent meetings in Leo, there is a temptation to overlook important details in order to keep momentum going.

Mars Opposite Neptune
23-25 September

Not the most productive of days as Neptune is likely to dull Mars’ focus. Organised chaos may reign as facts and fantasy face off. Daily obligations or demands could feel overwhelming. Your to-do list may seem less important now. Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is nothing.

Mars trine Pluto
30 September – 1 October

One of the supreme aspects for organisation and getting things done. Areas to do with physical security or your financial situation may be triggers. When powerful Pluto aligns with ‘get it done’ Mars, you can move mountains toward achieving your long- term goals.

Mars square Saturn
9-11 October

When the two malefic planets meet under the tense square aspect, an adjustment is required. With Virgo and Sagittarius in play, details versus the big picture is possible. Roadblocks or obstacles are likely. Flexibility is a must!

Where is Mars in your chart for the next 6 weeks?

If you know your ascendant sign, read that one. If you’re not sure, read your Sun/Star sign. For some DIY astrology, you can find your ascendant at www.astro.com if you’re not sure.

Aries- 6th house- health, wellbeing, sickness, obligations, daily duties
Taurus- 5th house- fun, creative expression, romance, children
Gemini- 4th house- home zone, domestic scene, family, heritage
Cancer-3rd house- study, writing, learning, short travels, daily rituals
Leo- 2nd house- your money, income, cash flow, possessions
Virgo-1st house- image overhaul, body, attitudes, all about you
Libra- 12th house- private zone, alone time, retreat, seclusion
Scorpio- 11th house- good fortune/luck, friendships, social networks, alliances
Sagittarius- 10th house- career, recognition, public reputation, life direction
Capricorn- 9th house- travel, teaching, academia, meaning of life
Aquarius- 8th house- debt, tax, investments, joint finance, death
Pisces- 7th house- relationships, spouse, business partners

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