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Cosmic Catalogue 15- 21 August

This is the last full week of the Sun’s stay in his home sign of Leo. Wednesday sees him make a supportive trine aspect to Uranus. This dynamic fire duo radiates a bold and unique energy that demands to be seen and heard. Act from the heart and be authentic.

Weekend Astrology 28- 31 July

The heavens have been a little quiet this week with the most action coming from Mercury.
Yesterday (Wednesday), he made an electric aspect to Uranus, which proved for many, including myself, to be the bearer of good news! I hope you got a good dose of cosmic connections, a new perspective or a bright idea about how to move forward.

Cosmic Catalogue 18- 24th July

The house in your birth chart governed by Capricorn signifies where you may need to separate yourself any emotional ties or memories from the past that may be halting your progress toward a long held goal. Both Mars and Uranus may shake up what is secure and comfortable, but Capricorn knows how to play the long game.

Cosmic Catalogue- 11- 17th July

One of the most exciting developments of the week is Mars taking his first step after a long month hovering at 23 degrees of Scorpio. The urge to do, to create, to push forward will be impossible to resist. What felt like a massive obstacle will barely be a blip on the radar now.

Mercury, Jupiter And A Link To The Future

Mercury is fast approaching the last aspect he’ll make while in the sign of Gemini- to none other than exciting, electric and dynamic Uranus.
Be on the lookout for good news, a piece of information that comes out of the blue or a breakthrough regarding a pet project or a great opportunity that will be a gateway to your future.

Cosmic Catalogue 13- 19 June

Until December 2017, one of the lessons of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is that real progress can be made when you’re adaptable to change and when opportunity and hard work combine. The challenge is to not lose your inspiration in the process.

Full Moon in Scorpio

Under a Scorpio Full Moon, deep and submerged feelings may arise from the dark and murky depths. The feelings, the issues or the stories you keep hidden or buried may bubble up to the surface. Under this lunation that occurs annually, the balance between both physical (Taurus) and emotional (Scorpio) security are highlighted.

Planetary Weather- Week Beginning April 4

Tuesday brings the first major planetary aspect with the Sun linking to Saturn after he stationed retrograde last week.
As the Sun and Saturn meet under favourable circumstances, you might re-connect with some big picture visions that have fallen by the wayside, especially those that may have felt more important or urgent when the Sun and Saturn formed a conjunction on November 30 last year.
Under Saturn’s current influence, you may wish to work on re-prioritising your goals, responsibilities and obligations to allow yourself more freedom and flexibility.

Planetary Weather March 1-6

March skies brings a very mutable energy, especially from the 13th – 21st which delivers a concentration of changeability and movement. With exception of the Moon, who changes signs every 2 to 3 days and the long term transits of Uranus and Pluto, March will be mutable madness.

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