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Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Sagittarius – From 2019 Horoscopes Ebook


With your ruling planet Jupiter in Sagittarius until December 3, this year promises to deliver an array of golden opportunities to put your best foot forward. Whether you’re making a clean break in life, or looking toward growing and developing your unique skill set, this once in every 12-year cycle is set to make some of your most special dreams come true.

Your wealth sectors, known as the 2nd and 8th houses, will be home to some exciting developments this year thanks to the eclipses. While these eclipses may not necessarily bring the wealth and abundance you’d otherwise hope for, they can help you confront money issues and set you up for success down the track. January 6, July 17 and December 26 may present some more of the challenging energies around your cash fl ow this year. With planetary heavyweights Saturn and Pluto, combined with the South Node, it’s possible that things may be a little thin on the ground.
This could be due to a dip in income or that you’re stashing cash for a special purchase or paying off extra debt. These eclipses may also prompt a change in perspective about your relationship to money, and that it may not in fact, hold as much value to your self-worth as you thought. July 3 sees a New Moon eclipse in Cancer that will activate your debts, investments and savings sector.
If you share money with a business or personal partner, you may initiate discussions about how to move forward financially and create the secure nest egg that you desire. This may mean discussing new ways of reducing debt or making plans to take on a new investment. Just prior to the eclipse, action planet Mars leaves your money sector after spending 6 weeks there. From May 16–July 2, you’ll be more money minded, or ready to take the lead in money matters.
The attention and focus Mars provided will help you be well positioned to take advantage of the new beginnings the eclipse promises. Apart from the eclipses that can bring dramatic changes and turning points, the ongoing cycle of Saturn in Capricorn continues. Saturn loves a structured and consolidated approach, and while he tours your second house of money, you may be a little more conservative with cash. This may be due to either saving up for a substantial purchase instead of borrowing or saving for a rainy day. When it comes to money, Saturn will remind you that if you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice. Be careful with your cash when Saturn and Neptune work together from January 24–February 1 and again from June 15–29.

As you continue to spread your wings this year, you may begin to feel conflicted about your living situation. You may come to realise that your location no longer holds any meaning or purpose for you, and that you long to live in a location that aligns with your vision for the future. You may yearn for a sea-change as Jupiter and Neptune align from January 12–17, June 15–22 and September 22. These dates may also stir up dynamics within your family unit, where you may begin to ask yourself some important questions about whether your dream aligns with a domestic ideal.
These important questions can be discussed as Mercury makes an extended tour through Pisces and your family sector from February 11–April 17. Mercury will be in reverse from March 4–27 and makes for perfect cosmic weather to discuss your thoughts, feelings and research all your options if relocating is an option. Confusion and lack of clarity will be a hallmark of Mercury’s retrograde in your family zone and it will be important to let your intuition guide you, as well as your logic. Overwhelming feelings and cloudy thinking are likely on February 19, April 25–29 and April 3/4.
Your optimism will pay off when Mercury and Jupiter clash on February 23, March 16 and April 12. You might be so focused on your own opportunities that you may overlook a loved one’s perspective. Creative thinking and some adjustments made from all involved can help bring a solution that suits everyone. Happiness and joy at home is promised when Venus tours Pisces from April 21–May 15. Compassion and support are highlighted during this phase, and you may feel more connected to family. If possible, plan something special on April 10 and 18. Venus may also inspire a home decorating indulgence. Splurging on some new items around the home can help uplift you and rekindle joy in your domestic space.

March 31–may 16 sees action planet Mars tour your relationship sector, known as the 7th house. During this period, you might discover that you’re more forthright or bold about your desires in partnership. You may decide to take the lead in a key relationship or make moves to take things to the next level. Mars in Gemini prefers a clear pathway of communication, so it will be important for you to say what you do and don’t want in love. It’s possible you could feel a little off kilter as the details get muddled up around April 27 when Mars and Neptune align.
A feeling of overwhelm could be confusing as a difference of opinion may prompt questions about what you thought you wanted. Neptune will encourage you to follow your intuition and go with the flow. Avoid making any hard or fast choices then. A free-flowing vibe is likely from May 1–May 5 as communication planet Mercury and love planet Venus harmoniously align. It may feel like you’re on the same wavelength as your special someone and the overall feel of moving forward will boost your spirits. With your patron planet in the mix, you’ll feel optimistic about what the future holds for you in partnership. Tension may mount again on May 6 as Mars and Jupiter form an opposition across the sky.

This may remind you that while you may think very differently from your partner, it’s those differences that can actually bring you closer together. Thinking outside the square and acknowledging differing perspectives can help you both get back on track. June is another heightened month for love as the annual trek of the Sun is joined by Venus from June 9 – July 4. Together, these two planets can heighten love, light and a certain magnetic charm that can bring more joy and happiness in relationship. Some of your most romantic love moments can be experienced on May 31, June 10, 11, 23 and 24.

When it comes to the big picture in regard to your life direction, professional path and work/life balance, there is potential for a shake-up and re-shape throughout 2019. From January 24–February 1, it may feel like you can make the seemingly impossible, possible. As stabilising Saturn continues through your cash-flow zone and links with dreamy Neptune, you may come to realise a cashflow dream that can change the way you work, earn and live.
Massive action is called for from August 18–October 4 as Mars makes a once in every 2-year visit to your professional sector. You may feel increasingly restless and crave further autonomy and independence as Mars and Uranus connect on August 28. This may inspire making moves toward a career path that better suits your lifestyle or your evolving personal style. Rather than a structured career path or a typical office job, you might envision yourself as a freelancer, begin self-employment or even reduce your work-related responsibilities to allow for more work- life balance. A rare triple alignment of the Sun, Venus and Mars on September 4 may bring about recognition for your professional expertise. Confidence and support are on offer if you’re looking to launch a new project, product or service or promote yourself in a new business venture. Overall, September is a standout month professionally where you’ll have the opportunity to face and overcome any fears you have around what it means to be successful in your chosen field.

It may feel as Though you have the Midas touch until December 3 as Jupiter, your ruling planet tours your sign. Under Jupiter’s larger than life influence, you may decide to make yourself a greater priority this year. This may entail exploring a variety of experiences and avenues of learning more about yourself. Weekend workshops, traveling to places you’ve always dreamed of or deciding to treat your body like a temple, working on your nutrition and fitness are just a few of many options available.
Self-improvement will be a key theme and various therapies, treatments or chosen experiences can help you understand yourself better. A part of growing, learning and evolving to levels of greater inner wisdom often means letting go of old attachments or ideas of how you thought things should be. Jupiter will link up with Neptune in January, June and September.
These tricky links may also highlight that a new personal aspiration or goal may not turn out how you hoped. With a smorgasbord of options available to you now, it’s unrealistic to think that each of them can manifest. If something feels like it saps too much of your energy during those three months in particular, that may be your que to move on to the next best thing. When it comes to your personal style and appearance, you’ll get a double dose of sweet Venus from January 7–February 4 and again from November 2–26. These are ideal periods to experiment with a new look or you may even notice that you attract more love, attention and support from others then.

Prioritising life’s simple pleasures will be a feature as 2019 begins as you’ll have energetic Mars in your fun zone from January 1–February 14. As Mars fires up this part of your solar horoscope, you’ll be focused on having a good time and may temporarily put some of your responsibilities on hold.
Spending more time with friends, children or even doing the things you enjoy doing solo will put a spring in your step and help energise you for the year ahead. Mars in Aries inspires courage and under his red-hot influence you may be more flirty, fun or bold in romantic matters, especially from January 17–19 as Mars is supported by Venus. A particular personal interest may be boosted under the Mars/ Jupiter link on January 25/26, where a passion project or a new hobby could take off. An alignment with electric Uranus on February 13 may bring unexpected but happy developments involving children, either yours or somebody else’s.

The third quarter of 2019 is highlighted to be your most social periods of the year. You’ll have a combination of planets including the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars activate your 11th house of friends, groups and associates. From September 15 through until November 19 you might find your desire for social connections is heightened and you’ll want to connect with as many friends, both new and old as you can.
Support and heart-warming conversations are possible on September 15 as Mercury and Venus align. You may discover just how much you have in common with your friends as then, but as the month progresses, tense aspects with the Nodes, Saturn and Pluto may highlight the need for cautious conversation. It may pay off to keep your cards close to your chest between September 22–27.
This part of your chart also pertains to your professional connections. You can equally apply this to your friendship circles as well as your career colleagues. You may be the recipient of a reward, recognition or be recognised for your efforts on September 28, October 14 and November 13.

Remembering a travel, learning, teaching or spiritual dream is possible under January 21’s Full Moon eclipse. Over the last 2 years you may have been reminded of a personal goal or adventure that you’ve always wanted to embark on, but didn’t get the opportunity. With courageous Mars making his presence felt from July 2–August 18, you might be tempted to throw caution to the wind in order to seek adventure, knowledge and wisdom. It may be impossible to tame your restless spirit as Mars and Uranus align on July 12.
A work opportunity that leads to overseas travel or the chance to take a course of study that fulfils you will be hard to resist. As these two planets combine, there will be a strike while the iron is hot feel to the situation, where making a risky move or a sudden change could bring a surprising level of personal fulfilment.

With such a dynamic and active year ahead, you’ll want to take as much down time as the cosmos offers. As Mars dives into Scorpio and your solar 12th sector from October 5–November 19, you’ll be able to wind down and recharge. Declining extra tasks or responsibilities is suggested then, or if that isn’t possible, you might consider working from home, or adjusting your schedule to work in flow with your energy levels. It’s possible you could almost become obsessive about being alone during this time. This could be not wanting the company of others, or needing to go into lock down to complete a project or assignment.
Your perspective on your inner landscape is up for consideration as Mercury spends an extra-long time in your retreat zone. Deep feelings from your past, your subconscious or your intuition may be heightened from October 3–December 9. Thinking planet Mercury will connect with Neptune on October 16, November 14 and 28 where allowing feelings to trump your thoughts will lead to compassion and inspired ideas.

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