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Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Scorpio – From 2019 Horoscopes Ebook


With Mars making waves through the upper portions of your solar horoscope this year, you can make significant progress. A fortunate cycle from generous Jupiter shows promise that the experiences you seek in the world at large can manifest.

Some of your biggest opportunities to boost your income in over a decade are on offer, thanks to Jupiter’s tour of Sagittarius and your second sector of income and cash. Until December 3, avenues to expand your earning potential may come via a pay increase, a generous bonus or a side business beginning to generate cash. As the primary planet associated with abundance and belief, Jupiter invites you to put faith in your skills, gifts and talents and therefore, your capacity to earn. In order to chase your financial dreams this year, you may need to become your own best sales advocate and let it be known what you have to offer.
Your new-found confidence or beliefs about money may be tested as Jupiter meets with tricky Neptune between January 12–17, June 15–22 and again on September 22.

As your income increases, you’ll want to spend more, especially on entertainment, having fun, or on romance and children. January will be a tricky month where you may deal with some disappointment about a financial dream or run into increased expenses. Be cautious and careful about overspending, otherwise you could feel overwhelmed or doubtful about your ability to attract the abundance you desire. Formulating a new financial strategy will help you recover from any mishaps from earlier in the year. March 31–May 16 may see you enact a long-term financial strategy as Mars tours Gemini. You may be motivated to channel some of your extra earnings into an investment for the future, pay off debt or simply save for a rainy day.

This cycle will help you clarify any confusion about money and help you realise you have more financial options than you thought. Optimism and a restored faith in your self-worth and ability to attract abundance into your life can be restored in September, once Jupiter and Neptune meet again. A Mars/Pluto link on September 19 will help you reclaim your personal power and achieve your financial ambitions.

Some of your most joyful moments at home occur when Venus tours your home zone twice this year, from March 2–27 and again from December 21–January 14 2020. During these cycles, you may enjoy the comfort of home, gathering friends and family around you and having fun together. If it’s been a while since you spruced up your living space with some pretty things, then Venus may inspire some new adornments, artwork or a good de-clutter. March 21 looks especially promising to share a positive experience, or to simply spend quality time together.

Your approach to relationships, both personal and professional, are set for a major perspective overhaul from March 6, as Uranus makes your 7th sector home for the next 8 years. As a planet that seeks freedom and independence, a big part of this cycle will help you gain a new level of personal authenticity in partnership. Drama and mystery may be a thing of the past as Uranus demands honesty and an open book policy when it comes to love. If you’re partnered, you may experiment with doing more solo this year.

While this may seem counter-intuitive at first, it will help solidify your own identity, bringing a more honest and open version of yourself into relationships. If you’re single, it may be a case of trial and error until you find someone who understands your need for truth, trust and intimacy. You’ll be less inclined to deal with anyone who isn’t on the same relationship wave length as you, and with Uranus’ up-front approach, you’ll weed those people out fast. Relationship confidence is boosted as your ruler, Mars, tours Taurus from February 14–March 31. Your focus and attention will be firmly on others and you may take a more forthright approach in relationships. A bold attitude can inspire you to take charge in a relationship matter and be honest about your desires.
Stability, commitment and deep passions can take a relationship to the next level. Watch for March 23, when Mars links with the karmic nodes, a little extra effort can propel you toward the future then.

A Full Moon Eclipse in your 10th house of career and life direction on January 21 may bookend an 18-month chapter of professional changes for you. Eclipses are renowned for being unpredictable and bringing future possibilities into the now. Choices during this time are best made under the influence of your intuition rather than being overly logical. Follow the feelings in your heart to lead you toward the right path. Mars, your patron planet, fires through your career zone for the first time in two years.
From July 2–August 18, you’ll be able to put into action career goals that have been on the back burner. Mars may motivate some rather large life goals, signaling an enthusiastic streak that brings clarity and focus on the big picture of your life’s direction. Intuitive choices may pay dividends as a magical link between Mars and Jupiter on July 25 suggests a pay raise, a bonus or a new job offer with great salary package.
If you’re self-employed, securing a cashed-up client or launching a new product or service may go better than you initially expect. Communications and logistics planet Mercury may cause some small hiccups, thanks to a brief retrograde phase in Leo and your professional zone. Minor frustrations are likely to ensue, so be prepared for delays and confusion in regard to paperwork, emails, banking and negotiations. Allow yourself more time than you need and be sure to double check the details between July 8–19.
A second round of negotiations or the opportunity to do something better may be to your advantage when Mercury returns to Leo from August 12–29.

Deep and profound insights about the essence of who you are can be uncovered as curious Mercury spends an extended period in Scorpio from October 3–December 9. This intense and personal cycle may prompt you to internalise your thoughts and feelings, and you may require more time alone. As Mercury also rules communication, it might help to let loved ones know where you’re head space is at, even if that means not divulging the details straight away.
When Mercury tours Scorpio, you’ll want to explore your inner workings and personal motivation. You may become intensely curious about all forms of self-development and try your hand at various modalities of self-understanding. Books, study pathways or online resources will feed your mind and you may even consider taking a course in something that peaks your interest. October 30–November 19 sees Mercury move in reverse, where you might uncover the need to delve deeper into something you thought you already understood. Revisiting the past may be frustrating but can prompt a new perspective that can help you move forward with greater clarity.
Therapy of some kind, physical or emotional, or both, can help you move past any blockages and help you reveal and understand your true self. Just as Mercury’s retrograde phase ends, action planet Mars, enters your sign and can help you regain your clarity, drive and vitality. A clear path forward may unfold where you can revisit a personal project or passion. With refreshed perspectives and Mars’ drive for action, your priorities are clear and you can move ahead with what inspires you from November 19–January 3. Inspiration and leading from your heart is highlighted on December 14 as Mars works with creative Neptune. Following a dream is possible, even if that path feels a little uncertain at first. This may mean confronting your fears and believing in your abilities as Mars teams up with Saturn and Pluto on December 18 and 23.

Choices about children or the way in which you experience happiness may feel foggy when Mercury takes an extended tour through Pisces from February 11–April 17. This could bring unsettled feelings as your logic suggests one direction, yet your feelings guide you in another. As always when Mercury is in reverse, delay making decisions or moving ahead with plans especially from March 6–28. During this period, allow your feelings to guide you, even if they don’t make much sense at first.
You might remember a creative outlet or hobby that you used to bring you joy and choose to spend time escaping into that. Early April sees Mercury back on course, and you too will feel the same way. While in Pisces, Mercury will link up with jolly Jupiter and nebulous Neptune. Even if you don’t know the way forward, a leap of faith can propel you toward a soulful new experience.
Some of your happiest moments of the year can be had when Venus enters Pisces from March 27–April 21. You’ll enjoy spending more time doing things you love with those you love. April 10 is highlighted for happiness as Venus and Neptune combine. Planning a romantic evening, a trip to a concert or show, or celebrating children is possible then.

You may be more active and outspoken once Mars makes his presence felt in your sector of friends, networks and associations from August 18–October 4. Initiating catch-ups with friends or stepping up into a leadership role within a social club or industry organisation is possible. With Mars, your ruling planet in the luckiest sector of your horoscope, the more action you take, the more opportunities you create for yourself.
You may realise a dream that you’ve been working on over the last 2 years as a rare triple treat between the Sun, Mercury and Mars on September 4 brings a surge of new energy and brilliant possibilities. Put your best foot forward then, even if you don’t have all the details or feel as prepared as you’d like to be. August 24/28 are highlighted for making insightful connections where you may feel more in tune with your tribe or link up with those who share your vision. It might be worthwhile to reserve your energy on September 14, especially if it feels like someone is taking more than they give. Possible rough patches on September 9/20 will demonstrate who your true alliances are.

Adventure beckons in 2019 as the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone. You’ll be keen to explore opportunities and spread your wings abroad, but possibilities also open up domestically and are well worth considering. A New Moon eclipse on January 6 sees the year begin with a fresh new energy buzzing in your 3rd house of local travel, learning and communication.
This eclipse may inspire you to take a short course or even try your hand at teaching a subject you know a lot about. The New Moon eclipse in Cancer on July 3 is the most dynamic eclipse to activate your discovery zones this year.
It may see you plan a trip to a destination you’ve always dreamt of going or taking a pilgrimage to a spiritual or religious destination. Travel experiences this year can dramatically shift your perspective about the meaning of life. Potent developments about a significant writing or teaching project are also possible.
You may feel cosmically guided to pursue a life dream, publish a meaningful piece of work or come to the realisation that others may benefit from your field of expertise, which you’re increasingly inspired to share. With Mars in Leo from July 2–August 18, you’ll be super motivated to see how the world may open up for you. Whatever your dream is in regard to travel, adventure or academia, you’ll be less risk shy and ready to make a move.

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is nothing. If nothing is not possible, then from October 5–November 19, you might consider doing only the bare essentials. That may mean delegating non-urgent tasks so you can harness your energy into what’s truly important. A passion project, or a pressing deadline might mean having to go into lockdown and work alone. This is an ideal time to take a break, go on a holiday and recharge your batteries, especially if your soul is feeling tired. You might even notice that you’re a little withdrawn from your loved ones as your personal energy simply isn’t at its best.

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