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Tag: Fear

Mars in Capricorn – Facing Fears

Over the next few days, getting in touch with what you truly want can help you focus on what truly matters. It may mean having to sacrifice what you want now, for what you want most.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter – Fighting Resistance

Remember when you first learned to drive, you focused on every tiny detail. Every gear change was exhausting and heaven forbid the lights went red and you were on an incline, going through the motions of the clutch release in your head? Remember the terrible butterflies each time you got in the car? Now, you get from A to B and wonder how you even got there.

Saturn Trine Uranus- Embracing Change

Although seemingly opposite influences in life, we often need to balance our fears or limitations around the promise of something new, exciting or different. We can get stuck if we let fear limit us. We can also get burnt if we blindly charge forward into unchartered territory.