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Tag: Fixed Stars

WellBeing Astrology Guide 2020

Very excited to announce the release of the WellBeing Astrology Guide 2020, with the annual horoscopes written by me and articles from some of the world’s best astrologers!

New Moon in Gemini

The beginning of a new lunar month is always a time for exciting possibilities. The last few days prior to a New Moon is an ideal time to rest, contemplate and reflect. It’s like the cosmos’ own rhythmic goal setting cycle, all playing out in the heavens.

Slowing Down- Mercury in Taurus

Yesterday evening, Mercury left the frantic terrain of Aries and the long-held conjunction with electric Uranus. While May generally is a go-slow vibe as the Sun tours Taurus, the Mercury/Uranus aspect kept things super charged and super busy!

Website Launch Using Electional Astrology

Elections also known as inceptions are one of my favourite branches of astrology. Picking an auspicious time to embark upon important projects or events is challenging and fun!