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Tag: Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio – The Great Below

One way to conceptualise the next 13 months is that of the archer (Sagittarius) pulling back his bow. The further he pulls it back and the longer he takes to line up his target, the more success he’ll have in hitting it.

Sun conjunct Neptune – Blissful Escape

As Neptune is one of three outer planets, its energy manifests a little differently than those we can see with our naked eye. As the Sun and Neptune meet, the essence of Neptune is drawn into the radiance of the Sun, bringing its energy closer to us for around 24 hours.

Sun In Sagittarius – A Return To Optimism

So, while there is a sense of new hope from the Sun, there is also a sense of something almost being finally over. Saturn concludes his final sojourn within the next month, bringing a sense of closure and completion.

New Moon in Scorpio – The Game

As a cycle of closure and completion, the Balsamic phase isn’t ideal to begin a new project, but it is ideal to tie off (or in Scorpio’s case- cut off) loose ends and formulate a plan for your next move.

Jupiter and Venus – Hope and Healing

Over the upcoming days, the Sun gets further away from Jupiter, allowing him to make his first appearance while in Scorpio. This can offer insight or meaning about what the next 12 months of Jupiter in Scorpio will mean for you.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter – Fighting Resistance

Remember when you first learned to drive, you focused on every tiny detail. Every gear change was exhausting and heaven forbid the lights went red and you were on an incline, going through the motions of the clutch release in your head? Remember the terrible butterflies each time you got in the car? Now, you get from A to B and wonder how you even got there.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus – Freedom and Authenticity

Jupiter and Uranus are currently asking you to break away from old habits, structures and attitudes. If you catch yourself doing something because that’s the way you’ve always done it, that’s your cue to try a new approach.

Libra Equinox

Each of these seasons correlate with the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Astrologically, these signs represent starting or initiating things. If you have planets in these signs, chances are you’re great at quickly turning an idea into action, but not necessarily so apt at completion.