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Tag: Leo

Leo – From 2019 Horoscope Ebook

As we approach a dynamic year ahead in 2020, you might like to reflect on your horoscope for 2019.

Mars + Uranus – Push Me, Pull Me

What was once tolerable or even accepted may bring rise to new levels of resistance. You might be overcome by the desire for freedom. Perhaps you want something to go your own way or to be noticed, recognised or validated.

Lunar Eclipse in Leo – The Final Chapter

As the sky writes the final lines of your Leo chapter for the time being, you might consider the ways in which you’ve been seen, or not. The need to be loved and seen for who you truly are, for what’s inside your heart. To be recognised for the gifts and contributions you had to offer and whether they were valued.

Mars and The Moon – A Chapter Closes, Another Opens

The next time the Moon and Mars conjoin in Aquarius on November 16, they won’t get to make an exact conjunction before Mars slips into watery Pisces. There will be other notable changes in the astro weather then, that suggests that last night’s celestial theatre was truly indicative of the changing of the guard.

Mercury & Mars – Spreading Your Wings

After this epic season of retrogrades and eclipses, there are a couple of astro-weather breakthroughs that can help you spread your wings again.

Courage + Bravery and the Lunar Eclipse

When the warrior planet Mars is in reverse, choosing your battles becomes key. Knowing what to let go of, and having the courage to do so is bravery.

Planning and Preparation with Lammas

Lammas in the South, occurs while the Sun is in mid Aquarius and in the North, mid Leo. The fixed signs correlate to the height of the seasons, so it can be hard to imagine thinking of Winter while in the height of Summer, but the time rolls around quickly.
The fixed signs represent stillness. As Autumn approaches, sit in stillness and reflection of your Summer. Was it all you hoped it would be?

Leo Season Has Arrived!

The general nature of a New Moon is to plant seeds for manifestation around the area of life the New Moon falls in. It’s like a cosmic invitation to pay attention to something you might not otherwise be focused on or be paying particular notice of.

April Horoscopes

Your horoscope for April can be found on the horoscopes page!

Venus and Mercury- Shine Your Light

In Leo until August 5 you might notice a more yang approach to relationships. Now in an energetic, confident and exuberant mood, Venus knows how to go after what she wants.