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Tag: Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn / South Node in Capricorn

If nothing else, these painful lessons may have helped you realise where you may have set the bar too low in a job, a relationship, or what you allowed yourself to be available for.

What If? Jupiter direct in Sagittarus

You see, as children, you’re encouraged to dream and imagine. If you do it as an adult, you’re a daydreamer, gonna-doer or a no-hoper.
Other people, often those who are meant to have your best interests at heart, will be quick in cutting you back to size if you dare to follow your dreams or ponder the possibility of ‘what if’ questions.

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn – Facing the Reality of Choice

As I processed what was going on and sat with my feelings, I came to a very confronting conclusion. I was facing the reality of my choices. Some of those choices were made years ago, while others just in recent months. I knew that I’d have to deal with these situations eventually.

Water Trio Live – The Astrology of 2019

Join The Water Trio in person on January 30 in Sydney to explore the astrology of 2019.

Mars in Capricorn – Facing Fears

Over the next few days, getting in touch with what you truly want can help you focus on what truly matters. It may mean having to sacrifice what you want now, for what you want most.

The Last Leg of Mercury Retrograde

In around 24 hours, Mercury will arrive at 4 degrees Aries, where he’ll station direct on April 16 and finally begin to pick up the pace from the 18th.

2018 – Dark Light

Overall, 2018 reflects the concept of ‘be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Deep introspection and questioning of your personal priorities is a must. It’s not about change for changes’ sake, but rather aligning the changes within your heart to create the life you want.

Saturn In Capricorn

If you have some major inroads you’d like to make on a particular goal over the next 3 years, then Saturn in Capricorn can help you get clear. Facing some harsh realities will be very likely, but kidding yourself isn’t going to do you any favours. Short term pain for long term gain is an ethos worthwhile adopting now.