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Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Taurus – From 2019 Horoscope Ebook


2018 provided an entree of what is to come this year and another 8 years from now. You may have experimented with new styles, explored your talents or re-invented your attitudes or habits. As Uranus is set to be a long-term fixture from March 6, you’ll work out what will remain as a part of your personal mojo and what you can ditch.
In your sturdy and security driven sign, Uranus ushers in change that can be a little unnerving, but necessary for you to lose outdated patterns and adopt new ways of being, which are ultimately liberating. Now you’ve dabbled in change, you may find your hunger for new forms of self-expression. Continue looking and you’ll find ways to permanently incorporate them as a part of your emerging self.
A part of this process is the shedding of the old parts of you. This may mean losing what you once held dear, but ultimately opens the possibility for something better than what you previously had. May 18 is a key date to adopt new or radical ways of being as your ruler Venus, joins Uranus. A sudden new awareness of how you want to present yourself can be integrated then. A new hairstyle or wardrobe or taking on a new habit can cement this longer lasting trend of change for you.

Your finances will be under the cosmic spotlight this year, thanks to Jupiter’s tour through Sagittarius- the first in 12 years. Associated with growth, Jupiter will encourage you to broaden your horizons, approaching financial dealings with an optimistic outlook. Until December 3, you’re encouraged to invest in your financial future. This may involve making higher contributions to superannuation, boosting your savings or making a substantial investment that pays long-term dividends. Under the expansive influence of Jupiter, 2019 may also see you increase your debt. The key to success here is to borrow for investment rather than consumption.
This year may also see a lucky streak when it comes to money. Growth, generosity or support may also be found in a romantic partnership. It’s possible your loved one may see an increase in their wealth or be the benefactor of a sudden increase in their financial status.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can also bring luck in a financial pairing. If you have your own business, a cash-up investor or a new business partner may help boost your overall financial outlook. Neptune in Pisces will work with Jupiter three times and call for you to take extra care in your financial dealings between January 12–17, June 15–22 and September 22. It’s been 2 years since energy planet Mars invigorated your cash flow zone. April 1–May 17 may see an influx of cash and disposable income. May 6 may call for an important choice about how much you spend and save as Mars and Jupiter align.

A dramatic cycle involving your family comes to a close under the lunar eclipse on January 21. The last 18 months may have brought many changes, choices and turning points when it comes to your family relationships. This Full Moon eclipse can help you gain clarity about the needs of your loved ones and the role you play within your family dynamics. Closely linked to the karmic North Node, putting the past behind you can help you step into the future. As Venus and Jupiter join forces in the sky under this eclipse, an open heart and a generous spirit will be required from you then. Communication and logistics may go a little haywire from July 7–19 as Mercury takes a brief retrograde into your home zone. It’s possible that small snafus around the home may require your attention.
Finishing off DIY projects or attending to maintenance is possible. Mercury in reverse may also prompt those check- in type conversations with your family that sometimes get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. By August, there will be 4 planets occupying your home and family sector. On the 1st, a New Moon alongside your ruling planet Venus can inspire new beginnings that involve beauty, connection and friendship in your living space. Whether in small or large ways, adding luxury to your home will be a must. Radical Uranus also lends its influence then, prompting you to try something out of the box with your interior design. A few new couch cushions, a lick of paint or your bucket list piece of art are all ways to refresh your home and promote your penchant for comfort and style.

The extended cycle of Mercury in Scorpio From October 4- December 10 can help you take a deep dive into your communication style within your most important relationships. The sign of Scorpio thrives on real talk and with such a long time in this sign, your relationships may take on a more in-depth tone where small talk won’t suffice. While this may take a little extra effort to make the time and space to communicate your deepest feelings, it will help you feel heard and understood, promoting togetherness and connection.
A few communication snafus are likely when Mercury in Scorpio heads in reverse from November 1- 19. Patience will be key in dealing with some truths that may be hard to hear. The old saying of ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar’ will be a sound approach to adopt. It can also be helpful to revisit happy times in your relationship. Sharing experiences or visiting some of your favourite places can lighten the intensity during the retrograde phase. Mercury in Scorpio links with Neptune in Pisces three times on October 16, November 14 and 28.
Your penchant for practicality might be best to take a back seat while you let your intuition bubble up to the surface. True connections and real intimacy can be made now if you stay open and in flow with your deepest feelings.

When it comes to making a good impression professionally, your patron planet Venus visits your career sector twice this year. Venus is the planet associated with magnetism and attraction, so this period is ideal to put your best foot forward. Make the extra effort to connect with colleagues and you’ll be surprised at the amount of support available to you. Think about updating your resume so if you are considering a career switch, you’re poised and ready. Investing in some key pieces for your work wardrobe can boost your confidence too- dress for the job you want, not the one you have.
Venus first visits Aquarius from March 2 – 26 and again from December 21 through until January 16 2020. As Venus makes her second trip to your career zone she’ll swiftly link with Uranus on December 22. The working year may close with an out of the blue opportunity or offer that propels you into new professional possibilities for 2020.

Some of your biggest opportunities for growth this year are finding ways to integrate your new and evolving self into your everyday life. As Uranus settles into Taurus from March 6, you may discover that some parts of you remain, while others fade away. Some of the changes you’re ready to make may seem daunting at first, make them anyway even if they’re just baby steps. The big picture here is authenticity and liberating yourself from old ways of being. Pay attention to any tremors, large or small that stir up within you. Act upon those rather than stifle them down in order to accommodate others or old ideas about how you thought things should be. You’ll thank yourself down the track.
Your guiding star Venus, whips through the zodiac faster this year, so you too can make swift progress with your own wants and desires. While freedom and independence are key themes, that doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. Your key dates to lean in for extra support, inspiration and elevation are January 17–19/22, February 18/23, April 10/18 and November 23/24.

Some of the most exciting developments are possible as a New Moon on August 30 links with unpredictable Uranus. A surprise invitation or encounter could be the proverbial sliding door that changes the way you experience joy. All of this—happening in the 5th house topics of happiness, creativity, romance and children—is part of the picture. If you’re single, a new love interest may shake some salt on your life in new and exciting ways. Someone who’s been on the periphery for some time may suddenly become available, or you begin to see them in a new light. If you’re in a relationship, this planetary action can inspire you to rekindle the romance and affection between you.
Make communicating your feelings top priority then. Quality time with loved ones is also highlighted and this includes children, either your own or someone else’s. This may involve spending more time and money on them, or enjoying the simplest things in life together. As a whopping 5 planets tour your fun sector, September highlights joy, imagination, stability and opportunity in one cosmic swoop.

Mercury’s longer than usual tour through Pisces and your friendship sector can offer some of the most inspiring and insightful connections. Mercury in Pisces from February 11- April 17 will be a period of heightened social activity. Be sure to schedule catch ups with those friends you can go a long time without seeing, but you easily and effortlessly pick up where you left off.
Mutual connections that offer compassion and soulful support you’ll cherish the most. The 11th house also speaks of your professional friendships, including work colleagues and you might notice the social activity in your workplace is amplified. Making important career connections is possible then too.
You may even seek to connect with groups of a spiritual nature as a part of your overall personal growth cycle. Mercury in reverse from March 4–27 as expected, may cause some cross-wires or delays in communications involving friends, both personal and professional. You might temporarily retreat from excess socialising then as you reassess what and whom truly aligns with your current path. Mercury makes series of connections to expansive Jupiter on February 23, March 16 and April 12 as well as soulful Neptune on February 19, March 25–29 and April 3–4. Combined, these influences can bring creative and meaningful opportunities with your social connections.

The influence of Saturn and Pluto in your travel and discovery sector this year may prompt you to get serious about your position in the world at large. Doing away with perceived limitations and diving into a transformative experience is possible thanks to 3 significant eclipses in Capricorn.
You may opt to embark upon a travel adventure, begin a course of study or make the realisation you’ve reached a level or mastery and authority in the gifts and talents you have to offer others. January 6, July 17 and December 26 are key dates where you may notice shifting perspectives about what’s possible in the world for you. Putting aside preconceived notions about a foreign destination or an ideology could open up a new path of faith and purpose. A friend or colleague may inspire new possibilities or guide you in the right direction as Saturn and Neptune link from January 24–February 1, June 15–29 and November 9 -11. A new study option or a global opportunity that speak to your soul may open up then.

Your reclusive sector is active as the year begins as both action planet Mars and electric Uranus occupy the sign of Aries. You may opt to extend the holiday season well into mid-February if that’s possible. Otherwise, being productive in private and tinkering away at projects behind the scenes can prepare you for a busier period in March. April 21–May 15 is your peak cycle for rest and retreat as your ruling planet Venus goes into your hibernation zone. Responsibilities may call your attention on May 8.
Where possible, delegate non-essential tasks, as any limitations on your time and space might frustration you. March 6 sees Uranus leave your retreat and spirituality zone for the final time in 84 years. Since 2010 some of your deepest and most profound perspectives on life have shifted. Your challenge now, if you choose to accept it, it to take what you’ve learned from it and embody this evolution into your body, mind and spirit.

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