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Posted: 10 Oct, 2019 by Cassandra Tyndall | 0 comments

Virgo – From 2019 Horoscopes Ebook


With Mars on the move throughout 2019, you’re set to achieve far more than you were able to last year. Overall, your motivation for action and progress is heightened, especially when Mars triggers your career and personal sectors. Mercury’s retrograde phases encourage you to tap into your feelings rather than rely logic, especially in your dealings with others.

Mars in Aries from January 1— February 14 helps you start the year with a renewed confidence about your long-term finances. Tackling money issues head on can help you discover a new solution you hadn’t yet considered. As Venus works with Mars from January 17–19, lean into the support of those around you, especially if money matters involve real estate or family.
As Uranus activates your 8th sector until March 6, a once in a lifetime possibility presents itself on February 13. A bold attitude about money is possible from October 3–November 19 as Mars tours Libra and your cash fl ow sector. Mars may encourage you to initiate negotiations about a bonus or a raise in your salary with your boss. If you’re self-employed, raising your prices may be an option. Regardless of your situation, Mars in your 2nd house generally denotes a cash flow boost, either in large or small amounts.
Taking control of expenditure is another way you can be more assertive in money matters. Reducing unnecessary spending and funneling the extra money into a savings plan well help you feel more secure about your wealth. Once Saturn forms a tense angle to Mars on October 28, responsibilities and obligations will need to be addressed. Embracing healthy habits with cash flow will help you reduce debt or boost savings.
November 4–5 may highlight some of your fears surrounding attracting wealth and abundance, or how you may have given your power away when it comes to money. Taking a leap of faith or enlisting the support of someone successful with money and investing can ease stress when Mars and Jupiter align on November 13. Under Jupiter’s generous touch, you may receive a welcome cash boost or an offer that can take your income to the next level.

The once in every 12 cycle of Jupiter in Sagittarius promises largescale developments in your home and family life until December 3. Under Jupiter’s larger than life influence, growth and expansion are promised. This may mean moving into a larger home or adding an extension to an existing one. Accommodating plans for a growing family, or for friends or relatives intending to visit throughout the year is also possible. Whether it’s family by blood, or by choice, your home will be a flurry of energy and you’ll be invested in developing relationships with those who matter the most to you.
By reputation, Jupiter in Sagittarius is known to be more concerned with experience and adventure than stability. His tour of your 4th sector may remind you of a dream to live abroad with your family. Foreign places may beckon, especially if you’re considering a more transient lifestyle or living in more than one location.
If you don’t have family commitments, embracing a vagabond spirit and embarking upon a series of house-sitting projects is also a possibility. Whatever your housing hopes are, Venus lends her support twice this year. January 22 and November 24 see some of your luckiest and happiest domestic moments. With so much scope for growth and change in your family life, navigating some challenges are to be expected. These come in the form of 3 friction inducing squares between Jupiter and Neptune.
January 12 – 17, June 15 – 22 and September 22 may highlight that your vision for the future may not be aligned with someone else’s. Ideals and fantasy, facts and feelings, details and big picture possibilities are themes to explore and invite compromise in order to move forward.

Mercury’s extended tour through Pisces from February 10–April 17 invites you to improve your communication skills in relationships. You might be more curious about how other people think. As Mercury spends much of this cycle alongside Neptune, heartfelt and soulful conversations can establish more meaningful connections. Whether it’s a personal or professional relationship, this cycle encourages you to speak openly from your heart. While your logical approach makes sense much of time, there are other occasions where being overly factual can actually create a blockage in flow of thoughts and ideas and most importantly, understanding. As your patron planet spends an extra longtime outside comfort zones, you too may feel the same.
Misunderstandings or confusion are likely as Mercury moves in reverse from March 4–27. Take your ques from your patron planet, and use this period to consider new perspectives or how you might take a new approach in the future. If things become particularly confusing, solace can be found in poetry, music or film.
While spending such a long time in Pisces, Mercury will make a plethora of planetary patterns that will highlight connection (February 19, March 25–29 and April 2–3), growth (February 23, March 16, April 12), stability (February 20, March 21, April 7) and transformation (February 24, March 16, April 11). Sincere efforts always go rewarded and as Mercury prepares to move forward again, Venus enters Pisces, promoting joy, happiness and some of your sweetest relationship moments. If possible, plan a special date or a romantic occasion on April 10 and 18.

A once in every 2 year career cycle, featuring Mars, begins on March 31 and concludes on May 16. Not only is your professional world featured, you might notice movement in your overall life direction. As your confidence increases, you might seek new work-related challenges, a chance to dive into a leadership role, or you may pluck up the courage to finally make a choice that’s been 2 years in the making. In the flurry of activity that Mars in Gemini can bring, be mindful of not getting too caught up in being busy or becoming distracted by too many options.
As Mars links with Neptune on April 27, you might realise you bit off more than you can chew, prompting the need to clarify your career dreams. As generous Jupiter presents more possibilities on May 6, you’ll realise you can’t say yes to everything. Align yourself with your big picture professional plans before making choices in the heat of the moment.
A special alignment between your ruler Mercury and the Sun on May 21 will put you in a prime position professionally. Whether it’s a job interview or you’re wanting to put forward a pitch or proposal, a fresh start and a favourable outcome is likely then. From June 9 – July 4, Venus tours the crown of your horoscope, attracting support or positive influences can boost your professional prospects. This is an ideal cycle to work on your professional profiles, both online and in real life. Updating your resume or promoting yourself online can achieve sweet rewards. Sociability is heightened among colleagues or industry peers. Networking and making connections can put in you the right place at the right time, especially on June 11 as Venus and Jupiter team up.

Your personal passion projects become top priority as Mars tours your sign from August 31 – October 4. Energy will be heightened during this phase and you may wish to embark upon a health and fitness goal or generally become more physically active. Mars represents a ‘me first’ attitude and during this cycle, you’ll be more in tune with your own desires. A breakthrough opportunity that brings meaning and purpose to your life may present itself on August 28 as Mars and Uranus connect. A bold or out of the blue choice could lead to an overseas adventure or the change to take a course of study you’ve long dreamed of. A rare triple treat from the Sun, Mercury and Mars on September 4, highlights a brand-new cycle of authenticity and purpose that awaits you.

Saturn continues to embed himself into your solar 5th house, known as the house of joy, happiness and children. Throughout the year, you’ll be more committed to having fun and basking in the simplest of life’s pleasures. Taking up a personal interest or sporting activity, as well as enjoying the arts, or even falling in love are all possibilities for you.
Children, either your own or someone else’s’ may be an area of life that offers you joy. 2019 sees three eclipses in Capricorn. Eclipses can symbolise fated events that can bring dramatic turning points and exciting breakthroughs, especially with romance, children or a creative pet project. January 6 sees a powerful New Moon eclipse in Capricorn.
Alongside stable Saturn and powerful Pluto, a new romance could turn into something more or a breakthrough about children may arrive. As the Moon joins powerful Pluto under the Full Moon eclipse on July 17, intense feelings will be under the spotlight. This eclipse cosmically invites you to let go of past emotions. New insights and awareness to the joy that lies ahead for you is possible. The final New Moon eclipse on December 26 highlights new possibilities in love, joy and happiness alongside jubilant Jupiter, newly in Capricorn, setting the tone for 2020.

Increased confidence with friends, groups and associates—both online and in real life—are possible as Mars tours Cancer. From May 16–July 2, you might take charge of social plans or initiate catch-ups and get togethers. Mars inspires confidence and might help you break through shyness about meeting new people. A chance encounter or a surprise turn of events on May 23 may see new developments with group or an organisation you belong to. Known as the 11th house, this part of your solar horoscope also brings luck and good fortune.

The Mars/Uranus encounter may see you be recognised by your peers or invited to step up into a leadership role. If you feel you’ve outgrown certain friendships, a New Moon eclipse on July 3 can bring a fresh start. You care deeply about your friends, and the eclipse energy may inspire a reconnection with someone you’ve lost touch with. Conversely, with Mars in the mix, you may be ready to cut ties with those who don’t support you equally.
A partner in life or business, or a friend, may require your nurturing support or a shoulder to cry on as Mars and Neptune align on June 15. You may be the recipient of their floodgates of emotion opening. They might divulge a secret or a fantasy to or about you. A link from Saturn can help you from getting caught up in the moment and honouring your own personal boundaries in the process.

With an open mind, a whole new world can open up for you as the long-term trend of Uranus in Taurus begins on March 6. The 9th house is all about travel, philosophy, spirituality, religion, teaching and publishing. With Uranus’ alternative influence here for the next 8 years, the way you find meaning and purpose in your life is due for a shake-up.
You might discover things that never interested you before, now do. This could be a far-flung destination that wasn’t previously on your bucket list or you may feel drawn to different concepts or ideas about life. While you may be pleasantly surprised, others may be shocked about some of the unconventional topics you choose to lean into during this cycle. As active Mars tours Taurus from February 14–March 31, you might be more impulsive about pursuing your new-found areas of interest.
Mars energises this area of your horoscope just once every two years, so make the most of what opens up to you then. Choices made on March 20 may have an intense, yet profound effect on you. December is a stand-out month where opportunities to grow, learn and explore come suddenly and from unexpected ways. By taking a leap of faith and making an unconventional choice, you can discover new and exciting ways to find meaning and fulfilment.

The last two years have brought new perspectives and deep insights about how to priorities your time for rest and retreat. The final lunar eclipse in this part of your solar chart, known as the 12th house, is on January 21. This might be an emotional eclipse, where you can finally surrender or make peace with any issues that have troubled your soul. You’ll want some time alone to rest and recharge then. Recommitting to your soul’s priorities may be required once more as Mercury dips into Leo as a part of a retrograde cycle from July 8–19. If possible, book a rejuvenating retreat or reduce your obligations to take life at a slower pace. Mars’ influence here beginning July 2 will encourage you to take as much time out as you can before a bright and busy cycle starts on August 18.

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